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How should you start creating relational triads?A  Find ways to connect people that will provide a benefit for everyone. Before I close, I would like to thank my triad mate David Brown for reviewing this post and giving me lots of great suggestions to improve it! 21 Day Leadership ChallengeYou can become a better leader in 21 Days, if you’re up for the challenge. Get The New York Times #1 Best SellerMost leaders agree that culture is the critical factor in performance, but cana€™t define it, measure it, or change it. Sign up for Sync More, Suck LessSign up for our weekly e-mail of new Mega MashUp calls with amazingly cool people, new free tools that you can use immediately, plus offers to have more fun than is legal in some countries.
New Studies Confirm the Surprising Relationship Between Sugar, Insulin Resistance, and Heart Disease. Accounting for 17% of all deaths (according to the WHO) and killing over 616,000 people in the United States alone in 2008. In 2010, coronary heart disease alone was projected to cost the United States $108.9 billion. As you can tell, heart disease not only kills but it weighs heavily on the health care system of a country.
If fat was the problem then why were (are) people still having more heart attacks, getting fatter, and even developing Type 2 Diabetes? Don’t be fooled by low-fat products because if fat has been reduced or removed, then manufacturers know that something else has to take its place.
After reading this article, I guarantee you’ll never look at sugar the same way again. This really comes as no surprise (after you understand how all this works) but a March 2012 study in the journal Circulation with 42,883 men found a significant and positive association between drinking sugar-sweetened beverages and the risk of coronary heart disease. In fact, the researchers revealed that for a one serving per day increase in sugar-sweetened beverage intake, the risk of CHD increased by 19%. If you thought that drinking a pre-packaged fruit juice or soda pop was only doing damage to your waistline, then think again.
As we’ll look at below, fructose (which makes up roughly 50% of the sugar molecule sucrose as well as high-fructose corn syrup) is perhaps the main culprit here. Well, among other reasons, the liver has a very tough time metabolizing fructose (as opposed to glucose). The combination of increased fat production and the creation of uric acid are just 2 ways that sugar puts you at greater risk of heart disease.
Considering that in 2004 sugar-sweetened beverages made up approximately 7% of the total daily energy intake of Americans, it’s no wonder heart disease is still killing more Americans than any other disease! A 2011 study assessed the effect of low glycemic index fruit intake in type 2 diabetes and whether or not it increased the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Temperate climate fruit, which are generally low GI, were the focus and included apples, pears, citrus fruit (oranges, tangerines and grapefruit), berries (strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries and blueberries) and the Prunus family (nectarines, peaches and plums). Not surprisingly, the low GI fruit consumption was associated with lower blood pressure and CVD risk and supports a role for low GI fruit consumption in the management of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Plus, fruit is loaded with antioxidants, which are very important for fighting off free-radicals and preventing oxidative damage in your arteries. To further understand how sugar eventually leads to a greater risk of heart disease, we need to start at the beginning.
Because it knows that high levels of sugar in the blood is dangerous, the pancreas produces and then secretes a hormone called insulin.
Insulin is a like VIP tour guide that takes excess blood sugar and brings to your muscle, fat, and liver cells. They’ve simply been exposed to too much of it over the years and thus no longer respond to this important storage hormone. Sugar comes into your bloodstream but cannot be stored in your muscle, liver, or fat cells, which means elevated blood sugar. If, your blood sugar remains for a prolonged period over time, disastrous consequences can arise like retinopathies, neuropathies, and ulcers. For the sake of this article, let’s now assume that you have become insulin resistant (that you have Diabetes) like the 26 million other sufferers in the US alone.
Insulin resistance is manifested by hyperinsulinemia (too much insulin), increased glucose production in the liver, and decrease glucose disposal. Converted back into triglycerides for storage OR incoporated into dangerous VLDL particles.
Not only does insulin resistance increase your blood triglycerides via increased VLDL formation but it also activates all of the lipogenic (fat-forming) genes in your liver.
This essentially means that more processes occur to convert sugar into fat, rather than energy. Similarly, HYPERGLYCEMIA (too much sugar) causes enzyme processes in the liver to favour the conversion of excess glucose to fatty acids. As a result, more fatty acids are converted into triglycerides (yet again) rather than being burned as fuel in the cells’ mitochondria. Who would have known that sugar – a molecule related to diabetes and weight gain – could be such a big problem for your heart as well?
But after reading this article, I’m sure you can see why sugar (yet again) should have a very very small place in your diet. If you want to avoid heart disease and diabetes (insulin resistance), then start by limiting your sugar intake. This is a very informative article explaining the processes of how sugar is transformed into Triglycerides. When I was in about 30 the doctor told me to watch my intake of sweets – sugar because there is a history of old age diabeties in our family. It would seem that the first comment from John is also something that isn’t very clear. I wouldn’t overdo the dried fruit but they should be ok since they have the fiber in tact.
