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Sex can never be reduced to lust for Scorpio and Plutonian types; making love is part healing, part baptism, part vow, part death, part revival.
It’s no secret that Scorpio is the most passionate and sexual sign of the zodiac, needing to use sex as a way of exploring life, people, and feelings.
Scorpionic people, however, have likely experienced incredible revelations or spiritual awakenings while in the throes of orgasm.
Sex is spiritual transcendence and thus Scorpio often performs sex as if it’s some sacrosanct ritual where the body is the sacrifice and the bed is the altar.
Scorpio energy is an aggressive energy and those born under the Scorpio sun or with Mars or Sun in the 8th house might have an attraction to very aggressive sexual play, almost to the point of pain. The mythic Scorpio treasure chest of leather whips and handcuffs may really exist somewhere in a Scorpio closet. It’s not unusual for a Scorpio or 8th house person to spend years exploring a voracious sex drive only to completely do an about face and take a vow of celibacy or abstinence. In such situations, Scorpio prefers avoiding making love altogether rather than face the hollowness and disappointment of finding out that their Holy Grail of ethereal sex is as unattainable as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
During these sexual droughts, Scorpio might direct their sexual energy into a flurry of creativity or religious devotion. The Scorpio sex drive is so intense because sexuality is a panacea for Scorpio, able to cure depression, reverse lethargy, restore optimism — anytime Scorpio is depleted in any way, sex can replenish. There’s a section in the book where he encourages people who want to be successful to have sex and use that as creative energy. Related PostsScorpio Sexuality Explained: What is this Scorpio sexuality Astrologers Rave about?Saturn in Scorpio is Coming! She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. While anyone can experiment in romance with Scorpio, there are certain people who draw Scorpios into their lives repeatedly.  Either they purposely seek out Scorpios or find that Scorpios are always pursuing them. Most of what one attracts astrologically comes through the Venus.  There are three Venus scenarios that spark a desire for Scorpio. A person with a Venus located in the 8th house of the Zodiac might find, if they do the charts of all their friends and lovers, that they have had some of their best mergers with Scorpios. When the Planet responsible for love and relationships aspects Pluto, the planet ruling Scorpio,  it creates a hunger for complex, potent soul ties.
While Venus pulls people to us, the Moon hungers for THE ultimate mate that we need to be completely satisfied.
Scorpio Moon people often fall in love with Scorpios to the point of idol worship; they admire and see the Scorpio sun person as the full expression of the lunar energy they feel inside and might not be able to publicly unleash.
Even if your 7th house is not ruled by Scorpio but by another sign, if you have Pluto in your 7th house, it too can create a magnetic pull toward Scorpio personalities.  You will seek out commanding, controlling individuals for bonds and likely will display the behavior yourself. On occasions when Pluto is in the 6th house but soooo close to the 7th that it conjuncts the Descendant, you may find a Scorpio fits most of the items on your relationship checklist.  This is quite similar to Pluto in the 7th.
Secondly, Scorpios believe in justice, perhaps not as much as Libra or Sagittarius, but the principle of justice is what guides their passion for revenge. A Scorpio analyzes a situation and like a master chess player devises strategies to dominate and win.
The Pluto energy that rules Scorpio is famous for secrecy and privacy, giving Scorpio an anxious desire to fly under the radar.
The Scorpio mask is not about being sneaky, although for less evolved Scorpios that can be the case.
Masks for Scorpio are about concealing the most essential parts of self from the public so that they can be shared only with the chosen inner-circle. Scorpios do NOT exhibit themselves the way Sagittarius or Leo people do.  Scorpio exhibition is private and rare, meaning that whenever you are gifted enough to glimpse it, the experience is precious and captivating. Even if a Scorpio seems extroverted, people are often only seeing the mask Scorpio wants them to see. Scorpio Rising or Scorpio Ascendent people who superficially express themselves publicly as Scorpios and find exposure to be too revealing and unnerving at times.
The Scorpio tendency to mask and hide is not unlike the behavior of the scorpion, an arachnid used to typify this astrology sign. A Scorpio seeking to keep the true persona under wraps might resort to being curt, being cold or, in contrast, being dynamic or extremely outgoing. Another method of disguise for Scorpio is to be completely bland, perfect and sterile; Scorpios displaying this behavior are committed to revealing NOTHING.

