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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. We’re not entirely sure how the evening plays out if, even after the lady and her dude fool around for a while, the bra doesn’t unhook?
I think it’s cute, I kinda want one XD But how awkward would it be if it unhooked randomly when you weren’t expecting it when someone you like walked past? Riiiight, cause a woman’s heart rate wouldn’t go up if a strange man was pursuing her and trying to have sex without her consent?? I also think the bras are kinda cute in a Japanese gimmick sort of way, and hairy stockings!
It sounds like something out of a Disney film, but looks like it belongs in a porno sci-fi.

Sexism disguised as helping women, and pseudoscience all rolled up into one little neat package. A woman should be able to take her bra off whether or not she is in love, it’s up to her. This bra not only doesn’t actually do anything to protect a woman, but represents really outdated views about love and sex.
What if the woman doesn’t want to unleash her breasts on the man who makes her heart rise?
Perhaps she would like to use her brain to decide whether she wants to take her bra off, instead of relying on a Bluetooth app to do it for her. The poor woman might find her heart racing with nerves during a job interview to find her bra unclasp itself and her breasts fall out of her top.

Does she have to watch Ryan Gosling clips on repeat to get that heart rate up each evening, or will the bra drop off in pity after 24 hours without a high score on the TLR?
What if, and bare with me here, she wants to get her boobs out and have sex with somebody she doesn’t love? A shocking concept for the bra’s designers perhaps, but one that women worldwide will be familiar with.

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