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Magento is perfect fashion ecommerce platform because it’s extremely flexible and scalable. One of the most efficient methods of fashion business promotion is using celebrities or social influencers in marketing campaigns. Filter negative reviews so that only positive opinions about your store are displayed on your pages. This particular combination is guaranteed to help your fashion business marketing campaign achieve amazing results.
The Magento platform is the best ‘base’ for integrating these solutions as its features encourage implementation of custom modules that will boost your business. Storytelling.A specialized software solution can be developed to integrate a whole story about the product into your website, without making it seem cluttered.
This list could go on as the number of web design tricks for fashion business is limited only with your imagination. If used right, cross-selling can dramatically increase the size of every individual purchase and boost the customer retention rate. Store experience customization, similar product suggestions, personalized offers and other similar solutions that can be created on the Magento platform will allow you to make every client feel cared about. In order to create the personalized shopping experience mentioned above, you will need to collect and process vast amounts of data about your visitors. Aside from the ‘on site’ customer behavior, a solution can be developed to monitor your customers’ activity in social media. Numerous specialized analytics tools can be integrated with your Magento platform to automate the gathering and procession of this data. The Magento platform is the best fashion ecommerce platform for implementing marvelous online stores because it offers a great number of customization solutions, as well as facilitates market analysis.
In order to get the most of all the opportunities offered by Magento, you will require customized software solutions. If you want your e-commerce business to succeed today, you need to offer your prospective clients the best shopping experience. Everyone admires and enjoys a sparkling, fit-for-purpose new website - but the sparkle can soon disappear if the site is allowed to deteriorate because it’s not being kept up-to-date or the technology advances.
With a choice of (bespoke) Wordpress or our own e-Genius content management systems (what we build the website in) we develop websites for small independent businesses up to the most complicated, fully bespoke sites for corporate businesses. This simply means that whether your business is small or large you can easily update your website at any time and in any place.
Over the last decade, Granite 5 has built a particular niche in opening up the internet to all. Most businesses have an online presence – whether to advertise their business or allow customers to purchase goods or services.
It’s just as well then that the Tax Office has recently provided guidance on how you can go about claiming a deduction for your website development costs.
If you incur the expense before you start running your business, you can typically claim the cost over five years (20% per year) once your business has started up. The Tax Office has provided some examples to illustrate its rules regarding website cost claims.

You had set up a software development pool in 2012 when you set up your business’s first website.
Clients tend to place their entire website development costs in one bucket, either expensing -- or capitalizing – everything.
However, sometimes you can face problems with realizing your outstanding ideas in your online store due to the limited functionality of the platform you are currently using.
Creating custom modules you will be able to provide a personalized shopping experience to every buyer.
For this method to work you will require specialized software solutions that will allow you to deliver the celebrity’s message to customers and track your customers’ response. It allows you boost your positive image by posting glowing product reviews and gather data necessary for the development of more efficient solutions. Therefore, if you can evoke positive emotions in your customers, your chances of making more sales will increase. The Zoom-In feature is a must for fashion products as it allows prospective buyers to see tiny details that matter greatly.
This is a nice alternative to posting several pictures that show off your product from every angle. This type of product presentation is original and invokes a positive emotional response from the customers. An online fashion store must provide buyers with a host of information, but it’s imperative for it to look ‘tidy’ and be optimized for mobile devices. The Magento platform is the best option for fashion ecommerce it allows to perform lots of customizations efficiently even with default configurations.
Studying the data gathered by analytics tools that can be integrated into the Magento platform will allow you to see which areas require more work and which design solutions work best for your particular fashion business. The Magento platform with its custom module creator offers the greatest possibilities for suggesting the products that the customers are likely to buy.
Don’t forget that people come to your store not for the products, but for emotions the products can give rise. If people enjoy the very process of shopping in your online fashion store, they will come back for more. The result you get from them is an opportunity to enhance the buyer’s shopping experience, thereby promoting their loyalty to your business.
Building your online fashion business with Magento will allow you to boost customer service, increase conversion rates, and, most importantly, enhance the loyalty of your buyers. Every business is unique, so developing 100% original scheme for your particular fashion ecommerce will help you reach your full potential. Our senior developer is registered blind, her knowledge and expertise has helped us to build talking websites and develop the first blind-friendly website builder. This will depend on when you’ve incurred the costs of developing your website and the size of your business. The correct treatment is somewhere in the middle, and knowing which activities are which is important. And this is when you may start thinking of moving your fashion store to a more customizable platform.

The customization rate offered by the platform is unrivaled and it integrates well with a variety of third-party systems, which increase the store design flexibility further. You also get alerted to any negative reviews and can contact the customer and solve the problem immediately. Regardless of how tricky the designers’ and marketers’ ideas are, it’s possible to bring them to life with the Magento platform. Every group of your audience may have different preferences when it comes to appearance of your website, too. For example, if your clothing has a merino base layer, explain why it’s so efficient in regulating body temperature. According to research, about 25% of customers abandon their shopping carts because the pages are too difficult to navigate.
A section with personalized ‘look of the day’ or ‘tending looks from Paris fashion shows’ can be added to your homepage. The Magento platform and the numerous analytics tools that can be integrated into it allow you for providing your clients with the shopping experience they seek. More recently our expertise has been used to create mobile and web apps for people with sight problems.
You can claim a deduction of $2,000 in your 2015-16 tax return under the simplified depreciation rules, and a deduction for the monthly and yearly fees in the year you incur those expenses.
You have to allocate this expenditure to the software development pool and can claim a deduction for it over five years. Fortunately, there are detailed accounting rules on what to capitalize and what to expense.Website development costs can generally be divided into various stages. This article will explain the benefits of Magento platform for ecommerce development in greater detail as well as provide a few interesting tips for enhancing your fashion business. So, you may decide to have different page templates and web designs for different groups; and it’s quite doable with the Magento platform.
Including a few interesting facts in the Product Details section enhances customer engagement. To prevent this loss, you need to hire an ecommerce development team experienced in the creation of wonderful fashion UI which doesn’t overwhelm your visitors with a bulk of  unorganized elements. This feature can be connected to your ‘celebrity program’ and use the looks of celebrities relevant to your targeted customers, providing a product group for every stylish outfit and several accessories that will go well with it.
The following table summarizes the accounting treatment for the most common activities in each stage.
This, in turn, opens limitless opportunities for developing products and solutions that will appeal directly to the group of people targeted by your fashion business. The table is based on FASB ASC 350-50 Intangibles – Goodwill and Other: Website Development Costs.
Imagine the delight of your auditors when they see the spectacular job you’ve done of properly accounting for your website development costs!

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