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Pipecolidepsin A is a head-to-side-chain cyclodepsipeptide isolated from the marine sponge Homophymia lamellosa.
The synthesis of this kind of peptide is hampered by the presence of several exotic non-commercial residues and the construction of the synthetic core centred at the D-allo-AHDMHA building block. Synthesis of Fmoc-DADHOHA(acetonide,Trt)-OHBefore the peptide assembly on solid phase, several of the component residues of target 1 were synthesized.
Synthesis of Fmoc-AHDMHA-OHThe ?-branched carbon skeleton of the unique AHDMHA moiety was set up by reaction of Garner’s aldehyde 12 with 2-lithio-3-methyl-2-butene in moderate yields (36%). Solid-phase synthesis of pipecolidepsin AWith all the building blocks in hand, we undertook the solid-phase synthesis of pipecolidepsin A (Fig.
Expert Textperts: 10 Lessons About History I Learned From Comments on Posts About the CES Letter. I don't really care to weigh in on the CES letter in much detail, except to say that the problems it outlines are perfectly valid for discussion, and are, well, exactly as important as your perspective on Mormonism demands them to be. This compound shows relevant cytotoxic activity in three human tumour cell lines and has unique structural features, with an abundance of non-proteinogenic residues, including several intriguing amino acids. Among these, depsipeptides and cyclodepsipeptides stand out for their broad spectrum of biological activities and structural diversity1, 2, 3. The consecutive assembly of the rare amino acids, usually N-alkyl and ?-branched residues, is translated into poor acylation rates and unexpected side reactions, and the building of the ester linkage is always a synthetic challenge, especially in an exceptionally hindered environment such as that of pipecolidepsin A.Despite the major synthetic challenges, the difficult access to natural sources of this kind of product, their pharmacological significance and the necessity for chemical structure validation have encouraged the development of robust synthetic strategies that overcome the high complexity mentioned previously, supplying large enough amounts of the product to perform more detailed biological studies. Hydrogenation of the tetra-substituted olefin 13 in the presence of catalytic Pd-C proceeded smoothly and with excellent stereoselectivity when performed on this diastereomer. Vis-a-vis sacred history, all religious narratives must be interpreted strictly on empirical, which is to say, historical, grounds. The motives and attitudes of historical actors can and ought to be easily discerned by modern readers.
It is a grave historical fallacy to interpret a historical actor in terms other than those they presented for themselves. Questioning, ignoring, or dismissing The Evidence is an apologist exercise, and also unscientific. Commenting on religious and historical controversies in a manner not intended to affirm or discredit prescribed narratives (see #2) is illegitimate apologetics. The presence of several unique residues and the complex structural features shown by these natural products make their structural elucidation challenging.
Here we describe the first total synthesis of a head-to-side-chain cyclodepsipeptide bearing the D-allo-AHDMHA residue at the branching position.

