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DESCRIPTION: This medieval world map apparently belongs to a family of cartographical works that can be compared with the more closely-knit members of the Beatus genealogy (#207). The map shown in this monograph is to be found in the De imagine mundi [Image of the World], a kind of medieval encyclopedia attributed to a certain Henry, probably the same person as Henry [Heinrich], a Canon of the Church of St. Honorius introduces the Imago Mundi by saying a€?This little book has the title, image of the world, because one might see in it the description of the whole world as if in a mirror.a€™ He goes on to say that his work is totally based upon ancient authorities, a guarantee of quality in the Middle Ages.
Though indirectly made from the sources that the writers of the De imagine mundi and other medieval cosmographies utilized, the map was probably not compiled directly from the De imagine mundi but rather from a large wall map.
According to scholars such as Beazley, Santarem and Miller, the Sawley design is obviously related to the Hereford mappamundi, as an elder to a younger brother; and the similarities of detail in these two works may be traced in almost every part of the world and in nearly every important feature of the draftsmanship. In Central Africa Orosius is probably the source of the Sawley map (and Hereforda€™s) Euzareae Montes. As to islands, Taraconta, Rapharrica and Abalcia, on the north coast of Asia, are from Aethicus; Ganzmir [for Scanza or Scandinavia] is a remarkable misreading, also in the Hereford.
As mentioned above, it is plain from the great number of nameless rivers, mountains and cities in the Mainz example, that the work may well have been taken from a larger original, probably a great wall map of the 11th century. The Hereford mappamundi, fuller but considered less a€?truea€™ and a€?scholarlya€™ by Beazley, probably departs from the original, as well as the Sawley, in making Jerusalem the center of the world, and in adopting an absolutely circular instead of an oval form. The relationship between the Sawley and the so-called Jerome maps is almost as close as that between the Sawley and the Psalter.
In the draftsmanship of Asia Minor, the Gulf of Issus, and the Black Sea, the most striking analogies may be found between the Sawley and Jerome; and from a study of these particulars we may feel practically certain that some correspondence may be assumed.
The details in the Sawley design which are foreign to the Jerome tradition may be divided into three classes, respectively based upon Aethicus of Istria, upon Solinus and upon the contemporary knowledge of the central medieval period.
The inverted L-shaped Mediterranean includes the islands of Minorga, Maiorge, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicilia, Crete and Delos a€“ the latter surrounded with smaller and unnamed islands. In Asia the map shows the cities of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Jericho, Persepolis, Babel, Damascus, Troy and others.
In Europe the largest area is allocated to Italy, showing the cities of Rome and Pisa, as well as a number of its provinces.
Excluding the Jerome maps, this is perhaps the richest in content and the best preserved among the 12th century examples of European cartography.
As mentioned above, it is plain from the great number of nameless rivers, mountains and cities in the Mainz example, that the work may well have been taken from a larger original, probably a great wall map of the 11th century.A  Of this original, the Sawley transcript is more accurate but less complete due to size constraints.
Excluding the Jerome maps, this is perhaps the richest in content and the best preserved among the 12th century examples of European cartography.A  However, the Chinese, during the same century were further developing their scientific tradition while Europe was still basically dominated by religious cosmography (see #218). As a lightning bolt of illumination splits the sky, a thunderclap of enlightenment follows.
Somewhere around 1999 or the early 2000s I went with a group of co-workers to an early show at the now-defunct, sorely-missed Manhattan nightclub, The Bottom Line.
In an effort to pin down the exact date of the show, I checked the "Timelinea€? on the Bottom Line website that lists the performers for each show. Although he couldna€™t answer my question (a€?There were so many appearances!a€?), he was eager to weigh in with his own recollections and praise.
