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Are you worried that it’s not responsive, lacks consistency, isn’t engaging or doesn’t provide a unified message across the entire website?
We’re talking about how to make sure your website is your business’s best marketing tool by following six key design marketing principles.
Your website and mobile versions must align and provide the user with a smooth transition on both platforms. If your website and mobile versions look different, it’s time for a change — to a responsive website.
Improve overall website speed (which means visitors won’t have to wait long to load the site).
SEO means search-engine optimization — or making your website “readable” by search engines. If you’re designing your website or having a professional redesign it, make sure it has basic on-page SEO to ensure that you can rank on searches. A user is browsing your website, sees an amazing article or page that is relevant to her, and wants to share it.
You’ve just missed out on an opportunity to convert a lead, engage your audience and — not to mention — left the visitor with a poor user experience. It’s your one chance to impress, instill trust, make them feel welcome, and sell them on your services. You need a consistent, appealing design that supports your content to accomplish these goals.
Create clear navigation structures and calls-to-action to keep users flowing effortlessly through the site’s pages. Overuse Flash and functionality that isn’t directly related to the user experience and message. A blog can be a primary traffic driver to your website if you’re populating it with relevant, informative, useful content for your users.
When a first-time visitor arrives at your website, content is defaulted and is considered not-targeted. When that visitor returns, however, has filled out a form or is a customer of yours, the content becomes personalized based on his interests, industry or automation behavior. If your company’s sales are lacking and you’re wondering what’s wrong — it may be time to look at your website’s design.
Tagged with: how to market your website How Your Website Can Be Your Best Salesperson Increase User Experience Is your website your best sales person?
Ashley is an avid trend seeker and creative strategist who never ceases to impress clients with her high energy and creative passion. Josh is a marketing nerd who loves helping everyday people generate more sales and results in their business or hobby. Join over 7,000 business owners who are growing revenue through our digital marketing & design tips. FREE Training on how to grow your first 40k Twitter followers & Make Real-Time sales with Twitter. As always, I've included a few articles that will revamp your skills regarding typography selection and general website building. An amazing set of mockup templates for T-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies available in PSD format for branding purposes featuring smart objects for advanced customization. A stunning set of 1800 different scalable and editable vector items like facial expressions, freckles, accessories, and more, for generating cute cartoon avatars and characters available in both PSD and Ai format files.
A great collection of UI kits for mobile devices collected from all across the internet featuring several styles such as flat, material, and clean, as well as several categories like for restaurants, magazine, eCommerce, travel, and more.

