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As part of the effort to expand our website development and management service, I’ve been offering complimentary website reviews and recommendations to individuals, small businesses, and other organizations. Except in rare cases, there’s almost no reason for individual professionals or small organizations to hire someone to code a website from scratch (or worse yet, to try to do it themselves).
Many small organizations are also unlikely to need a sophisticated content management system like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. WordPress is my first choice as a website builder, as it offers the best search engine optimization (including blogging) and provides the best long-term solution for expansion and growth. Jimdo may be better than Weebly for sites with a strong e-commerce component, and it’s also a better choice for non-English site owners, builders, and users.
Many of these reviews have extensive comment sections that offer additional information and insights. As I noted in the introduction, the first step in choosing a website builder platform is to articulate your goals and objectives: what are you hoping to achieve with your website?
Finally, to avoid overwhelming yourself and getting lost in various rabbit holes, get someone to help you through the decision-making process.
Courtney HuntA Digital Era thought leader and strategist, Courtney is an energetic, and passionate leader committed to helping individuals and organizations tackle key challenges and opportunities in strategic, innovative, efficient, and effective ways. You can also find Courtney's thought leadership and guidance on the SMART Resources pages, as well as information about her presentations and workshops via the SMART Talks page. There is one thing about Squarespace that suprised us a little when we tested its page speed in Google’s testing tool. I have used many website builders like Jimdo, Wix, Squarespace even a starter platform like TemplateToaster.
Pika Website Builder doesn’t require you to know HTML or CSS in order to create websites, not unless you want to change something specific about the available website templates. Before opening up the website editor, you should probably first setup the pages that you want your website to have. Once you’ve edited your website, the only thing that you need to do is upload it to your web server. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It has become an absolute necessity for the modern professional to be reasonably proficient with a computer. Intuitive Website Builder: There are other drag-and-drop type website builders on the Internet, but the Weebly Editor is one of the most intuitive. ImagePerfect: It is not the most powerful image editor out there, but ImagePerfect is fantastic in its integrated simplicity.
Free Cloud Hosting: Web hosting is included with Weebly and it utilizes cloud storage for minimal downtime and theoretically infinite scalability. Professional Themes: There is a truly impressive selection of professionally designed themes that can serve as templates for your own website. Designer Platform: Even professional web developers can benefit from having an easy-to-use platform like Weebly.
Blogging Engine: In addition to the main website design utility for creating static websites, Weebly also has a blogging engine that is very easy to use. There are certainly some shortcomings to the Weebly platform, like not being able to place two text paragraphs side-by-side on a webpage unless the template already allows for it, but there is a lot of great features here too. And as is so often the case, I have learned a lot from these reviews and the related conversations I’ve had with their owners.
Drupal and Joomla in particular require relatively strong technical skills to both build and manage.
You can still take a primarily DIY approach if you have budget constraints, but adding an outside perspective and website expertise to the effort will increase the return on your investment of time, effort and energy. If you start with another website builder, you will likely find yourself needing to switch to something more powerful and sophisticated as your business grows and needs change.

