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Executives Tommy Leung (???) and Catherine Tsang (???) are each responsible for eight dramas in the new year.
In Apostle Walker, Raymond will take on the role of an undercover cop with a complex triad background. Maybe TVB came to their senses and realized that she was not too bright so they fired her??? Well, in the lighting show the media still put all attention on her instead of all other artists. Im excited for this pairing too- really wanted to see The Other Truth 2 happen, since the ending for the 1st installment sucked big time T___T loved the chemistry between Ruco and Tavia. Another new drama with PANGYi but ?? 2 has not even been announced after like two years and they even confirmed it.
Subscribe to our free news subscription to receive daily entertainment headlines, sent straight to your e-mail account! Sporting the best look of the evening, Kate Tsui‘s off-shoulder, ? sleeved white dress leaves just right amount of sexily demure and suggestively innocent glow.
Priscilla Wong’s easy-going Pius Cheung dress and long, flowing curls radiate a feminine look. While the blue undertone of Lindy Chung’s Armani dress is lovely, it fails to highlight the curves of her body and makes her appear flat and boring. Though evidently much larger in frame, Christine Kuo is well-aware of her body and drapes a sheer shawl around her arms and areas that show skin. Beloved Come Home, Love stars Lai Lok Yi and Queenie Chu make an elegant appearance in their subdued wardrobe choices. The usually reserved Natalie Tong wore an intriguing, open-back Doris Q dress, which brings attention to her skeletal frame.
Elena Kong opted for a chic pant look and sheer black top that sexily reveals her black bra. Nancy Wu looks like she is going to attend a funeral in this Armani mid-calf dress that does nothing for for her bosom.
Mandy Wong opted for a less formal dress; the loose skirt and her reserved hairdo is prom-like.
The life of being a dad has taken a toll on Moses Chan, who looks as though he rolled out of bed and put on his outfit in between stop lights on the way to the event. Long-legged crab, Koni Lui, instead chose to emphasize on her post-pregnancy chest size in this sheer, laced peach dress.
Is it any surprise that Dodo Cheng is yet again in a cutesy Dorian Ho dress that should probably be worn by someone three times younger than her? While Jade Leung‘s hot pink dress screams teen prom, her matriarchal hairstyle ages her look immensely.

Maggie Shiu‘s look here is confusing with the outdated motherly dress, blazer thrown over her shoulders to keep warm, and alarming pink earrings. I generally dont agree with the style opinion articles for the big events on Jaynestars as I lean a lot more conservative than most, but I would say I agree with pretty much every observation on this piece. I realise the cleavage baring outfits are usually worn by those actresses that are not popular?!
I like Natalie Tong’s dress too, especially the back details and how she wore her makeup. Him Law looks hideous in that pants and his built up body seem too big for his facial shape.
For 2014, the company has decided to stay away from old storylines to come up with new exciting themes. Although the sales presentation clip was only a few seconds in length, it showcased many action scenes involving gunfire and explosions. Myolie will portray a blind runner, in which the touching story is based on a real-life one. Speaking of the idea of sequels, she exclaimed, “Sequels are fine, but there shouldn’t be too many installments.
Sandy Yu and Catherine Tsang tried hard to get her fame by pulling 620 to TVBC but too bad, they can’t. All I ask for is good casting, good acting and please do not stretch a story beyond what it should be. Aside from promoting next year’s drama lineup, many stars dressed to impress potential advertisers, flashing designer looks at the red carpet event. Paired with the skinny tie and a neat comb-over hairstyle, his overall look is traditional and near flawless. The sharp contrast of her red lips and red shoes against her pale skin is eye-catching though. Her choice in jewelry is understated and does not take the limelight away from her body-fitting dress. Designed by Alex Lam, the layers leading down the train of her dress accentuate her tall and slender frame. Despite the deep open slit in the front, this Georges Hobeika outfit appears as flat geometric panels on her thin frame. His respect for the occasion is evident in his messy hair, loose suit, tennis shoes, and half undone tie.
The boxy jacket and tight pants give him a football frame that is disproportionate and unbalanced. My mom used to say she’s very pretty and then she never even have kids and she looks like that now?

Aside from Eliza Sam’s dress, not too fond of the bridal looks the women wore at the Sales Presentation. Myolie’s dress looked super uncomfortable for her as it was threatening to split open for a major wardrobe malfunction if she ever turned around or bent down. It works on him thou a bit too rockie but it still OK on him and the guy in the left tall veteran actor which i dont know his name.
I think Linda and Kate’s dresses are nice too, but they are probably too casual for this event.
It’ll be super sexy if Katy has bigger busts and LXW pairs with a flat or even just a sexy open toes heels.
The crime thriller will feature Michael Miu (???), Raymond Lam (??), and Charmaine Sheh (???) as the main leads. Getting used to a blind woman’s life and working with guide dogs for the first time will serve as a new challenge for her.
I missed those days where I wouldn’t want to miss any seconds on a series from the beginning till end. Sick of seeing the same people starring together over and over again when they haven’t even worked with the other half of TVB yet.
The outer sheer and mint green color of her dress from Moreno Bridal emanates her youthfulness.
Not an expert in dressing, but I felt that the sleeves of Kate dress was quite loose on her. At this point, Raymond is unable to confirm whether he will actually take part, since his schedule may be due for change. There will also be a refreshing feel with the addition of Tony Hung (???) and Fred Cheng (???).” Details for the new modern drama have not been released yet, since it is still in the planning stage.
The only flaw is the length of her dress, as it would look better being a thigh-high dress rather than the awkward mid-calf length.
While princess dress is nice, but they are princess dresses, it’s nothing special about them, they are the typical safe choice, and almost too boring.
Veteran actor, Tony Leung Ka Fai (???), was originally supposed to star in the drama, but unfortunately had to withdraw due to injuries.

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