A neatly crafted invoice template that features regular spaced and tilted line-shaded sections for its separators and blank areas as well as a perfect combination of serif and sans-serif fonts that provides your branding with an utterly professional style.
An amazing set of 4 PhotoShop text effects through text layer styles to give your texts a stunning vintage style. A cool set that contains 16 badges delivered in PSD format and includes the fonts they were created with. Aa amazing set of 10 minimal style fully editable and scalable circular logos and badges that come available in vector Ai, EPS, and PDF format. An amazing text effect for Photoshop that allows you to give your texts a realistic TV noise-like distortion through smart object layers counting on 2 versions of the effect. Zoom.js is a jQuery version that simulates to detail Medium's image zoom functionality by lifting it forward in a nice transition as its overlay smoothly fades white. Create static sites taking advantage of the amazing stack in the JavaScript universe, Cory combines clean, logic-less handlebars templates and markdown files counting on a straightforward development workflow.
A highly useful image gallery viewer developed in JavaScript that features several functionalities like zoom, rotate, flip, and full screen, inline, and full window overlay presentation.
Calabash is a developing tool for mobile devices that allows you to execute automated acceptance tests of applications in Android in iOS consisting of libraries that enable test code to interact programmatically with native and hybrid apps.
DPM is a package manager for Sketch plugins that allows you to simply keep plugins synchronized across teams and devices. Quite a useful megamenu developed in JavaScript that features cross-browser compatibility, has no classes for dropdowns or lists, 100% responsive functionality, seamless WordPress integration, and much more.
A huge set of over 5,000 mesmerizing animal icons in solid style crafted under the iPhone icons’ guidelines available in vector PSD format. A colossal collection of 26k vector icons sorted out in 6 different styles for several mobile devices, you’ll find icons for Windows Phone (Win8 & Win10), Android (Classic & Material), iPhone and general Line & Outline styles.
An amazing set of 72 icons related to home appliances and real estate items delivered in Ai, CSH, EPS, SVG, Webfont, and Sketch format files. Vorpal is a framework that allows you to build mature and immersive applications in JavaScript Language in the command-line interface featuring simple syntax, built-in tabbed autocompletion, persistent command history, and more. MJML is a markup language design to reduce dramatically the pain of coding for responsive e-mail newsletters by featuring a highly semantic syntax that makes everything be pretty straightforward and fast.
TruckJS is a framework to help you build your mobile devices web applications by using platform-specific themes featuring encapsulating models for automatic views updating, as well as mediators, templates, components, and more. StringBean is a CSS framework based on a 16-point system, rather than the traditional Bootstrap's 12-point one featuring several breakpoint resolutions for better performance in bigger screens.
GrapeJS is a free and open source web template editor that requires no code at all, allowing you to create websites completely effortlessly through simple and intuitive UI control elements and selectors.
Resizer is a Google's web tool that allows you to simultaneously check the responsivity of your website in three different screens being these a laptop, a tablet, and a phone screen. A snippet that allows you generating a CSS description overlayer through 3D rotate effect on hover event that features direction awareness for grid layouts.
A nice hover effect for navigation menus that highlights each of the elements as you hover over them with a smooth transition of color change and underline sliding. A cool Material Designed First button that expands in a colossal white circle which contains nice circular social sharing buttons.
A great article that gives you exceptionally valuable tips for centering email campaigns through pure HTML explaining how to do it individually for texts, containers, images, buttons, and multiple buttons or images.
A truly awesome step-by-step guide stuffed with valuable tips to make of your website an awesome one, you'll find tips for branding, typography, layouts, UI, UX, development, SEO, speed, graphic design, security, content, and social media. QUOTES is a neatly crafted template for websites of multiple purposes that features a nice clean style featuring big thumbnails and post featured images, it also includes an eCommerce section.

Quite an impressive landing page template delivered in Sketch format that features nice blurred background for its minimal and clean content with professional style fonts and transparent background elements.
A creative layout template for portfolio websites that features a clean style with flat elements, regular and masonry grids, as well as the basic extra pages layouts, all of them counting on organized layers. A neatly crafted one-page template in PSD format that features a flat style for its full-width layout composed of a top navigation bar, header and community sign up, pricing tables, features, and footer sections.
As always we have tried to bring you the new free stuff that will be of the most interest, and as always, we hope you have found some things here that are worthwhile for you.
If you come across any tools or resources that you think are worthy of being included in next month's round-up, please don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Juan is the founder of iconshock, bypeople, designshock and wpthemegenerator and other projects, curator of digital and useful content, designer and developer. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. That just means they should have the same experience if they access your website on a desktop or mobile device, for example. You’ll get good results using the AdWords Keyword Planner tool to employ the traditional keyword-search methodology. Use links to some of your other website pages and scatter them throughout the site to improve user experience and provide site authority.
Consumers are social creatures and they want to spread the word about your services, promotions, events, fundraisers, webinars and everything from the moon and back on the internet!
It’s a credible, impactful way to demonstrate to visitors your knowledge in the industry and a great way to build trust with your audience. She is Flight Media's lead Creative Director and Designer and enjoys fitness, fashion, social media and a challenge! This month's freebies are supercharged with amazing web resources such as a set of T-Shirt mockup templates, the second version of the cute cartoon characters generator, an artistic collection of mobile UI screens, a professional looking invoice print template,some amazing PSD templates of websites for inspiration, frameworks for CLI, mobile development, and more. It counts on many Timbre Objects that connected together to define the graph-based routing for overall audio rendering.
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. We’ve learned that the right content will capture your audience if it is relevant and interesting to them. And with this nice tool “Social Warfare” finally I will increase my social traffic, thanks for presenting it to me. Maybe you are also interested in a time saving tool to share your own articles to social media. It’s an easy tool to schedule and post automatically to the various social media, while at the same time it allows you to customize your postings for each network’s requirement.

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