So basically make fruit your only source of sugar, seems very simple so far, but what about dates are they okay? Very interesting article Yuri, as all your posts, thankyou for clarifying the points with diagrams. Thanks again Yuri for a great article, sugar is the new silent ingredient that’s causing heart problems.
I am feeling much better and losing weight and adjusted my diet to a paleo type eating almost no carbs. I’ve read all kinds of articles, tried to follow a low glycemic diet, tried to just stop eating sugar, but I can never stick to it.
Is there anything I can eat, or take, that will lessen the effects of sugar withdrawal until I can get off of it for good? Hey Ruby, I would suggest doing our Total Wellness Cleanse as one of its main goals is to help you overcome sugar cravings. Yuri when finish the sna course did you receive a diploma a certificate or a other regocnition. I have a condition (believe it to be candida) that I discovered about 7-8 yrs ago when I stopped smoking. But because of y infection I dove into massive research, which I have done quite a lot of for over 20 yrs.
Whatever your industry there’s usually a need to be creative – whether positioning yourself to attract new business, identifying a new client solution or solving a management problem. Bottom line – when creativity seems out of reach, go back to the basics, try something different, and then be patient. Internships are an important opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn skills not taught in the classroom. Adaptation is critical for survival, and we’re always paying attention to the pulse of the industry. The connection between print and online behavior has even spurred former catalog giant J.C.
As the parent of a high school junior, my home mailbox (the physical one, next to the house) has been filling up with college catalogs and mailings. Not so long ago, the digital photo frame was the next best thing – easily updated, always changing, filled with hundreds of images. There’s been a lot of noise lately about Apple running 12 pages of print ads for their newest tech item.

Today, as we embrace online advertising and social marketing, we cling just as tightly to the traditions of print. Think Beyond the Logo – A rebrand can elevate a brand, introduce it to a new audience, and most importantly, define what sets the brand apart and why customers should choose you. Know Who You Are – You may think you know who you are, but really, it’s your customers who know best. All Brains on Deck – Everyone who works on your brand day in and day out – all of your marketing, advertising, branding, and public relations partners – should be involved from the start.
Don’t Rush to Publish – Your Brand Book, including your brand story, brand values, brand standards, colors, fonts, and examples of your brand voice, looks, and positioning statements, needs to be complete before you print, tweet, embroider, or announce anything to anyone, even your employees. Get Graphic – Use an experienced, professional graphic design team to ensure a logo that will translate across media and appeal visually to your target audience. Be Different to Be Better – It’s of course important to conduct a SWOT analysis of your company and to also know your competition inside and out.
At Triad Advertising (now a division of the Triad Companies) we’ve always bucked the system, seeing ourselves as partners rather than contractors and billing only for creative and deliverables rather than nickeling and diming over phone calls and meetings. With insourcing we have closer control over the process and it’s easier to manage personalities and work habits for a more productive environment. This insourcing approach goes back more than two decades to our roots as a recruitment agency when Triad was born in response to clients’ needs for quality ads. Our decisions are all fueled by client benefit and our goal of long-term customer satisfaction. This same awareness of quality control and an unsatisfied need led to the creation of Red Ball Promotions. We started our in-house digital agency, 5HD for the same reason – to better serve our clients.
So in a time when others are cutting back and limiting themselves to a specialty niche, we’re moving forward and promoting our team’s talents and expertise. Evaluating the relationship between children's depressogenic thinking, children's depressive symptoms, parents' depressogenic thinking, and perceived parental messages about the self, world, and future was the primary objective of this investigation.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. A For a real-life example, imagine creating a triad with a customer between an organizational coach, a team coach and the project sponsor to support an organizational transformation.A  This can be a useful way to discuss strategy and issues faced during the transformation project. As a result, the few organizations that get culture right seem magical, and people who try to replicate their success usually end up frustrated and cynical.
This is just one of many studies showing sugar’s detrimental effects on the heart and cardiovascular system. And to give you an idea of how dramatically fructose impacts this process have a look at this graph comparing glucose and fructose on de novo lipogenesis (DNL). Fruit aren’t problematic because of the large amount of fiber that they contain, which naturally slows down the amount of fructose that reaches the liver at any given time. Essentially, too much sugar EATS AWAY at the blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues in your body. The trouble with this is that increased fatty synthesis increases production of malonyl-CoA, which then inhibits CPT-1, the protein responsible for fatty acid transport into the mitochondria. Heart disease and stroke statistics—2012 update: a report from the American Heart Association.
