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When you think of America, you may think of commercialism, big budget attractions and a funny guy called Dubya who made it as President. Sometimes seeing someone else totally mess up the simple act of being a human is enough to make your day. To take the most positive angle on a very unhappy circumstance, at least most of the time there are warning signs that, if you can pick up on, will help to prepare you for a relationship's end.

Even after limiting our geography to the United States, it wasn’t easy to restrict ourselves to just 10 landmarks. Sometimes coming to terms with your partner's change of heart is just as simple as paying attention, because surely she'll have already given you an array of clues if she's unsatisfied.
Any given state has 10 landmarks worth seeing, and any given major city easily has that too.

Hopefully, they form an around-the-nation perspective as diverse as America itself: natural, man-made, modern, classic, peaceful, tumultuous, and above all, not seen anywhere else.

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