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We said the same and decided to start correcting that with our discounted hosting that saves you money every year! Loving from afar was far more difficult before the existence of long distance phone plans, instant messaging, video conferencing and email.
Before you decide to enter and endure a long distance relationship: You and your partner should be aware of the challenges and be willing to commit to making it work (or at least trying to make it work). It is very important to discuss and decide on a permanent end date to your physical distance – whether that means you, your partner or both of you will move to live in reasonably closer proximity.
Discuss and agree on expectations you have for one another, this should include exclusiveness, frequency of phone calls and emails, instant chat and so forth. Ensure you opt for a long distance (text messaging and voice) plan with your phone company to ensure there are no additional barriers for various forms of communication. During the time you are apart from one another: Communicate as often as possible, as many ways as possible and about as much as possible.
Keep video-conference live while you both do your own thing like working, studying, cooking – it will give you a sense of closeness and being together. Play games, shop online, watch movies and TV shows together by sharing screens or by watching them in sync while you both are on the phone commenting, giggling, sharing reactions, etc. After the move, once you are finally together: People in long distance relationships often believe if they can survive the distance, they can survive anything.
You may realize you don’t know one another as well as you thought, you may not even like each other as much, or perhaps you aren’t really compatible.
Long distance relationships can work and the majority of the couples who offered these aforementioned suggestions are living proof of the kind of happy and successful relationships a couple can have while apart and then when finally coming together.
AboutEligible Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for urban men and women who want the best from their dating life, their relationships and themselves.
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Our team of Content Writers work to ensure that the design and layout of your site will engage and convert visitors. We offer high definition video productions to showcase your business, which encourages customers to stay on your site longer. AlienLabs is passionate about publishing good-looking and functional web sites that are tailor-made for home-based and small businesses, portfolios and blogs - without the big ticket price tag.From design through to hosting, we offer a boutique personalised and professional service. Boutique Website DesignPremium websites for home and small businesses at affordable prices. Site HostingAlienLabs offers professional grade hosting for your website on Australian based, eco-friendly servers.
Supported browsersMy sites support a wide variety of web browsers on desktops, notebooks and mobile devices. More about AlienLabsI'm a self-taught designer from Brisbane in the Sunshine State, clocking up about 10 years of web and graphic design geekdom alongside my day job as manager of a legal services firm. Our servers protect your privacy to provide a safe sanctuary for you to retain an anonymous online presence. We reward all of our clients with a VIP rewards this means that your hosting gets discounted every year you stay with us – meaning it goes down not up in price! Simply tell us the type of website you have or want and we will advise which package you will need. Not to say long distance relationships are easier today, but they are increasingly more popular and the chances of sustainability are greater. On the contrary, people in long distance relationships tend to have a much more idealized and romanticized view of their partner than people living in the same location, thus making it easier to maintain the relationship when apart than when living in the same city.
Know that the dynamic won’t be the same as before, so allow the relationship to evolve, as it should.
As long as you have a plan to live in the same city at some point (sooner better than later), commit to making an extra effort to making it work and are able to adjust to the transition of living in the same city, then you may just realize that it really doesn’t take absence to make the heart grow fonder after all.
Jan is a Relationship Strategist who specializes in creating successful and fulfilling relationships.
It features articles and video content on dating, relationships, sex, wellness and lifestyle by some of the country's foremost experts. We achieve results by using cutting edge search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and keep up with the most current techniques at all times.
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At times even the smallest inconsistency can be monumental to the person on the receiving end. Asking questions, sharing your daily experiences and involving your partner in decision-making will help establish a strong foundation which can stand the test of time and distance. People don’t think about having to readjust their lives, their schedules, or their living spaces.
She assists individuals and couples by identifying issues and equipping them with personalized tools and systems to develop and maintain long lasting, healthy and happy relationships. The magazine is available online, for sale on Apple's Newsstand for your iPad or iPhone and soon to be in print. My goal is to offer an affordable way for small and home based businesses to get their website up and running. The following suggestions will help close the gap between you and your partner during the time you are apart. All important conversations or arguments should take place over the phone or video-conference and should be resolved and concluded before ending the conversation – physical distance combined with emotional distance is a recipe for disaster. You may have to change your work schedule, coordinate with your partner more, or spend time with each other’s friends and families. By including domain name registration and website hosting, AlienLabs is a complete website solution with boutique service and attention to the details that matter to you. These tips have been offered by several couples who are at different stages of their long distance relationships; some of these couples are in the beginning phases and trying to make it work, while some have successfully made it work and are now living in the same city.
Talk openly about insecurities and find ways to overcome them by making extra efforts to make one another feel secure. You may not have the same amount of time alone as you did, or in some cases your partner may still want alone time. Then there are a few that failed, either due to the challenges caused by distance or once making the move to live in the same city.

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