I’m not as familiar with them, but Weebly and Jimdo also rank highly in evaluations of website builder platforms. Like your company name, brand identity, business cards, signage, and other marketing collateral for your business, a website should be viewed as a critical component of your business development efforts and an important investment of time and money. It’s also important to consider things like what kind of look and feel you want, how large and complex the site will it be (not just in the near term, but over time), e-commerce functionality, and how intuitive the design and management tools should be. Ideally this should be a coach or guide who understands websites and website builder tools, but even a non-expert who can serve as a good sounding board can enable you to make a faster and better decision. The Founder and Principal of The Denovati Group, she regularly demonstrates her expertise through presentations and workshops, as well as articles, essays, white papers, and guides.
The average speed for desktop users was 70 (for mobile users only 47!), which is very low compared to Weebly who scored 81 (and 66 for mobile) for example.
My goal was to focus on what I would recommend to a business owner, not provide a comprehensive review of all options. I chose Website builder as I have heard before that it is suitable for those who have never tried to create website before. Pika Website Builder is a free WYSIWYG website builder for Windows which you can can use to easily create websites in just a few mouse clicks, by editing numerous website templates that you also get for free. This is where you can change the website template and add information that you want your visitors to see. This is some standard software that just about everyone needs to know, like a web browser or a basic e-mail client.
Simply click on the element that you want to edit or remove and an appropriate dialog box will pop up to let you do that.
Any image that you upload or utilize on your website can be edited right in place, including resizing, cropping and rotating.
Your website is reliably hosted on a stable infrastructure of reliable cloud-based servers, all of which is monitored by the Weebly team 24 hours a day.
Of course, each of these hundreds of themes can be easily edited, changed and adapted using the Website Builder utility, but it’s great to see how many you have to choose from to start your web design. The starter plan is completely free with no strings attached, but it does come with a more limited set of features and there is a Weebly link in the footer of all free websites. While the core Weebly product is targeted at the end user, there is also a white label Weebly Designer Platform that can be used by designers and consultants to create websites for their clients, who in turn can edit and alter their sites on their own.
Each blog post can be designed using the same drag and drop interface as the main Weebly product, making it easy to embed photo galleries, audio clips, widgets and other content. The drag-and-drop website editor is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use web editors out there.
There is no need to pay for anything until you choose to upgrade to the Pro account, which will be the case for many users.
As with everything else, the best approach is going to depend on someone’s goals and objectives, and what kind of web presence best matches them.
And even though WordPress is more straightforward, it still requires someone to stay on top of near-constant software changes to keep the site current and minimize vulnerabilities from hacking, spam, malware, and viruses. Here are two comparison summaries that can serve as a useful starting point for understanding and evaluating the available options. The biggest advantages to Weebly are its user-friendliness and the extensiveness of its template options (available both directly from them and via third-party developers). It may not be a good choice if you want to upgrade to WordPress in the future, however, as the content is not exportable. Most website builder and hosting platforms offer comparably-priced plans – and for most small businesses, the lower-priced plans (ranging from $100 to $200 annually) will be sufficient. I was pretty surpised that even though their templates seem very sophisticated (and responsive as you mentioned), speed hasn’t been one of their main concerns, apparently.
Many people find all the options overwhelming, so I wanted to narrow things down for folks.

As you can see, this free WYSIWYG website builder has a very large selection of templates, couple of dozen modern, Web 2.0, templates for you to select and build your website on top of.
The very last step of the setup asks you for your FTP info and after you type it and click on the Save and Publish button the website that you’ve created is gonna be saved and uploaded online. While some users may be more advanced than others, the vast majority also have a fundamental understanding of software like Microsoft Office.
The available website elements are broken into categories: basic, multimedia, revenue and more. Images, text boxes and other website elements are easily dragged around to other locations and many of these are easily resized by grabbing and dragging the edges or corners.
There are also several effects that can be applied, like varying the level of opacity, including a fade effect, or changing the coloring to be antique or black and white.
They include several categories, like Business, Colorful, Education, Graphical, Personal, and Wedding.
Free sites are also limited in the size of file uploads and do not support audio or video players.
With some margin between the two possible prices, this could be a very viable web business model.
The blog can be the main site or a sub-page and there is support for multiple blogs on the same website. Adding and moving elements is easy and there are many different types of web elements that can be included, like forms and videos. Even then, the monthly price can be as low as $2.99, making Weebly a simple, fun, and affordable way to get a professional-looking website on the Internet. In addition, although many people critique WordPress as not being that user friendly, I’ve found that our clients have quickly learned how to create and maintain pages and content on their own, particularly via the Visual Composer plugin. On the downside, unlike all the other options, it doesn’t include a free custom domain. And although using a domain registrar service to build and host a website seems logical, the ratings for GoDaddy (one of the biggest) reveal their general weakness in this area.
Even a more complex and potentially costly option like WordPress, which could add several hundred more dollars a year in maintenance costs, is hardly a budget buster.
I’m not a big fan of website builders, but it happened to me to use for a few of my works and I stayed very satisfied with the service.
And if you know how to use a word processor like Microsoft Word, you’ll be able to design your own website with Weebly using their simple drag and drop website builder. With the text editor, a small dialog pops up for additional effects like bold, italics, and underline, as well as font sizes, hyperlinks, bullet points and numbered lists. So once the site is built it’s not that hard to manage, at least from a content perspective. That’s definitely an important factor to consider when making a decision about what platform to use.
To edit existing ones, click on either Edit, Rename or Delete, next to the page that you want to edit. To edit a particular part of the template, header text for example, just click on it and the editor will open up. It also offers the best blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities (after WordPress).

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