Attempting to reframe historical questions is a dishonest apologetic exercise and is inherently illegitimate. Thus, if an actor posits something as true, historical analysis must proceed solely in terms of affirming or disproving that claim. Not specific anecdotes, stories or data points, of course, but The Evidence, a univocal corpus of knowledge that points to an unambiguous, self-interpreting conclusion. Here we describe the first total synthesis of a D-allo-AHDMHA-containing peptide, pipecolidepsin A, thus allowing chemical structure validation of the natural product and providing a robust synthetic strategy to access other members of the relevant head-to-side-chain family in a straightforward manner. However, given the interesting therapeutic profiles of these compounds, research in this field has thrived over recent years, and several depsipeptides are now undergoing evaluation in clinical trials. A full solid-phase approach was established, allowing rapid access to analogs, thus providing further insight into the crucial structure-activity relationships required for these molecules to proceed in a medicinal chemistry program. Finally, an intramolecular triflate-mediated cyclization with inversion27, involving the Boc-group and the hydroxyl function, provided a bicyclic structure that allowed selective cleavage of the acetonide group by means of a Jones oxidation. Then, the linear precursor assembly started by side-chain anchoring of Fmoc-D-Asp(OH)-OAllyl employing DIPCDI and DMAP in DMF?DCM for 3?h. Before addition of the compound, the cells were not permeable to PI; upon pipecolidepsin A addition, cells rapidly lost membrane integrity and became permeable to the dye, as evidenced by the strong nuclear staining (red fluorescence). In 2010, one of our groups described three new cyclodepsipeptides, named pipecolidepsin A–C4, isolated from the marine sponge Homophymia lamellosa collected on the coasts of Madagascar. The resulting cyclic carbamate 16, obtained with a 60% yield after two steps, was then hydrolysed by refluxing aqueous HCl to quantitatively give the free amino acid as a hydrochloride, which underwent a final Fmoc protection to furnish the appropriate building block 18 for solid-phase peptide synthesis in 15% overall yield after six steps (Fig. Pipecolidepsins belong to a growing class of peptides that have a unique structural template, namely a head-to-side-chain arrangement via an ester bond, in which the N-terminus has been blocked with a polyketide moiety.
Cis-disubstituted olefins are poor substrates for asymmetric dihydroxylation23, cis-allylic and homo-allylic alcohols being the exception. The Allyl protection of the ?-carboxyl function was chosen for being orthogonal to the Fmoc and tBu groups, thereby allowing macrolactamization on solid phase. A head-to-side-chain peptide is a cyclic peptide in which the macrocyclization happens to occur between the C-terminus and a side chain.
Some improvements have been reported with cyclic cis-disubstituted olefins; however, the enantiomeric excess described for acyclic and non-conjugated olefins are not satisfactory24, 25.
Absolute configuration of all the stereocenters of diastereomer 17 was confirmed by X-ray (Supplementary Fig. Thus, alkene 5 was subjected to dihydroxylation with catalytic OsO4 and a stoichiometric amount of NMO as the oxidant to provide, after purification, the two diastereomeric diols with 38% and 39% yield.

Examples of members of this family include callipeltin A6, papuamides7, 8, neamphamides9, 10, 11, theopapuamides12, 13, mirabamides14, 15 and homophymines16, 17. The diols were protected as pentacyclic acetals in the presence of acetone dimethyl acetal and catalytic PPTS, and then subjected to basic hydrolysis of the methyl ester and hydrogenolysis of the Z group.
Of note, all of them show relevant therapeutic profiles, mostly including potent cytotoxic and anti-HIV activities. The last Fmoc-protection step proceeded with moderate yields (46% and 45% yield for the two diastereomers) as a result of a spontaneous intramolecular lactamization side reaction that occurred in all the conditions tested. The same topology of head-to-side-chain cyclodepsipeptide is also present in other peptides isolated from cyanobacteria and mollusks. Final building block 10 for solid-phase peptide synthesis was obtained in 15% overall yield after eight steps (Fig. However, the uniqueness of the residues present in the peptides isolated from marine sponges and, therefore, the complexity of their total synthesis represent a differential trait.The residue placed at the branching position of the head-to-side-chain cyclodepsipeptides has a key structural role as its ?-hydroxyl group allows the ?-branched arrangement.
To accomplish the total stereochemical determination of the building block, the synthesis of a more rigid structure that would allow its assignation based on nuclear overhauser effect (NOE) cross-peaks analysis was required26.
This amino acid represents the cornerstone for the synthesis of pipecolidepsin A, as it is involved in the ester bond and is surrounded by demanding moieties.
Hence, the bicyclic structure 11 was synthesized by reacting intermediate 9 with EDC and HOBt.
To accomplish the linear precursor of pipecolidepsin A, the last two residues were introduced as one unit (Supplementary Fig. Interpretation of NOE cross-peaks led to univocal assignment of the absolute configuration for C2 and C3 (Supplementary Fig.
The crude peptide was purified by semi-preparative reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to furnish pipecolidepsin A with a purity over 95% and an overall yield of 3.3%. S5) and NMR comparison revealed the spectroscopic equivalence of the two compounds (Supplementary Tables S6 and S7).

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