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PDF Download is a free browser add-on by Nitro software that makes it easy to save web page as PDF.
The advantages to having this online PDF viewer includes less browser crashes and opening of PDF display pages or files is faster and smoother. If, while Net surfing, a user comes across a PDF website, he or she is able to view the exact contents and layout without having to use an already installed separate PDF viewer. This online PDF downloader is simple to use and thus is enjoyed by millions of Internet users daily. In the most up-to-date version of the application, tools have been added allowing for users to enable or disable PDF Download from the status bar.

This stops crashes and allows users to have either automatic controlling capabilities or direct controlling in such browsers as Firefox or Internet Explorer. The small PDF Download add-on makes it possible to view PDF in browsers and therefore removes the frustration of having to start a separate program. The application’s bookmarklet makes it possible to have this free online PDF viewer on all popular browsers allowing users to convert online content to PDF at any time. This eliminates browser problems as it converts any web-based PDF into a browser- friendly HTML web page. Using the cross-platform abilities of this PDF downloader, makes it simple to flick between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari on Windows, Mac and Linux computer operating systems.

Clearly this free PDF downloader makes visiting the thousands of websites on the Internet much more enjoyable experience and is ideal for anyone that may use the Internet in their work.
If you just need to view your PDF files, you can use Foxit PDF Reader, or Sumatra PDF Viewer.

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