While sunglasses, caps, scarves and other accoutrements are just fun fashion statements for others.
Immediately, I felt there were two reasons to explain Scorpio’s attraction to the fashion world. With clothing masks, Scorpio might opt for basic, dark colors or go to the other extreme and hide behind ostentation that shocks and diverts attention.
Fashion is really the most extravagant Scorpio mask possible, allowing Scorpios to create physical mirage and distance between themselves and others while hiding in plain sight. A Scorpio likes to think that he or she is in real life Superman,  but moves through the world as Clark Kent by choice. Some Scorpios might use the alter ego mask to hide their intensity because it’s too much for others.
Scorpio or Scorpionic people might go through public name changes as part of embracing an alter ego or have regular fake names that they use.  Often they might also change the names of people close to them, giving them new and special personas. Although not shy, don’t be surprised to see a Scorpio sitting in the corner or the shadows, shrinking to have their physical presence obscured so they can people-watch while going unnoticed. Until then, the Scorpio face will be a Poker face and their thoughts and sentiments will evade your wildest guesses.
If the Scorpio man really wants you as opposed to this complicated girlfriend, you won’t be sorry. I will warn you, however, that Scorpios don’t need peace and easygoing relationships to be happy. So, if you’re offering sex but no complication, you are going to be the less desirable one. Breaking up with the most obsessive and possessive character in the zodiac takes some moxie.
Don’t think that cheating on a Scorpio man and letting him find out is a strategic way to break up.
Also, it could lead to a friend with benefits type of deal on a night when they want to flex their charisma.
Acknowledge that your past love was real ( that’s important), but the relationship seems to have reached an end-of-phase point. So, simply suggest you feel the chemistry has faded (or the volatility is just too exhausting).
Showing blatant incompetence.  Scorpios like efficient people who can take care of business. Scorpios often see the human body itself as a spiritual transport vessel or an oracle of the Divine. I once reflected on this in a personal post on an old blog where I expressed a desire to consummate marriage inside a temple. Some Scorpio natives might enjoy dominating their lovers, restraining them, contorting their lovers into submissive positions and applying various forms of force to foreplay and intercourse — this applies to Scorpio women as well, not just Scorpio men. The shutdown in Scorpio sexuality often stems from the sad realization that the Scorpio is still searching for that partner who can elevate sex to the mystical, sensual level. They’d rather have few sexual moments that have great significance than a lot of frivolous trysts.
He’s one of the earliest practitioners of the law of attraction philosophy way before it was en vogue. It’s a small chapter that most people might overlook.  As a Scorpio, I was stunned that he gave away our secret! People with Venus conjunct Pluto, trine Pluto or even opposite Pluto might find relationships with non-Scorpios are way too tame and unsatisfying. Those with  a moon in the sign of Scorpio or in the 8th House yearn for Scorpios and may unconsciously align themselves with Scorpios throughout their lives.  They want gritty, contentious, whirlwind connections that no other sign but Scorpio can provide. When the sign of Scorpio is on that house, there is a organic pull toward people who are Scorpios.  When these people enter your lives, they bring their Suns into your 7th house, making your desire for marriage and mating come alive. When you attract Scorpios, you might compete with them and the relationship might be full of bickering and power struggle.
When the sign of Scorpio rules that house or when Pluto is inside that house, get ready for love affairs with Scorpionic people. Whenever a Scorpio tries to come out on top, it’s because that Scorpio woman or Scorpio man believes she or he deserves it. Scorpio men and Scorpio women do not believe that everyone has earned the right to access the real them.

Yes, sometimes a mask can be a jovial persona.  Personality, accessories, clothing, alter egos, and certain physical behaviors might all be employed as masks for the Scorpio. Scorpions move about at night and hide under rocks, in crevices and wherever they can find camouflage. This often goes along with a stoic face or fake exuberant face, both of which are impervious to attempts to show real emotion or thought. Many commenters tried to figure out why.  I mean, Scorpios are not known for following fashion or trends. This attracts so much attention to the external that the internal Scorpio is safely ignored. At the risk of sounding astrologically elitist, Scorpios try to suppress their more potent selves and find it a struggle to pretend to blend in. The Scorpio will when they are certain you can handle their deepest thoughts, most poignant emotion and dramatic intensity with care  and loyalty. If the break up is good, Scorpio can shift you into the precious, lifelong  friend category.
Best Zodiac Love Match for Scorpio Women …and Scorpio MenDating Someone with Pluto in the 7th House? It’s not unusual for Scorpio to fall back on the missionary or reverse missionary positions. I’ve met Scorpios who could slice off and donate their gonads to become eunuchs, monks or nuns.
Instead, they keep finding folks who are only shallow enough for a forgettable roll in the hay. Some signs might feel exhausted after coitus, but Scorpio can feel a resurgence of stamina. A great orgasmic merger with the beloved can allow them to have Eureka moments where they can chase dreams, establish empires, invent the impossible or simply create something breathtakingly profound.  This can help Scorpios in art or business. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risque, taboo 8th house life. This person might develop a history of attaching to Scorpios for dramatic, extreme love affairs. They may not feel the same urge for commitment to you, but sun in the 7th house will definitely make you want to propose and mark the Scorpio as yours for life.
So, while this placement of Pluto might indeed trigger a Scorpio lust in your life, it is one of the most difficult aspects to have for relationships — even with a Scorpio who likely understands your Pluto energy. Obviously, with Scorpio, this can never be the case; all the substance is simply underneath, reserved for the precious few who have access privileges. They might position themselves behind structures and other people  or contort themselves in such a way as to minimize their bodies. Scorpios aren’t attached to material things but they put a lot of soul energy into the gifts they pick out and give to loved ones. Yet, the lover will still have an amazing time because the factors that make sex intoxicating with Scorpio are not linked to kinetics. Scorpio has such an introverted focus that without sex as a conduit they might not be able to direct much creative energy outward. Since Pluto is a volatile energy, these bonds might not be lasting, but they will be meaningful and deep. Don’t be surprised if after love sessions, you are inspired to write poetry, compose music or otherwise be creative in the presence of Scorpio.
What happened?Scorpio Tip #27: Why your Scorpio may erupt in rage whenever the two of you try to complete a project together. Unnecessary,  unwanted, and unfulfilling are understatements when it comes to toys in an 8th house or Scorpio boudoir. Scorpio Dating Tip #36: Passing the Scorpio Trust TestScorpios like psychic bonds with their mates.

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