Later, her father graduated from Rutgers University and began teaching in the New Jersey public school system. At nine years old, Janis heard Odetta for the first time on a Harry Belafonte television show. In junior high, shea€™d go to Greenwich Village, meeting with others from camp, to stand around the fountain in Washington Square Park and sing. Her father subscribed to Broadside Magazine which published songs by people like Bob Dylan and Buffy Sainte-Marie. Her recording career got its rocket-propelled start after she wrote a€?Societya€™s Child (Baby, Ia€™ve Been Thinking)a€? based on her observation of an interracial couple.
The psychological battering from pressure to constantly write, tour and record, and the disintegration of her family took its toll. While we cannot be sure that poem was written exactly during that time, it seems to capture her frame of mind. She played a tough weeklong gig in California, but realized that the weather and atmosphere was what she needed. The album Stars (1974) was followed by her biggest success, Between the Lines (1975) which contained the song a€?At Seventeen,a€? another revealing tract that cut so deep, she was initially afraid to play it to audiences. In 1982, feeling depleted, Janis walked away from a multi-million-dollar record deal with Columbia which had three more albums contracted. In 1986, her new publisher MCA suggested that Janis work with Nashville writers to improve the marketability of her songs. The years of being a workaholic caught up with her and she became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).
As she finally regained the upper ground in her battle with CFS, Patricia Snyder came into her life, bringing her physical and emotional comfort. The initial album coming out of this period, Breaking Silence, would be her first in ten years.
The book describes in detail the relationships Janis has had, over the years, with both men and women. Janis had been approached by the gay-oriented magazine, The Advocate to write a monthly column for them. After her moma€™s death, to honor her, Janis established Pearla€™s Foundation, a scholarship fund to help people in their efforts to seek higher education, Her mother had forged ahead and graduated from Goddard College, in spite of her illness, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Janisa€™s most recent albums, God and the FBI (2000), Billiea€™s Bones (2004) and Folk is the New Black (2006) show that her writing is still razor-sharp.
Those of us who have been fortunate to stand face to face with Janis will never forget the steady gaze behind which sits one of the formidable minds of our generation. I was shocked to discover how little I actually knew about Janis Ian.A  It wasna€™t until I picked up a copy of her autobiography, Societya€™s Child, that I understood the full depth of Janisa€™s connection to folk music.
The FBI would shape her early life.A  Her family was already being scrutinized before she was born. The book describes in detail the relationships Janis has had, over the years, with both men and women.A  What was horrific about most of Janisa€™s earlier relationships was the amount of betrayal her partners displayed. The Sawley map places the Mediterranean Sea at its center, Paradise at the top, and Africa and the British Isles at its edges.
Santarem has well pointed out, and Beazley seems to agree, that the Hereford scheme was a working up of the Sawley authora€™s design. Hister, Asia Minor, Galilea, Sinus Persicus and some other names, wanting on Hereford, but supplied by the Sawley author, are probably from the common original. Mare Caspiuos [Caspian Sea] a shown (top left) as a gulf in the shape of a boot, as an inlet from the northern ocean.
Mount Sinai is shown in Southern Asia near the route taken by the children of Israel through the parted Red Sea. The most detailed area of the map is France with Paris shown as an island in the river, as well as other cities such as Rouen and Magoutia as the Rhone.

