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Mobile websites are specifically designed for handheld devices since nobody enjoys browsing a desktop website on their Smartphone! Quickly and easily build and deploy large and small mobile web marketing campaigns, mobile landing pages and mobile sites that work with all devices! Wapple delivers a unique Mobile Web Platform that empowers brands, web agencies, marketing experts and developers to deliver optimised mobile web content. A responsive, client-side-transformation framework, Mobify.js provides full control and flexibility at one. Customize your website for cell phones with one of our many free mobile site templates or use our advanced design studio. If you’re interested in creating an online community based around your mobile site, check out Winksite, a web app for building a mobile community for your website.
It is an awesome open source tool that acts as a bridge between individual mobile OS SDKs and the common development practices.
It allows creating mobile apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript; and has the ability of packaging your work for specific mobile OS. With mobicanvas you can build a mobile website quickly and easily using our drag and drop enabled mobile site builder. Get started in under 3 minutes with over 20 unique templates or write your own layouts using Onswipe Draft.
AboutArtAtm, as a design blog, has a great passion for delivering stylish and creative designs for designers and web-developers on all subjects of designs, ranging from; HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, web design, graphics, typography, advertising & much more. From a conservative and reliable source, Deloitte Canada, a respected business consulting firm, come this week several predictions for technology in 2010. Many teachers have asked me for help in posting course materials online for their students.
In a recent article and podcast, we reviewed the current interest in using mobile devices for learning -- items like iPods that students carry in their pockets, and use to read books, connect to the Internet, listen to podcasts, and learn their lessons.
We know that our students, particularly teens and preteens, don’t always see things our way, but we do hope that when we tell them something, they understand what we are saying.
Research on mobile website usability shows that mobile-optimized websites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction, which makes a positive impression when it counts.
Free package from Moonfruit includes only 1 website with max 15 pages on a second level domain, 20MB of storage and 1GB bandwidth, no customer support and some Moonfruit ads. We also offer a variety of must have features to help you get the most out of your mobile website and provide a high quality browsing experience to your visitors. Onbile offers an always free plan, however, you will have to deal with advertisements and limited bandwidth on your page. If so, then you would find this tool really handy for creating apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry.
It even generates your very own QR code, a two-dimensional code readable by mobile devices with QR scanners and used to automatically pull up text, photos, videos, music and URLs.
This tool can support multiple mobile OS, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Web OS and Symbian.
The best part is that this tool has direct integration with Dreamweaver, and this thing makes mobile app development even handier and quicker. It doesn’t offer the same level of customization as MoFuse, but it’s much quicker to use and the results look great, every time. With one click you can publish your new site so that it can be accessed by anyone instantly. Draft is a web based layout creation & editing platform for HTML5 publishing that allows developers and designers to write pixel perfect layouts with just CSS. I've picked out those that seem most relevant to the work of teachers, and provided a bit of analysis, and recommendations for schools.

