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The Port of Seattle is dedicated to helping military personnel transition from active duty to civilian employment.
The Veterans Fellowship Program allowed me to network inside and outside of my department, gain essential knowledge of port business, and forge important relationships.
Hire America's Heroes is dedicated to sharing and promoting sponsor corporations' best practices and success strategies by which America's military service members, upon transition from active duty, are welcomed into the corporate workforce.

The port understands the importance of veterans serving their country and it is estimated that nearly 20% of the port's employee base have served in or continue to serve in various forms . The Veterans Fellowship Program provides short-term (six-month) employment that will assist veterans in the following areas.
I received genuine support from my supervisor and colleagues, which, along with the tools provided by Human Resources, allowed me to demonstrate leadership, strong work ethics and grow personally and professionally. All these factors led to working full time at the port for a few years before I moved to another respected organization in the area.

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