Santarem has well pointed out, and Beazley seems to agree, that the Hereford scheme was a working up of the Sawley authora€™s design.A  Like the world map of Lambert and the Hereford, the Sawley map represents a world view, founded on classical antiquity but illuminated by Christian theology. Thus both maps have the same widening of the Mediterranean at its eastern extremity, the same projecting horns to represent the angles of the Levant, the same elongation of the Black and Azov Seas, the same approximation of the last to the Northern Ocean. There is, however, another proof of the same in the eight half-circles that occur (apparently without reason) along the oval margin of Sawleya€™s ocean; from other works we may recognize these as representing the places of the eight intermediate winds. Lured by a bill that included Tom Paxton and Janis Ian, we knew we were in for an evening of top-notch folk music. She took center stage and began playing fingerstyle guitar with an almost impossibly pristine sound. I know that earlier in my life -- through my 20s possibly into my 50s, I viewed her as a pop artist with a social conscience. A precocious toddler, Janis writes that her father used to say, a€?Janis started talking at seven months and never stopped.a€? At two-and-a-half years old, she persuaded her father, also a master music teacher, to give her piano lessons. The FBI would contact each school administration every two years when hea€™d be up for tenure. With her fathera€™s guitar perched on her lap in the back of the family station wagon, she played it for them. Janis made a lead sheet like those in the magazine, added the melody, chords and lyrics, put her name and phone number on the page and submitted a€?Hair of Spun Gold.a€? Two months later, her father got a call from the editors. Janis took guitar lessons with the Reverend Gary Davis, and after the lessons morphed into social occasions, began hanging out with him.
She played regularly after that, which got her noticed and led to a meeting with legendary producer a€?Shadowa€? Morton. Chapters dealing with their separation and divorce and Janisa€™s emotional upheaval are particularly sad. All the Seasons of Your Mind (1967) sold enough to make the national charts, but followup albums, The Secret Life of J.
Harrowing passages describe how a diligent psychotherapist there, Gerry Weiss, pulled her back from near death and personally nursed her back to health.
It was provoked partly by a critic referring to her, still a teenager, as a a€?washed-up has-been.a€? It was also partly inspired when she heard Don McLeana€™s a€?Vincenta€? for the first time. She needed to get off the merry-go-round to explore other areas of life, to regenerate her resources.
She had talent and wrote deep songs but Nashville writers had the craft to make them more commercial. After she declared her homosexuality, he stood by her and issued an authoritative warning to anyone who might give her trouble: a€?Dona€™t mess with hera€¦a€? He would bolster her confidence in her guitar playing, stressing her individuality. Tragically, her mother, Pearl, had become ill with Multiple Sclerosis and would decline over a 20-year span. She refused, saying a€?I dona€™t write prose,a€? but Pat and an editor provided the idea that Janis would poke holes in the stuffiness of its image and that concept sealed the deal. Janisa€™s father owned every copy of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction ever printed.
Janisa€™s stint as a columnist for Performing Songwriter plumbed her depth of knowledge of the music business. An initial auction of Janisa€™s own personal effects, held on the internet, brought in a total of $66,000. I also became aware of the route by which she developed her sense of social justice, and the emotional, physical and financial hurdles she has overcome.
Her father, then a chicken farmer, was inexplicably picked up by FBI agents after attending a meeting about the price of eggs. Her marriage to her husband descended into physical abuse, psychotic behavior and Janisa€™s near-murder at his hands.
Contemporary cities and places appear alongside biblical ones; standing landmarks share terrain with creatures and peoples from ancient legends and popular adventure tales. Below it the three section tent-like structure is named Josepha€™s Barn, which is referring to the Egyptian Pyramids.
The island of Paradise is at the top of the map in the Far East, and the map is flanked by four angels, one of whom points an admonitory finger toward the a€?gens imundaa€™, the walled-up tribes of Gog and Magog who will emerge before the Last Judgment Day. He sounded amused as he recounted the reactions of colleagues when they discovered how well Janis played guitar. My longest-standing memory was (and still is) the way I would get choked up listening to a€?At Seventeen,a€? especially during the ache-filled refrain, a€?a€¦who call to say, come dance with mea€¦a€? Ahh, yesa€¦ Ia€™d had my share of a€?wallflowera€? years and there were more than a few missed dances.
It ended a year later because, at three, she was already getting into arguments with him over interpretations and fingering.
In kindergarten she objected to learning her a€?ABCa€™sa€? because she already knew how to read. Theya€™d see interracial and gay couples while being totally ignored by adults -- a completely opposite atmosphere from conservative New Jersey.
She did one more album, Uncle Wonderful (1983) with an Australian publisher, then walked away from the music business.
