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Crawling Depth - Enter the depth level for the crawler, if you want to limit the crawling depth. Examples of Values: 0 - no limitations, 1 - only root-web page, 2 - all webpages that refer from root web pages, etc.
Priorities by default N‚???? Here you can adjust priorities by default which crawler will apply to found pages.
Principal of using: 0 - homepage of the website, 1 - All pages which refer from homepage, 2 N‚???? All pages that refer from pages, which in their turn refer from homepage and so on, it is possible to add 3, 4, etc. Spider will skip all those websites, in which your mentioned words or symbols will be found. If certain parameters will be found in URL, they will be removed from it, before the URL will be placed in search.
Choose the attributes which spider needs to process and where it should look for references to other pages of a site.

DRKSpiderJava is a website crawler stand-alone tool for finding broken links and inspecting a website structure.
When a node in the tree is selected, DRKSpiderJava displays contextual information in the right panel.
The SEO tool does a basic analysis of title, description and keywords matching the page content. DRKSpiderJAVA is a open source software made in Java, which means you can use it, modify it and distribute it to your friends, freely. And it's multiplatform; you can run it on Windows, Linux, Mac or any other platform supporting Java SE virtual machine. XML and plaint-text sitemap generators for search engine optimization: generate sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and other engines. Detailed information about every link found (Tag, URL, anchor text, status code, nofollow property, depth).

Download the package of your choice, extract and double click on drkspiderjava.jar, or execute the script for your platform.
Individual tools, glue, paints or sets of each required to build the kit can be securely purchased from our site. If you employ one of these settings, the program will automatically add all necessary spider settings into Remove Parameters and Exceptions sections. If you want other popular engines included in the list, contact us and we will consider your offer.

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