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If you are a college student (or an aspiring college student), then you know that tuition is not the only cost you have to incur to get your education.
The following is a continuation of the principles and lessons from the experience of Eric J Wittenberg, prolific Civil War historian.
As a student it is likely you have felt that wave of uneasiness when it comes to addressing a paper for class. You won’t always agree with your classmates on their views, but you learn through time how to respect them. Being — or becoming — a good writer isn’t just important for school assignments or a career in journalism. Whether you’ve always loved words, or hated to look them up, online dictionaries and thesauri make using the right words simpler, easier and more precise.
Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed writer, you probably have to do a good amount of writing for your online courses.
While textbooks can cost an inordinate amount of money, many classes require other resources to aid you in successfully completing the class.
Although the following provides summaries and highlights, each article is worth reading entirely. Sometimes you may think you don’t know enough to write about the topic, or maybe you just cannot figure out how to conclude your argument.

As an online student most schools require a discussion forum posting in the first week of classes.
Writing is a critical skill for virtually any profession, and even experienced writers know they can always improve their work. Business correspondence should illustrate your message concisely, especially when preparing presentations. It will teach you how to quickly and succinctly communicate information and how the inverted pyramid can grab your reader’s attention more quickly.  If newswriting isn’t offered at your school, study it on your own using other resources. Sometimes, however, a particular word might be the best — or only — way to communicate clearly and accurately. No matter what you write — from business letters to speeches, from research papers to marketing brochures — it should be compelling. While there are ways to combat expensive text books, sometimes you have to buy them to be successful in the class. Depending on the class topic and structure, this may be a weekly occurrence that will contribute to your overall grade.
It’s a quest that should never end, because the more you write, the better your writing can become.
Short sentences and paragraphs are best for online, where readers tend to scan the information.

Putting your thoughts on the page, and expressing your opinions on a topic and sharing it with a non-verbal audience can be very freeing but scary.
Some of your resources, however, can almost always be found for free if you know where to look. Use examples and anecdotes — adapting these to the reader’s business or industry, if possible. Luckily for those just starting to venture into their own form of writing there are classes you can take to prepare you for writing research papers, creative writing, essay writing, and even as far as a technical writing form. While it’s fun to discover the origins of slang, idioms and cliches, set a higher standard for your writing.
Team up with another student or colleague to do regular constructive critiques of your work.

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