Forecasting the future of cardiovascular disease in the United States: a policy statement from the American Heart Association.
The relation of low glycaemic index fruit consumption to glycaemic control and risk factors for coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes.
I was always under the impression sugar too much sugar would make your body a feeding ground for Diabetes, and give you unhealthy weight gain. I would consider a sweetener and right up there with sugar – ok, maybe one notch down.
It is my understanding that the artificial sweeteners & zero calorie sweeteners including Splenda also cause a spike in insulin.
However my sugar readings are elevated 10-12 and Im wondering what explaination there is for these reading given i am ingesting very little carb. Most honeys are in the low to moderate GI range so they won’t spike insulin as high as table sugar. The sweetener issue is a tough one but i’ll take a natural form any day, even if it has a slightly higher GI.
I know I am a sugar addict and I don’t seem to have much control when it comes to eating things containing sugar. When I stop eating sugar, I get terrific headaches, I get cranky, I feel extremely tired, I can’t think right, etc, etc.
You can also join Super Nutrition Academy and make some immediate headway by learning the truth about sugar, what it does in your body, and start conditioning your body to no longer need it.
Though I don’t have any sugar or heart relative problem at age 73, I will guide my friends about this. Whenever I eat anything starchy, high GI or carbs (many times the same) I get a a sore throat, just like strep throat. CLICKBANK is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S.
It can be as simple as sitting on the other side of your desk or out on the sofa in reception.
Exploring possibilities within your field of interest is much easier and more affordable when you are in school.
Whether during the school year or in the summer, flexible hours will allow you to continue your education or even work another job.
Our digital advertising agency’s rapid growth is proof that online and mobile are an essential piece of any modern marketing strategy. Many of our senior living clients are testing the waters through online advertising and retargeting, but print and direct mail remain an important part of the mix. Their announcement of the Apple Watch came months ago, and videos are easily found on the internet.
Over the years, we’ve helped many clients define their brand, review branding efforts for consistency, and completely rebrand, start to finish. It’s critical to think beyond the logo to every touch point—every single customer interaction, marketing piece, and employee action.
Even if only one partner is working on the rebrand, everyone needs to know about it, to avoid that fateful day when someone gets the “We have a new logo!” phone call. Color choices should accurately represent your brand, and a graphic designer expert in color theory can help. It’s the heart of who you are and you need to be prepared for strong opinions from both inside and outside of your company. However, it’s common to fall into the trap of “wanting to be like them.” Following the pack won’t distinguish you from brands in the same industry, and you’ll be back to square one. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that as agencies are becoming more specialized and relying increasingly on freelancers and subcontractors, we’re bringing (and keeping) it all in-house. All divisions follow our philosophy, with a shared work ethic and approach to customer service. In the beginning we worked with freelancers, but the goal has always been to have talent in-house. For example, we saw early on the advantages of investing in a large scale color printer to reduce costs and turnaround for some of our print jobs. Imprinted items created by other vendors weren’t meeting the standards our clients deserved and demanded.
Establishing Red Ball involved stepping out of our comfort zone, learning the industry, and building business. We were partnering with outside developers and service providers but felt we could provide better results and service in-house.
But we’re always looking for new white space to fill, and we’re already looking ahead to a branding division. Children (n =133) from grades 4 to 7 completed measures of depression and anxiety, including a semistructured clinical interview, a measure of their cognitive triad, and a measure of perceived parental messages about the self, world, and future. Tribal Leadership shows two simple stepsa€”diagnosis and then the best treatment that leaders take to build cultures that can do things most people think is impossible: out-innovating, outperforming, creating an immunity to scandals, and having mountains of fun in the process. But either way, fruit is a natural whole food and if anything should be eaten in greater amounts to prevent heart disease.

Therefore, the liver can more easily process the fructose from fruit, meaning less of it is converted to fat.
Generally, refined grains (white bread, pasta, pastries, etc…), sweeteners, and sweets are the major culprits here. Sweetened Beverage Consumption, Incident Coronary Heart Disease and Biomarkers of Risk in Men.
I have heard that sugar is as addictive, if not more so than heroine, but I will take their word for it.
But this information really applies to any sweetener other than the artificial ones which are a completely different monster. I also changed my diet about 5 years ago to eat lots of fruit and vegies and do not use can foods if I can help it. Be careful those of who think artificial sweeteners are your answer, get educated it’s worth it. If you usually work in silence, background music can engage part of your brain allowing the rest of it free reign. Our efforts are aimed at adult children and their parents, and while even the older generation is becoming more tech savvy, there is still a real value in print pieces.
