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In the MDB Filename field click to navigate to and to select the "AlphaSports" database (located in the MDBFiles folder under your program folder). Click the button in the Record Navigator > Record navigator layout field to display the Record Navigator Designer dialog box. Click the button in the Freeform Edit Regions > Above grid field to display the HTML Editor.
The Search form allows you to find records using complete or partial values in one or more fields. The first stage of previewing your work is to create a page onto which to place the new component.

This produces a multi-record view, similar to a conventional Alpha Five browse, with field labels at the tops or bottoms of columns. This is the field that will connect the record in the Detail View form with the record in the grid.
This makes the code that the Grid Builder generates in the background more compact, but the main benefit is it allows you to transparently replace the component with another component with the same alias. This has the virtue of using text boxes instead of labels to represent the data in the grid, which in turn provides more reliable formatting alternatives, as well as the ability to copy data from the fields. Both the grid and the detail view forms must have a unique key value that links them together.

Using wildcardsAdd an asterisk ( * ) after a term to find objects that include the root word.

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