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After getting married three years ago and having to pay for a caterer, I realized that I could make money doing this.
However it’s important not to let that get you down and to instead think of ways to find success regardless of that fact.
Build Websites (For Other People) – Okay so you need some HTML skills for this one, but if you happen to have those then you can target small local businesses to give them a web presence and the marketing advantages that come from that. Become a Gardener – A gardener is a great practical business and one of the top ten easy business ideas that really anyone who’s in good health can do. Buy and Sell on eBay – Like the rest of these top ten easy business ideas, this is something you can start doing right away. Sell Crafts – This is one of the top 10 easy business ideas because it’s also good fun. Become a Driving Instructor – It takes a bit of training, but if you can spare the investment of time and money this is easily one of the top 10 easy business ideas and is very flexible allowing you to take on as many clients as you like. Become a Builder – Many builders are self employed so if you’re an out of work labourer then look for houses that need work and try knocking on their door.
Become a Hairdresser – One of the most common of these top 10 easy business ideas and one that you can do on the side or as a stand alone business.
Be a Proof Reader – One of the lesser practised top 10 easy business ideas, and perfect for this very reason – there’s not much competition.

Make a Website – Making a website can be done easily from home and costs next to nothing making it the winner of this count-down of the top 10 easy business ideas.
It is extremely well known that transforming a passion into a business is the key to success. We are a professional graphic design and web site services agency providing a wide range of online and print solutions to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. It’s also one of the best times to become an entrepreneur and to make it yourself and this will both help the economy and get you out of a rut. Buy items cheap on eBay or in wholesale – or even from car-boots – and then sell them for more at a profit.
Take a hobby that you currently enjoy and turn it into a profit making business by selling on eBay, at markets and through your own website.
Start off by advertising to your friends and family and then hopefully you’ll get contacts from there. Again marketing is easy through things like shop windows and notice boards and by word-of-mouth. Profit comes from selling your own goods, affiliate goods and advertising and you can market through any social media sites. So in some countries, maybe becoming a driving instructor is quite difficult, while in others it’s a piece of cake.

It won’t help you if you are not passionate about anything in this top ten easy business ideas list. These top ten easy business ideas can help some people think about other ways to improve their income too. Our highly competitive rates will enable your business to dramatically improve while keeping consideration of your budget. I have some options, but maybe your post about top 10 easy business ideas will inspire me more. Use adsense or other monetisation methods and there are chances for you to earn some extra cash. Our design philosophy is simple, we believe in well-thought-out solutions that prioritize ease of use, supported by eye-catching visuals. Please take a moment to view our work, then give us call and let us know how we can help you.

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