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Twitter suspends Free Market America's account; Thousands of freedom fighters stand up to suspension! Twitter suspends Free Market America’s account; Thousands of freedom fighters stand up to suspension! Whole governments have toppled through the power that a group has that can harness its message through Twitter. In the summer of 2009, hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets in Tehran, Iran to protest the phony election results that showed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning re-election. People all over the world were given a front row seat to watch a protest through the eyes of the protestor. In all of these instances, Twitter has served as a powerful tool that allows people the ability to communicate with each over and spread a message far and wide.
Yet, for some strange reason, Twitter silenced the official account for the new Americans for Limited Government project Free Market America. On Earth Day, the official website for Free Market America was launched and its Facebook and Twitter components started to come to life as well. But you would never know that if you tried to follow the Twitter page — it was suspended by Twitter midway through the day on Earth Day! The remarkable six hours of using a twitter campaign to engage what was, at best, a massive customer service breakdown at Twitter came to an end.  The very system that has been touted as having taken down governments proved itself to be an invaluable resource in getting the Free Market America message out to hundreds of thousands of people. Didn’t Twitter send you any kind of email information or have any information on their website when you try to log in to state a reason why this account was suspended?
By the way, I am an independent writer also and also sent an inquiry to twitter for their reasons behind it. Plus, it was Earth Day – I imagine the staff went to the watermelon and Vegan-clambake. The president didn’t invite the hads of Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and all of the big online companies to the White House for nothing recently!
Better to remain silent, and only be thought to be stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. I believe you are right because I get moderated a few times and I dont know why on most of them. Considering the viciousness of what does get posted, one might think that the people who get suspended must have really gone off the deep end. I would like to know why Twitter hasn’t suspended the accounts of all those welfare recipients who are threatening the life of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
There were dozens of such Tweets that threaten to shoot Romney if he wins and they were even threatening to riot all across America.
For people like that who threaten a potential President and are receiving taxpayer money, they should have their voting rights removed… after they are released from prison. Speech remains free, but heavily regulated, as is the case with all our freedoms we once thought guaranteed by our Constitution, prior to being reinterpreted, taught , and adjudicated with a bias more compatible in achieving a Left leaning agenda.
Knowledge is important, and the words that flow from the mouths and pens of others provides knowledge of those persons. Hey Doris, sorry to hear about that but I think another possibility is that a TROLL did a cut and paste and sent your post to them.

Of course not all between 14-26 but the vast majority thanks to our education system that’s mainly engaged in indoctrination.
If you were not a troll, I would have attempted to correct your moronic ways but that of course would be a fools errand in your case. Put a civil tongue in your head a-hole and I along with others here might consider it but your are not worthy of breathing the same air as those you attack!
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The sheer ability to post a message and have it seen by millions of people is a powerful tool.
The world was able to watch these protests unfold over Twitter and the protestors themselves were able to use Twitter as a tool for coordinating their activities. And Twitter has prided itself on being a key tool for enabling people to engage in their society and foster democracy.
The first video put out by Free Market America, “If I wanted America to fail”, got over 120,000 hits in less than 36 hours! This would mean that this website is run by the same folks that posted the video and thus control the Twitter account in question, yet there is not a single mention anywhere in the article of a reason given by Twitter as to the suspension. If such information was given, why is there not a single hint of it mentioned anywhere in the article?
If I can get enough information, I will try to get more news out on this one way or the other if there is in fact a story in it. If it turns out they silenced the wrong person, their other customers will inform them of their error.
Why not Rush Limbaugh, or maybe the guy who made the videos that lied… oh, Breitbart . Two years ago, just before the election, I was booted from Fb on the accusation of using a false ID. There is always someone waiting in the wings to take your place and do the job of serving all people equally…not kow-towing to the the leftist and OBAMA’S directives and agenda!
Maybe those who claim not to know why, like Doris C and Combat Veteran Seabee would like to put their posts up here and let us see them.

Now go get a life since you couldn’t hold a candle to any of those people you attacked. In case you haven’t yet come to the realization, your a hateful despicable a-hole Troll!
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Jarrett Gucci along with his team of professionals have designed over 400 WordPress websites.
After all, Twitter bent over backwards to make sure that it had the capacity to carry the revolution over its servers with minimal interruption.
This would seem to be a rather important piece of the puzzle and would not only be useful information, but would demonstrate integrity by the author and this website to include mention of it.
He can’t take over the social medium from the public so as is his tactics, he always finds a way around it, in this case convince these companies that it is in their interests to do what they can to enhance his prospects for re-election through censorship!
More likely, it is a random phenomenon, like a lot of things, that people superstitiously begin to believe is meaningful. Reagan is the only President since the 20th century began that I could even begin to consider to have been Right of center. As I originally said, it’s easy to get vicious right wing material almost anywhere on the Web, so the notion that there is some sort of systematic suppression seems unlikely. My comments and name calling are directed directly at you and are not meant to enlighten you. This hacks are fully functional and undetected, just make sure to read and carefully follow the instructions inside the anti ban note that come with your file download before initiating.
Jarrett Gucci believes strongly in creating websites that are unique, functional and generate referrals.
BTW, he’s a member of the Democrat Socialists of America (CPUSA), and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. In any case, considering what is posted, it’s pretty difficult to believe there is some kind of conspiracy to keep people with zany accusations or visceral hatred quiet. While I do agree that you can be oppressed by both the right as well as the left, the intent should be to eliminate either from oppressing, not to justify it as one being better than the other.
Hack is %100 safe to use unlike any other Clash of Clans game cheating tool that contains a key logger  this software won’t require you to enter your username or password. They did not like a post on Disqus and sent me 2 emails to show I was being watched.This is a true story.
For some one who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, you have the balls to call me mistaken? You wouldn’t know critical thinking if it crawled up your homosexual butt, you low-life turd.

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