She discovered that her a€?accountanta€? (a bookkeeper without a proper CPA) had embezzled her money and falsely represented her income tax payments. She teamed with accomplished songwriter Kye Fleming both creatively and romantically and found some success and some brief happiness.
At the time of the printing of her autobiography, $300,000 had been raised.This preceded, but could have functioned as a road map for eBay. Hunger (1997), completed after a difficult studio experience and filled with glittering gems from start to finish, has become a personal favorite of mine. Janis has finally found happiness in a stable 20-year relationship, a testament to her resilience and intelligence.
The map marvelously and efficiently compresses time and space, legend and fact into a single image. The Mediterranean occupies the center, making a 90-degree turn to the north as it passes the tip of Italy, while the Tanais River flows from the Black Sea into the northern ocean.
To the south (right) of Armenia the Taurus Mountains, the red mountain range vertically stretching up to almost the eastern ocean. An almost contemporary of Lambert of St Omer (#217), Honorius Augustodunensis (1098-1156) composed his Imago Mundi as a digest of knowledge, designed for isolated communities of monks without access to large libraries. These angels stand in place of the traditional a€?windsa€™, which often surround medieval world maps, and perhaps are intended for the four angels of Revelation 7.1, who hold back the winds after the opening of the sixth seal.
Then, Gary insisted that Janis open for him at a Gaslight Cafe gig and the owner reluctantly agreed after Gary threatened to walk out.
Shadow disagreed with her a€?Baby, Ia€™ve Been Thinkinga€? title, so when her first record came out, it became a€?Societya€™s Child,a€? with the prior title in parentheses. Although it brought a halt to her relationship with Peter, they remain friends to this day. The albums Aftertones (1975), Miracle Row (1978), Night Rains (1979), and Restless Eyes (1981) followed. Janis found it liberating to study in areas, such as ballet, where she had no innate ability.

She attended her first Worldcon, the largest gathering of science fiction writers and fans, at the prodding of two of her heroes in the genre, Mike Resnick and Anne McCaffrey. Her article on a€?The ABCs of being the Boss,a€? geared toward musicians, contains a wealth of helpful information for anyone in a supervisory capacity. The agents would hang around, always recognizable in their black suits and ties, even in the heat of August.
The albums Aftertones (1975),A  Miracle Row (1978), Night Rains (1979), and Restless Eyes (1981) followed.
Friendship has been studied in academic fields such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.
The map, however, is apparently the addition of the scribe a€?Henrya€?, and is not derived from Honorius, although the historian Beazley and others suspect that it is based on another and older design of possibly the 11th century. There is no fourth continent, nor indication of the a€?zonesa€™, which Honorius describes in his text. As a frontispiece of this late 12th century or early 13th century manuscript, there appears this world map with more than 200 place names and legends. He appears to have borrowed directly from the Collectanea rerum memorabilium of Solinus and his account of the marvels of India, though elsewhere he taps Solinus at second hand through the medium of Isidore. After her mom had a talk with the principal, Janis was allowed to read while the rest of the class did their drills.
She practiced, listening to all the records in her parentsa€™ collection, plus some borrowed from family members. A huge success in Japan, she became an iconic star and was (and still is) treated like royalty there. She also studied acting under Stella Adler, who became a close friend and mentor until Stellaa€™s death in 1992. An avaricious IRS agent appropriately named Granite seemed to take sadistic pleasure in erecting barriers to Janisa€™s attaining any kind of solvency, despite her complete cooperation. After the relationship ended, although Kye, a Nashville native felt awkward, Janis felt that Nashville had become a€?home,a€? and decided to move there permanently.
They pushed her to involve a number of other authors to contribute to Stars, a compilation book of short stories based on her songs.
