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ShutterstockYou have a client meeting and your coworkers say you're ready to make your presentation. To start, introduce your company and its offerings a€” don't assume that everyone knows about them. In the middle, be sure to explain why a€” and how a€” your company can be a valuable partner. Your potential clients want reassurance that you're reliable and trustworthy, so throughout your presentation find the thread that explains the passion that drives your product or service. Remember what the great entertainers have always said a€” "Always leave them wanting more." After you make your case, leave.
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The Spro 2 can also provide web access directly from the unit and has the ability to securely connect up to 10 independent Wi-Fi devices at once. With a built-in battery, there is no need for power cords, making it easy to move the projector from the conference room to the boardroom, or even the local coffee shop. Watch the video below to see the winners of "The Ugliest Conference Room Makeover" contest $50,000 makeover, including a ZTE Spro 2.
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You've rehearsed your deck and mastered the basics: You have a good handshake and a way of remembering new names.
Don't expect the prospect to have everything you need for your presentation, let alone have it all set up.

With a built-in 5-inch Android touchscreen projecting documents, presentations or even videos stored in the cloud, on USB sticks, Micro SD cards, or on mobile devices is a snap.
That means that if the conference room ends up double-booked, you can still shine virtually anywhere because you have a truly portable device connected to the Internet.
Ita€™s the one device that will truly make an impression on the prospect and help you to secure the deal. Do your research beforehand, figure out where you and your potential client can prosper together a€” and make that an intrinsic part of your presentation.

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