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Hilary Faye is the arch-villain of the movie Saved (a well-written, bitter parody of Christianity). Veronica is blatantly hypocritical about waiting till marriage, so much so that her hypocrisy is a running joke in Saved. Agrees to spy on the glee club to help arch-villain Coach Sylvester destroy the club from the inside.
Cheats on her niceguy boyfriend with the bad boy (makes the nice guy wait, has sex with the bad boy). Spreads rumors about Emma Stone’s character being promiscuous (even though Emma Stone is a virgin in the movie). Drags her troubled boyfriend into her lectures about sexual purity like an obedient puppy (even though he’s secretly sleeping with one of the married teachers). For comparison, the average age of members in the WTM.org community is around 22-years-old. So on average, we’re more tolerant and less preachy than the villains on this list, but derivatives of these bad attitudes still linger in some of us (myself included).
Prolonged anger about waiting is a sign that that you feel torn between what you want and what you have.
If you can think of your decision to wait as yours alone, completely unrelated to what other people do, then you will never end up looking like the characters on this list. Quinn changes over the course of the series, but in the first season she is basically every negative stereotype about waiters-till-marriage all rolled into one.

In one scene, she makes out with her boyfriend, feels guilty, and stops in the middle to pray.
As Olive struggles to deal with nasty rumors about her sexual history, Mary Anne Bryant fuels the rumors and socially tortures her. I really don’t understand why virgins are portrayed this way and it is getting ridiculous.
I’m extremely happy and excited to be waiting till marriage because it makes my wedding day so much more valuable and special.
Instead, she channels her (implied) sexual repression into acting hateful and judgmental towards everyone. But she’s also miserable and clearly channeling some kind of repression into rage and cruelty.
Their faces are pinched with contempt, and (if you watch the movies) their voices are sharp and grating — they’re angry about waiting. And as long as you only talk about your own struggles with waiting, you’ll get lots of support and sympathy. In Hollywood Casual sex and promiscuity is celebrated , the concept of waiting isn’t understood and is subsequently scorned.
If you can point me to any specific episodes that feature lots of Lissa villainy, that would help a ton. I love the montage of Russel Brand’s character giving him a crash course on doing the deed, hah.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that being a virgin doesn’t equal freak or a holier than thou type. Secular shows like glee should show all the men and women who are lost in their life and regret losing their virginity to someone who didn’t care for them or respect them. For her, sexual purity is something that makes her better than other people, something she can hold over people’s heads and condemn them with, and something that gives her power.
If it’s not, take time to figure out why it’s making you miserable, before that nameless frustration burns you alive. If you feel deeply angry about waiting for prolonged periods of time, you’re doing it wrong.
Make sure the person you are courting is someone you can see yourself at age 90 and still be happy with.
No one is going to start waiting till marriage unless they truly want to, only help the friends that want to.

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