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But this film was rescued by several very important criteria: good and witty scenario, good realization of this scenario, charisma of heroes, excellent producing and non-trivial story.
Fantasy of such films creators goes not far, but the writers of this film scenario thought out a lot of excellent actions in the way of two protagonists.
An architect is in the desperate situation and that is why he agrees, and it becomes probably the biggest error in his life. Huge plus is deserved by operatora€™s work and soundtrack, including such compositions as Wolfmother, Band of Horses, Rod Stewart, which made pleasant and interesting atmosphere. There is no hint at thinking about life; there are only jokes and situations, which are seemed, to distress only.
A film turned out really funny, thus a humor is high-quality enough and has higher level than the most of comedies. As a result wea€™ve got one of the best comedies of this fall, so it is recommended for people, who love to have fun. ??heri-Movies welcomes you to our greatest gallery of bestselling movies of all types and kinds.

Published on April 28, 2015ET's royal correspondent Katie Nicholl is on the ground in London with all the royal baby details. In the Due Date film it’s the second time, when Robert Downey Jr and Michelle Monaghan played together (the first one was in the "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" movie).
An actor appears quite not adapted to life dude, who always blunts by unbelievable case and exposes to danger his and other lives. By the way, it makes happy for a while too, that he does not forget other genres except blockbusters, he is shot in the films of other genres.
There is a plus that most of comedies make laugh by dialogs in general, and here even action is funny. In Texas Zach and Peter receive the help of a friend of Darryl Peter (Jamie Foxx) which ending in the arrest of Peter and Zach and the question arise: do they have any chances to catch the due date? And certainly the most interesting is that these stories border between fantasy of unreality of these situations, and that is very difficult to believe, it borders with realism. The A first one plays a serious architect who is late for the birth of his first-born, and the second one a€” slowwitted guy, who considers that he is a great actor and goes to conquer Hollywood, transporting a suitcase with stuff, bow-legged dog and ashes of his father in coffee tin.

They get caught in different troubles, balancing on the thin verge between death, prison, and only God knows where during, practically, all the film.
Both actors have fun in the film extremely and provide with portion of funny gibberish every time. Marvelous actor playing and competent shooting make to split sides with laughing from common moments, such as escape from cops in their car.
An architect looses his things, money and documents as the fates decree and a beginning movie star offers him to go with him. He can play the most boring role, but he will play it brilliant and in an extremely funny way.

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