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Menopause treatment options serve to bring relief from most of the menopause symptoms experienced by both males and females.
It might be news to some that both menopause and andropause (menopause in men) is caused by a hormone imbalance in the body. Exercising your pelvic muscles by means of Kegel exercises should alleviate menopause urinary incontinence. As part of your menopause weight gain treatment, eat healthy foods like veggies, fruits and whole grain.
Discomfort during intercourse which is caused by menopause vaginal dryness can be overcome by an over-the-counter lubricant like Astroglide or a moisturizer like Replens or Vagisil. Scientific studies failed to prove that vitamin E is beneficial in bringing relief from hot flushes. Although widely used for treating menopause hot flushes, the herb black cohosh, which is a phytoestrogen, is not believed to be very effective in bringing relief from menopause symptoms.
Yoga’s different postures, breathing techniques and meditation are also believed to bring some relief from hot flushes during menopause naturally.
Menopause dietary supplements some people swear by are wild yam, chasteberry,dong quai, evening primrose oil and licorice. Before embarking on a course of herbal remedies for menopause and dietary supplements to combat menopause, consult your doctor. Non-surgical breast enhancement can help any woman achieve the breast size she wants: big, small or medium. With the reduction of estrogen, a sex hormone in females, the body may not provide sufficient lubrication to a woman’s extremities.

Morning sickness relief tips are exactly what you need for instant relief from nausea which is threatening to spoil your day.
Early menopause causes are either natural or due to medical conditions such as Turner syndrome, hysterectomy, Cushing's Disease, etc. How to cure morning sickness becomes vital when nausea and vomiting, the common symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy are causing you to spill your guts (literally), making you (almost) regret ever wanted a baby.
Sign up for the MenopauseRx Menopause and Perimenopause Survival Kit to receive free educational materials and coupons for products to relieve menopause symptoms including a full sized sample of a Remifemin® black cohosh supplement.
While treatment cannot reverse or “cure” the menopause process, it fortunately does make the symptoms associated with the condition which is natural to the aging process, bearable, AND the symptoms are temporary.
Women’s estrogen levels and men’s testosterone levels drop to levels where the hormones cannot fulfill their main function in the body, and needs to be replenished. A healthy eat plan will take care of unnecessarily gaining weight during menopause; something every women experience when menopausal. Smoking increases risks which are generally associated with osteoporosis, stroke and heart diseases.
Menopause natural treatment, considered by many to be effective, includes foods like soybeans and chickpeas. Daily intake of between 400 and 800 IU (international units) of vitamin E is suggested; these quantities might prove unsafe though.
These can interfere or interact with any other medication you’re taking which is a health risk. As with any other medical condition, you need to consult with your physician who needs to conduct a test for menopause to determine your hormonal levels, especially if you suspect it’s either premature or early menopause you might be suffering from.

In women the age of menopause, and whether surgery or cancer treatments took place, are factors which must be taken into account before deciding on the most appropriate menopause treatment course of action. Post menopause means you have gone through the process of menopause, and most of the symptoms disappear. Your doctor is most familiar with your health in general, and most definitely also knows your family history which could have a bearing on the choice of menopause treatment options to pursue.
Hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, forgetfulness are just some menopause signs and symptoms.
When premature and surgical menopause are the causes of early menopause, HRT is used until the age of natural menopause, which could be for much longer than five years, depending on the age of the woman subjected to these situations. Exercise and cutting down on caffeine during the day should aid in getting sufficient sleep, thus curbing menopause insomnia, another of the most common signs and symptoms of menopause. Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) remains the most effective option for relief from menopause hot flushes, one of the most common symptoms of menopause in women.
Some studies however have found these estrogens to be ineffective in combating hot flushes.

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