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When a request is made to the root of your bucket configured as a website, Amazon S3 returns a root document. You can also configure Amazon S3 Bucket to return your own error documents when a 4xx-class error occurs. Index document will be returned for requests made to the root of your website or for any subdirectory.
If no Error document specified, Amazon S3 will return a new HTML error page instead of the current XML error.
You can set custom redirection rules to automatically redirect web page requests for specific content.
Dodging and burning is a technique which harks back to the days of film and darkroom developing. The biggest tip I can give you with this process is to do it very gradually, to be patient. Duplicate the background layer by selecting it in the layers panel and pressing cmd+J (windows = ctrl+J).
I decide whether to start with dodging or burning depending on the image but in reality it usually doesn’t matter which you start with as you will be alternating between the two.
The next vital thing to note in the above screenshot is the exposure level I have selected.
Most mono film photographers would not consider printing an image without some dodging and burning to enhance it.
To learn much more about dodging and burning and all the other aspects of mono image making, why not consider coming on one of my specialist mono workshops where we work on thinking in mono, composing for mono and then processing to make mono images full of drama, light and character. This entry was posted in Photography Tips, Software Tips and tagged adobe, black, brushes, burn, chinnery, control, digital, dodge, doug, mono, monochrome, photoshop, proper, software, white, workshops.
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Bonus Tip: Try to match your FB business username to your Twitter business username, your YouTube business username and any other social media usernames.

I registered a business page and set the username over a year ago with my personal fb account (profile 1).
I have read that it is possible to transfer ownership of a business page by appointing an admin and then removing the original owner. 1- press on the 'Edit a question' icon (located in the upper toolbar's 'pool management' section).
Please note that there are regular questions (Text Box,Textarea,Email & Numeric Textbox) and multiple choice questions (Radio button & Listbox). Click the Website redirection rules link located at the bottom of the Website Configuration dialog.
In the darkroom film users employ strange techniques to darken areas of their prints and lighten others to improve the look of the image. I remember which is which by thinking that burning an object blackens it, so burning = darkening.
Most people I see using this technique want to see dramatic effects too quickly and end up spoiling their image by creating a patchy look. Firstly convert your image to black and white using your preferred method, either in Photoshop or a plugin such as Silver EfEx Pro 2. Always do this and dodge and burn this new layer so that if you make a mistake you can always delete it an start again without spoiling the base layer. Read what Ansel Adams wrote about this process as part of his print making to see how important he felt it was. Be careful, you only get to make this change once so watch for typos and make sure you’re happy with it before you save the change.
I would like to keep the original username that is linked to profile 1 to be consistent with branding.. A regular question may only be changed in to another regular question and a multiple choice question may only be changed in to a different multiple choice question.
The multiple choice answer optionsAnswer options may be added, removed, their order & text may be edited except for situations where the multiple question are in use by the flow (in this case only the answer option text may be editted). For those of us working digitally it falls to Photoshop to act as our digital darkroom to achieve the same effect.

The goal is to introduce contrast into the image in such a way that the impression is of light falling on the subject in very controlled ways, highlighting the beauty or key aspects of the image. The process is simple but it takes time and the vision to visualise the final result before you start. At the conversion stage, beware making the image too contrasty as you are going to tune the contrast carefully using the dodge and burn tools. Avoid at all costs scrubbing away wit the brush at small areas as this soon creates a blotchy look. If you have been giving out & using the original ugly URL (or a URL shortened version of it), when you reach 25 persons & can have a vanity URL it it like a change of address?
In my photograph above (and I have selected an extreme example rather than a subtle one) you will see I have burned the tractor tracks, areas of the clouds and areas of the surface of the wheat. It is not good to approach it in a random way and hope the end result is going to be effective. I hope you enjoy practising the effect and feel sure your mono images will improve dramatically as a result.
Do you have to figure out where you used the original one & make it the new vanity URL. To contrast with this I have dodged areas of cloud and highlighted the light falling on the barn with dodging. I have brightened the water to give sparkle and punch and added a bit more drama to the sky.
So if shadows is selected when you brush over pixels in the image the brush will only darken shadow, the darkest, pixels. When you use this setting the effect builds up very slowly and delicately giving you control. In most cases the other thing to remember is do not burn highlights and do not dodge shadows.

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