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Free Report – Beyond the Website Black Hole, The Website Transformation ExperienceQuote requestIf you’re ready for more qualified leads from your website transformation project then this report is for you.
Web Sales Results – a 12 Month Intensive ProgramYou’re a Sales-Based Business And Your Website Isn’t Doing Its Job—Making Sales When your business is sales, it’s obvious that your website is underperforming.
If I was asked to create a list of tactics that can make this work even harder than it should be then the lack of an quality content would be #1. Creating content is possibly the most snooze inducing subject we can talk about here at Permission.
Look I know that producing content is hard and therefore is the least appealing part of managing a website.
This sounds super easy for product based businesses; however service suppliers have a harder job. Paid advertising solution – Google AdWords -is also busy rewarding with cheaper clicks those who have the best keyword to content match.
Now unfortunately Google doesn’t share all the ingredients of an advertiser’s quality score ranking with us.

In both of these instances Google is rewarding you for doing the hard work of creating great content. Based on the core principles I have seen work again and again during my 13 years experience in online lead generation.
The biggest clue is that you’re not getting a steady stream of leads and contacts from your site. Replace this with any normal business that has multiple offerings to alternative markets and things become much more of a challenge. Yep forget about fancy design, super smart traffic building tactics or even the most detailed of analytical tracking.
So I would not be surprised if by now if most readers are not feeling their eyelids sink lower and their breathing slowing down.
Fortunately the giants of online marketing -think Google – are ready and willing to reward you for all your efforts. It ensures that the Google bidding system is about providing relevant ads and not big fat advertising budgets.

You click, arrive and in seconds realise in a few seconds that what is in front of you is not what you wanted. First up it affects your natural search ranking – which should lead to more visitors and hopefully more leads.
The remaining 80% was all about ensuring other websites linked into the site in the correct way.
Without it we would be left with those with the largest budgets achieving the highest placements. Secondly it helps reduce the cost of your paid advertising clicks by producing a high quality score.
So if this was your business then somehow you need to have a piece of logical and well written content for every search term that makes sense for the reader.

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