After nearly five years, the retailer is bringing back a print catalog specifically to generate online sales. Our recycling bin has certainly received its fair share, but many of these printed items have real staying power. But this massive print spread grabbed headlines and focused attention right before announcement of the actual availability. Even as I type this on a computer and review it on a tablet and submit it to the web, nothing can replace the bulletin board of treasured memories or the smell of an old book or the satisfying feel of a crisply turned page.
Through it all, we’ve learned a few key lessons that can help when you start thinking about rebranding. From signage to apparel, to elevator speeches, business cards, websites, and even email signatures, your brand needs to reflect who your company is and how you want the world to see you. Add that knowledge to your goals of where you want your company to go, and you’ve got the start of your rebrand. Once complete, everything from company letterhead to your website will be updated, and employees will need education around brand standards and messaging too. A beautiful logo that is expensive to print or embroider or that looks busy online will be too costly to maintain and detract from your message. All of your rebranding choices should reflect why your business should be chosen over everyone else.
Frankly, it’s easier to control turnaround, budget and quality when you’re working directly with your own staff. While we still use outside printers for specific projects, by having our own high quality machine in our office we can cut out the markup, increase responsiveness and, again, have better control over quality.
By creating our own promotional products division backed by a full creative department, we were able to establish relationships with preferred vendors, craft campaigns from concept to fulfillment, and deliver high quality branded items.
At one point we were even told that advertising agencies had no business being in the promotional products arena. This time, our employees took the initiative over several years to master the industry and suggested we create a new company with additional talent to satisfy the growing demand for quality digital marketing strategies. We use Trevia now, if things need to hve some sweetness, and for steel cut oatmeal, I used fruit (sometime dried fruit) and it seems to work well with the unflavored almond milk.
If you don’t mind me asking, what food are good sources of glucose and fructose so that I can avoid the latter. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product. Mention anything specific or relevant from the firm’s website, body of work, employees that you know, or any other positive connection. This is a rare opportunity to explore your interests, learn real world skills and discover what truly interests you.
Print has permanence, and if posted on a refrigerator or bulletin board remains closer to top of mind. While the 120 page version is a far cry from the 1000+ page Big Book sent to homes for more than 40 years, it underscores the reality of shopping behavior.
Whether it’s the message, the copy or the strong imagery, they connect us to the institution in a different way. Twelve pages in Vogue position their tech gear as high fashion, as wearable art, as something exclusive and aspirational. Doing your homework, asking the tough questions, and focusing on clearly defined goals will guide your path to success. Choose a partner willing to play nicely in the sandbox with your own creative team, too, if you have designers on staff.
Bottom line, however, is that it’s easier for clients to work with one group and customer satisfaction drives everything we do. And we adopted this approach with all aspects of our company, from account services to accounting to HR, to give us more control and oversight. Plus, we can produce high quality color mockups, proofs and presentations, which in turn improves our customer service. With Red Ball Promotions, our clients get more than just an order taker, they get the support of an entire creative team for full-service campaigns.
Again our creative and strategic expertise supports the expansion into an adjacent marketing space. Or try noise canceling headphones with no music at all and see what’s hiding in the silence. Your internship can yield important connections that help you get a job and move your career forward. Even as we move more deeply into a digital world, we must not assume that everyone has an email address or surfs the web.
My high school student’s email account is probably filling up with digital mail, but it’s the physical pieces that stand as a reminder of the decisions to be made in the year ahead.
And has given media outlets something to talk about to keep the story top of mind and their product a must-have.
Your employees should absolutely feel a deep connection with your brand, and all should take ownership of it. And today, our long list of satisfied clients agree that dealing with one point of contact for consistent high quality work is a major benefit of working with us. Analyses of covariance indicated that the obtained mediational relationship between children's views of self, world, and future, perceived parental messages, and children's depressive symptoms was specific to depressive versus anxious symptomatology. Or, more dangerous still, conclude that if one isn’t active on the internet, one isn’t part of the intended target audience.
In an era where everything is temporary and disposable, print still has a place, an important role in the advertising mix. If your branding efforts are successful, this constructive conversation will contribute to positive brand awareness.
I am from Germany and I have several books what teas and foods are good for your imune system and your body to stay alert and to live a long long live without meds. For every time you would get sick there are teas and remedies from nature that can cure you instedt of pills. Young children's self-conceptions: Origins in the natural discourse of depressed and normal mothers and their children. Treatment of depression during childhood and adolescents: Cognitive-behavioral procedures for the individual and family. Common and differentiating features of anxiety and depression: Current findings and future directions. The effects of current mood and prior depressive history on self-schematic processing in children.Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 43, 149–158.

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