Also available is the article Janis wrote for Performing Songwriter, on the free downloading phenomenon, a€?The Internet Debacle.a€? When she reported that downloading actually increased sales, not the opposite, as the record industry had charged, she was called a traitor. She practiced,A  listening to all the records in her parentsa€™ collection, plus some borrowed from family members. Peter became her love, her rock, an oasis inside of the whirlwind.A  On the music trail, she became friends with stars such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, who tried to protect her from drugs, but the proximity led to some experimentation.
Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of friendship. Although the presented world-scheme is apparently intended to illustrate the Imago Mundi copied by the author, the connection between the two is but slender; for (as in the case of the Cottoniana and the text of Priscian it accompanies, #210) the peculiarities of the chart are often not in the manuscript, nor are those of the manuscript usually represented in the map.
The whole appears to be centered on the island of Delos, surrounded by the other islands of the Cyclades. Two unnamed rivers, the Arax and the Kura [Cyrus] flow from the Armenian mountains into the Caspian. His work, part of a prodigious literary output, also became popular among the growing educated nobility of the 12th century and hundreds of manuscript copies survive today.
Exactly the opposite arrangement of color is adopted with the angel that fronts him on the right.A  Much of the mapa€™s nomenclature is classical, largely derived from Orosius, especially in Asia and Africa, but in Europe modern names and in Palestine biblical information supplement the basic picture. A local librarian helped Janis a€?retain her sanitya€? by allowing her to take out more books than the usual allotment and picked out more advanced works for her to read.
At the Village Gate, she played alongside some of her heroes (sitting between Tom Paxton and Len Chandler) and, after each song, she got a standing ovation.
Although she still wrote, and had songs covered by others, she issued no recordings for around 10 years.
After sixteen years, the magazine has just ended its publication, but for eight years, Janis imparted her wisdom to the songwriter community. She started making some of her songs available as free downloads and watched her sales shoot up.
Such characteristic include affection, sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, mutual understanding and compassion, enjoyment of each other’s company, trust, and the ability to be oneself, express one’s feelings, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend.
Also in the Mediterranean at the tip of Italy is a a€?barking doga€™s heada€™ to represent the perils of Scylla, while a spiral indicates Charybdis. Here the mythical tribes of Gog and Magog are walled off but the enclosure has been shifted to the eastern side of the Caspian. On the African side of the Nile the open horseshoe-shaped structure is the temple of tempius Jovis [Amon Jupiter] located south of the mountain of Catabathmon. In school, her fellow students at the High School for Performing Music and Art were respectful.
In this map the name Caspiu Porte has bean given to a pass or a gorge located inland and far from the Caspian Sea. Harvey maintains that it would be best to refer to the map henceforth as a€?the Sawley mapa€™, after the Yorkshire abbey where it was housed not later than the early 13th century. We sat there slack-jawed as Janis unleashed a barrage of guitar histrionics that crossed a line -- to borrow a phrase from Star Trek -- where no folkie has ever gone before.
Once a week, past her bedtime, shea€™d secretly listen to a folk show out of Newark at 10pm, a towel stuffed under the door to avoid being heard. In the first tale, a€?Come Dance With Me,a€? Janis herself makes a thinly veiled appearance.
Jealous of her success, they penalized her for absences resulting from performing, even though she got good grades on tests.
Janisa€™s own story, a€?Second Person Unmasked,a€? not unsurprisingly deals with a shifting sexuality and the issue of powerlessness. While in childhood, friendships are often based on the sharing of toys, and the enjoyment received from performing activities together. Colchis is situated between southeast of the Black Sea and a range of mountains containing the Caspiu Porte, while Albania has been shifted to the north of the Black Sea. Asked in a later interview if she had any regrets, she replied, a€?Not for an eighth of a second.a€? She always knew there was no place for a person like her in the American school system. Conventional wisdom suggests that good friendships enhance an individual’s sense of happiness and overall well-being.
Indeed, a number of studies have found that strong social support improve woman’s prospects for good health and longevity. Conversely, loneliness and a lack of social supports have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

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