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Each one has a slightly different purpose that it gives to the design process.Wireframes are basic illustrations of the structure and components of a web page.
This is generally the first step in the design process.Mockups generally focus on the visual design elements of the site. These are often very close or identical to the actual final site design and include all the graphics, typography, and other page elements. While they might not have full functionality, they generally give clients the ability to click around and simulate the way the site will eventually work. Prototypes may or may not also include finalized design elements.Rough sketch of user interface flow on a mobile app.
In its most basic form, your wireframe might be nothing more than a sketch on some graph paper.

More complicated projects will likely have more complicated wireframes, while simple sites might have simpler wireframes.What to Include in a WireframeYour wireframes should include enough information to reflect what needs to appear on each page of your website. If your wireframe is just going to serve as a guiding document for your own reference, then you don’t want to get too involved in the wireframing process.
High-Fidelity WireframesYou have a couple of options when it comes to the style of your wireframes. Some designers opt for low-fidelity (low-fi) wireframes that are basically just lines on a plain background with some labels. Image by Paul Downey.High-fidelity (hi-fi) wireframes go one step further, using certain design elements within the wireframe. He outlines his entire process for creating wireframes, from sketching on paper to creating a grayscale wireframe in Illustrator.
Some designers make rough sketches on paper and then move over to software to create more polished wireframes. Some are specifically made for wireframing, while others are more general-purposed but work particularly well for the task.The tools you decide to use will depend on personal preference and project requirements.
Graph paper works particularly well, as it allows you to create relatively clean wireframes without having to break out a ruler. Image by John Manoogian III.You might want to use a pencil for your initial sketches, so you can erase things without having to start over.
They also have the added advantages of being accessible from anywhere and being cross-platform compatible.
Following are a few examples of browser-based wireframing tools.MockingbirdMockingbird works in Safari, Firefox and Chrome and has a number of unique features. One of the better time-saving features is that it has automatic text resizing: If you change the size of a button or similar element, Mockingbird changes the text size to match.
It also lets you create multi-page wireframes with links.Lovely ChartsLovely Charts can be used for wireframes or a variety of other charts.
It has an intuitive, drag-and-drop drawing interface, which makes it incredibly easy to use.
It includes publishing options for your wireframes that lets you share them publicly with anyone who knows the URL, though editing and managing of wireframes is all handled through an SSL connection for privacy.LumzyLumzy can go beyond just wireframing and into a fully-featured prototyping tool that lets you add events to controls, put controls inside other containers and emulate the finished project with triggers caused by user actions. It also includes live chat, real-time collaboration and an image editor.JumpchartJumpchart works for both wireframing and prototyping, with plenty of tools for showing page hierarchy and relationships between pages. Jumpchart also lets you export your finished prototype to WordPress (with the paid version).Balsamiq MockupsBalsamiq Mockups aims to reproduce the experience of sketching wireframes, and because the end results look more like sketches than formal designs, it maintains the metaphor of sketching out a wireframe on paper. Balsamiq Mockups has plenty of collaboration and sharing tools as well.Google DrawingsGoogle Drawings is just starting to gain some traction as a viable wireframing app. It works similarly to other online drawing apps, with predefined shapes and the ability to add text. What really makes it useful, though, is that there’s a set of templates (from Danish UX designer, Morten Just) specifically for Google Drawings that you can use to create website wireframes. It includes over 200 icons and banners you can use in your wireframes and you can create master pages to use as a framework to avoid repetitious work.
It includes a large library of mockup components ready for you to use, as well as a variety of publishing options (including PDF and PowerPoint export). It has both collaboration and project management features, making it a great choice for teams.

It includes an on-screen text editor (with rich text format support), export to HTML, PNG and other file formats, built-in stencils, and more. There are also standalone builds of Pencil for Linux and Windows.Prototype ComposerPrototype Composer is a web app prototyping program.
It lets you build usable applications that closely mimic the experience your end-users will have, all with a graphical UI that doesn’t require coding knowledge.
The downside is that it’s easy to get sucked into actually designing and coding the site, rather than just creating a quick wireframe. Your wireframe can very quickly become a mockup or full-fledged prototype much earlier than it should.But again, wireframing with HTML does give you a head start on the design and coding process.
Wireframing can let you work through a number of design and layout ideas quickly and at little cost but your time.Wireframe sketched with pen on grid paper. Image by John Manoogian III.Take a look at the design specification documents you have that tell you exactly what elements you need on the site. Release your creative inhibitions at this stage.Wireframes as a Project DeliverablePresenting wireframes to your clients can be a valuable way to make sure everyone is on the same page prior to creating the actual design mockups.
SketchyOne of the biggest considerations when creating deliverable wireframes is how polished they should look.
Polished wireframes can often help a client better visualize what the site’s layout will eventually look like. If you’d like to connect with her, check her out on Twitter.This was published on Nov 1, 2010 Previous PostNext Post95 Commentspaul Nov 01 2010cool guide! Axure is THE premier wireframing tool for mocking up and documenting interactive wireframes.I use it for documenting critical designs, after having tried many of the other tools.
Thanks, very interesting.maybe, you should mention that you can simply build a wireframe using coulored cells in Excel.cheerioScott Nov 26 2010Great conversation! I would really be interested in a conversation about going from low to high fidelity mockups. Low fidelity makes sure that the marketing is in the right place and works really well with helping clients commit – but still I struggle going from low to high fidelity. A Sketch is supposed to be so quick to make you can dispose of it without feeling like losing your work. So it is easy for us getting things turn-around very faster and in sync.AMRoberts Dec 09 2010Thanks for sharing.
Hugely helpful (just wish I saw this a week ago before I submitted my wireframe to my designer!). I often use my.origramy not only for wireframing but also for mind-mapping before making a web-side prototype. I liked the nice interface and how fast it is to load and easy to use !baidu678 Sep 08 2011world wide web.

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