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There is also the option to add public OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) catalogues where you can browse and download free eBooks. To flip pages, you can tap the left or right thirds of your screen, or swipe left and right as well as jump between chapters through the table of contents. Kobo requires you to register for an account on their website in order to browse and download their catalogue of free books. There is also a social side to the app as you can earn achievements and milestones while reading books on the app. To help with your reading experience, the text of your eBook can be resized and the fonts can be changed. With the app, you can search for text within a supported file, add annotations or notes, highlight text and even use it with an in-built dictionary, which can be downloaded separately.
Not only does the app have the night theme for a better reading experience, you can also customize your own theme by picking the colors of text, background, links and color for your highlighted text. This app supports .mobi files, an eBook file format and also has support for Japanese character for vertical text and even manga. Text can be highlighted or shared on Facebook or Twitter; you can also add notes, and all your notes can be saved in a list which can be viewed and accessed under the book information page. ShuBook comes pre-loaded with OPDS sources where you can browse through many free eBooks in multiple languages (Chinese, Japanese) – no registration required. You cannot import files through iTunes as you have to pay for that feature, but a way around it is to use another app like Dropbox and opening the files with ShuBook. Your library can be sorted by title or author, and you also can search for words within the text, change text size and font, and determine text alignment, and spacings between paragraphs, lines or letters.
If you like to pace your reading, this app allows you to put multiple bookmarks in the same book, all of which can be viewed under the book information section. This app is connected to more than 18,000 libraries worldwide, so if you’re a member at your local public or college library, you could rent an eBook through this app.
A fun feature of this app is the option to make your text multi-columned, for that newspaper column reading experience. Other settings include the ability to choose fonts and its sizes, and you can place multiple bookmarks within a single book.
The app also supports ePub and pdf file formats which can be imported via iTunes or an app like Dropbox.
The free version of the app may serve a few ads, but none of them would hinder your reading. The app lets you save multiple bookmarks in the same book, make notes and highlights, all of which can be viewed in a list.

Your bookshelf can be sorted by title or authors, and you can view your collection by book cover or book cover with title. If you prefer to browse through free books or those in the public domain then MegaReader is your answer. You can filter through the books by title, author, category or based on the recommendations of other readers. It is also the first ebook to let you see through your book to watch where you are going as you walk while reading. You can read the magazines in high-fidelity mode, complete with their full, rich colors, interactive content and other multimedia enhancements, or switch to plain text mode for a toned down reading experience. Manage your bought subscriptions and issues with your iTunes account and sync them to all of your devices. You can view the table of contents under the book info and save multiple bookmarks as well. Wattpad is a place where a community of writers band together to read works by aspiring authors: themselves! Books are rated and commented on by other members of the community so you know that you’ll be reading something worth your time. There are 2 ways to read with this app, you can flip pages by tapping the left or right third of the screen, or you can scroll up and down, or even opt for auto scrolling. You can insert a download link of a supported file format which can then be downloaded and saved into your library. It supports the ePub file format really well and can detect chapters and table of contents, displaying the amount of pages in each section.
There is also a night reading mode and the app even allows you to select between left or justified text alignment. You can also make changes to the text, changing the font type and size, line spacing and page margins to suit your reading comfort needs. In addition, you can’t really browse their bookstore through the app as it is merely a full featured eReader.
Your library in this app is sorted by recently added books, title or expiration date – the date when the books are due to be returned to the libraries. Some examples of their popular downloads are autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln. You can skip through pages using the table of contents, and changing the font type, color and size as well as background color is possible. The app comes pre-loaded with 25 full ebooks to get you started, but you can download more than 2 million other books from sources like Project Gutenberg, Smashwords, Feedbooks and others.

The app also has a highly customizable interface: choose preset color schemes, or personalize them along with font options and sizes, margin width, line spacing and text alignment for a better reading experience.
With the app, you can also bookmark your favorite pages, articles and even photographs, or share them to you friends via sharing options. Font sizes and colors can be changed; the level of brightness and background colors are customizable as well. Play along with the free music teaching app or trigger sounds in other music apps thanks to Piano Master’s built-in MIDI support. Whether you're a dedicated app developer, or devoted app users like us, we hope you find what you're after. Or you're welcome toss some coin in my Paypal tip jar using the handy donate button right top. Therefore, we’re here to give you a few iBooks alternatives that has added features for an overall better eReading experience. You can also surf their website for more books and whatever is added to your library there will be sync’ed on your mobile devices as well. After searching for a book you’re interested in, you can read a description or reviews of the book before deciding to download it into your library.
By making an account and purchasing a book from the website, your purchased book can be sync’ed to this app. Furthermore, the app works with Instapaper, which allows you to save web pages to read later. Without an account, you can just browse through tons of books and read to your heart’s content.
The love you show in any fashion results in that special warm fuzzy feeling and my eternal gratitude. You’re now able to fully utilize the app as it also recognizes files imported through iTunes. You need to register for an account to manage your eBooks, which can be sync’ed on all your other devices.

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