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If you got extra codes for your fellow gamers based outside North America, feel free to post them in the comments. Just go to The Order promo site, spend some time exploring it, get the 10 required stuff and blamo code is yours to use on your PS4. I actually do not know a single person subscribed to Music Unlimited, which is a shame as Music Unlimited is actually a good service as it gives you additional benefits to standard music subscriptions. On the positive side I am sure Sony is currently working on future support, whether it may or may not be beneficial for PlayStation Music to be ported to these device,s and are trying to not waste resources.
Currently Spotify has been quite the contempt for smart TV’s and media streaming devices and is keeping its availability at a minimum. PlayStation Music will be coming Spring 2015 and Sony states more info should be released shortly. If you have an active PlayStation Music subscription, as of February 28th, 2015, you will receive a free access until the service closes on March 31st, 2015. With a one-week head start and 1 million sales in a single day, Sony has a chance to win the holiday season with the PlayStation 4. The theme also includes custom sound and an animated background with smoking chimneys and airships that fly around. Since you can get as many codes as you want simply by using an incognito window, it’s pretty easy.

Sony may want to concentrate on the most popular consoles and to help speed up the release timescale. The Economist has shared some video game console sales predictions from market-research firm IHS, which gives Sony a slight advantage over Microsoft during the launch months of November and December. I tried but complete season wouldn’t show up in store so I wound up buying 1st episode and season pass. Don’t think you will be missing any of the benefits of being able to play your music while gaming. Once released, we may see Sony announce a further update to bring PlayStation Music to the rest of the unannounced devices down the line.
Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to move more than 2 million units before 2014, barely edging out the Wii U launch numbers. Well its ok, it seems not many folks are using the service either as Sony will be discontinuing support as of 29th March, 2015. Anyway, two thumbs up to Sony for giving me my best music streaming service and not having me use Music Unlimited.
The new PlayStation Music powered by Spotify will allow you to play your music on all devices on PS4, PS3, as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets. I am shocked but also very, very happy with this partnership as a Spotify app has been requested for quite some time, even back in the PS3 days, and this may just be even better than what we could have hoped for.

The Wii U sales went on to take a precipitous dive at the beginning of the year, something both Sony and Microsoft are hoping to avoid. One disappointing piece of news which seems to be avoided at the moment is the availability of the service for PS Vita and PlayStation TV.
This is shaping up to be one the first evenly matched console launches, at least in terms of initial sales.
Another distressing issue is with the recent announcement that Vita apps; Near, Maps and YouTube will be discontinued and will receive no further support.
It will be several months, if not over a year, before anyone is likely to take a definitive lead. Not that I don’t agree with this as I don’t see Near as being used by really anyone these days, plus who would use YouTube and Maps on a portable gaming device when it is most likely you have a smartphone or tablet which you would rather use these apps on. I am more worried that Sony may use this thought pattern with the new PlayStation Music service.

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