Sounds like an over-the-counter cold remedy, or one of the newly-minted neurological disorders. As I assist them, I have found that by far the most popular platform for doing this is Blackboard, a learning management system licensed by the school and made available to faculty and students.
Many teachers have asked how to get started in this direction, how to channel these entertainment devices to academic purposes.
Sadly, there are no figures showing how many of these devices are ageing bricks without internet capabilities, but you can bet that, within a few years, the majority of mobile phone users will be able to browse the internet, wherever they are.Every day, however, thousands of people are releasing mobile versions of their websites and seeing greatly increased levels of traffic as a result.
The following websites will show you the most interesting tools to create mobile website absolutely for free. Pleasant feature that alongside with web version of your website Moonfruit software automatically creates a mobile optimized version and can push your entire shop into Facebook with just a few clicks. They also boast a great service that lets you distribute the app you created in various app stores. Although using this tool needs some knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript; but still this tool is a great method of wire framing a mobile site easily and quickly.
What’s more, your site will be optimized to work on over 2,000 handsets and the service is completely free. But it's apparently a new type of skill, one that has a lot to do with the way we use technology in school. It's used both for posting materials for students in face-to-face courses, as well for organizing online courses.
This week's article provides a quick hands-on introduction to this task, as well as a reflection of what's possible.
Unless you optimize your website for mobile phone users soon, you could be left behind by the competition.
One feature that makes Onbile stand out is the many templates you can choose from, and many color options.
It has many amazing features that you will find helpful while creating app, including e-commerce options and a method of embedding web pages inside your app.
You can print your QR code on your business card, print ads and other branding materials, and when mobile users want to visit your mobile site, they just need to use their mobile device cameras to scan the QR code.
It provides users with basic analytics in reports, as well as the ability to earn money through mobile advertising. This week's article looks at why it's so important that we examine what we are using the technology for, rather than at how much of it we have. Working adults use their laptops to learn at a distance, enjoying full human interaction with the rest of the class.
Creating a mobile-friendly version of your site sounds like a daunting task, but it couldn’t be easier to do. You do not require any advance programming knowledge for creating apps while using this tool, but still having some knowledge of HTML and CSS would prove to be useful.
This week's article shows you how to: Structure your Blackboard course site for ease of use by studentsIncorporate video and interactive work into Blackboard courses. Young students go home with a bookshelf of new stories and texts on their iPod or Kindle.College students review illustrated podcasts from their professors as they commute to campus.
Students in the chemistry lab analyze reactions frame by frame through video shot with a Flip camera. If I were publishing a new book, I'd format it to be read on laptops and iPods rather than on the Kindle or the Sony eReader. With the exception of a small percentage of wonderfully independent young people, what’s more compelling is the peer group.
As students begin to mature, they start the process of separating themselves from the adults in their lives in order to rely more on the opinions of those their age.

Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. As well as video of Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet, music of Wagner's The Flying Dutchman, and dozens of podcast lessons in learning Chinese. Office automation and organizational restructuring have led secretaries to assume a wide range of new responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff. If online learning is new to you, read first the articles in this series, The Online Experience, Getting Ready for Online Learning, and Building an Online Course.
Oh yes, and tagging along is an animated school bus for beginning readers, along with an interactive number line for learning fractions.
Laptops, netbooks, iPods, tablets, maybe even the two-way wrist computer -- all of these can be useful in school if we make sure that our curriculum plays on all of them, and our systems follow the open standards that embrace the new devices. The list includes laptop computers, iPods, Kindles, SONY Readers, small digital cameras, data probes, and some smart cell phones. You can change this, easily, and turn the Blackboard course page into something resembling a logical array of the work in your course. The world is full of mobile digital devices, that's for sure; but few of them are used for learning. To paste text, tap and hold until you see the Paste button.)Gather an image for each fact, by tapping and holding the image until you see the Save Image button. The librarian said the boys seemed confused about why girls send out photos like this and what to do with the photos.
Here's an excerpt: A New Set of Skills The citizens of the 21st century need a new set of skills that are in much higher demand than before. Communicating effectively, often using technology.Working ethically, firmly based in both your own society and the planet as a whole. Scan the marketplace for new technologies that have educational value for your classroom, and ask that they be considered for use in the school. Technology was invented to serve the educational mission of the school, not vice-versa • Cloud computing will grow faster than almost all other tech sectors, but it is not taking over the world because of concerns over reliability and security.
As we watch schools and students take advantage of iPods and their pocket-sized cousins, we see them acting as a library, a teacher, an organizer, and a communicator.
They can store and display academic information in many formats: text, images, video, voice, music, graphics, maps. New server software makes this easy to do: automatic backups over the wireless network (Time Machine), cooperative calendaring (iCal server), shared documents.
Just make sure to preserve the independent use and power of your own devices, outside the network -- avoid what the technicians call virtual desktops or thin-client netbooks.
They can be turned into a graphing calculator, a geographic information display, or a response clicker. Our best strategy as educators is to be prepared to adopt and adapt those that can help us accomplish our mission. In fact, the best of today's mobile devices can do anything that a personal computer can do except for advanced video and image editing or complex database programming. Even more important (and sorely lacking in most schools), you need a robust, standards-based online curriculum that can be displayed on the mobile devices and takes full advantage of their possibilities. If it's still over 25 megabytes, ask your system administrator to put it on your school's web server for you, and give you a URL,which you can use as a link as described above. Add an illustration, a title, and whatever else you want your students to see every time that connect.

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