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This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of a vacation ownership plan. The presentation was at Parc Soleil in Orlando, which is one of three resorts that Hilton has in the area.
The driveway leading up to the property includes parking spaces on either side, perfect for guests like us who are visiting for the presentation. There are tons of lakes in the area and the resort is off on its own, away from the crowded areas. Once inside, everyone is directed up to the 5th floor as far as I could tell (they also have a 4th floor but that might be for staff only). In the waiting area, they had a large mini model of Las Vegas, showcasing their new Elara property. Representatives came to the waiting room to call you and lead you to the back, passing by this welcome sign.
In each segment of this long hallway were tables for each representative to sit down with their potential clients one-on-one (or two if you came with someone). Armed with all this knowledge, it’s time to show you what these timeshares could look like. Then it’s back down to the table to discuss the property offerings and points system.
After all this, our representative asked if we were interested and we explained that our finances are being directed towards buying a home, holding a wedding, and relocating me out east in the next couple of years. The financial manager came by to go into a bit more detail the financial situation and offer a much lower plan – 3500 points every other year. The marketing manager stopped by with a survey for me to fill out, just giving some feedback and ensuring that everything had been handled well. The final step was to stop by a counter where my rewards would be processed and given to me.
All told, we finished within the promised 2 hours and I never felt too pressured to say yes. RCIVIP was built with the intention of informing as many people of the high pressure timeshare sales tactics that are used on unsuspecting vacationers. If you were unfortunate and purchased something you did not really want this site can help you to make the best of your timeshare.
The comments and articles available on this website are simply an organized collection of opinions and information which has been structured to maximize the visibility and exposure to the users of the Internet. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. I had never heard of such a thing until after I was convinced to sign up for one with Hilton Grand Vacations. You’re taken through models of the studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom options up on the 12th floor, all beautifully furnished. A 7000-point per year option would cost about $48k and would allow you to book something like a week or two for a 1-bedroom, 3-4 weeks for a studio, and of course less for a 2- or 3-bedroom. We were offered space in the Elara that just opened up in Vegas because they’re doing some major promos at the moment and are giving better deals than other locations. This included 15,000 HHonors points, a $100 Stay A Night On Us voucher, and a $200 reimbursement towards my plane ticket.

We are seasoned timeshare presentation attendees as well as happy owners at Grand Solmar and this is not, by far, our first rodeo. Perhaps timesharing - the use of a vacation home for a limited, pre-planned time - is on your list of options. I mean, they offered a really cheap rate to stay at one of the Hilton hotels and I thought it’d be a nice little vacation for Panda and I. The walk-throughs offer lovely immersion experiences so you can imagine yourself there in the lap of luxury, enjoying the fully furnished rooms. The length of time you can book depends on the time of year – weeks are split into on- and off-season. She was disappointed but didn’t press too hard, but she did bring in a financial manager to try to convince us.
They also offered tickets to the local theme parks so you could get that all taken care of if you wanted.
We had been forewarned that this place was a scam but against our better judgment, proceeded.
Points are deposited in your account each January and you can roll them over but it costs $49 to do so.
You can start off getting a lower tier and then upgrade, at which point you basically sell your deed back to Hilton Grand Vacations and get a new deed to the larger space.
I liked that he was upfront and said that they can offer that because they count on people enjoying their timeshares so much that they upgrade in the future. Then it’s off to the gallery next door for some info and pics about Hilton Grand Vacations timeshares, including its history (established 1997 after observing the industry and designing a program based on features cherry-picked from other brands) and benefits (yes, vacationing is good for you! Oh, and these points can be converted to Hilton Honors point at 1:25, so that 7000 points would get you 175,000 HHonors points that would never expire. That 10k in points was well worth the $14k cost that 3500 points every other year would have cost, so it’s a pretty good deal.
And I’m really enjoying my stay at the hotel we got, despite it not actually being a Hilton! Breakfast was a disgusting slop that was served in a more than pitiful area, and nobody else was in there. You can stay at the various Hilton Grand Vacations properties but also get the ability to convert with RCI (a third party company) to stay at properties with other brands. Still, we’re just not at a stage in our lives where we can spare money for this kind of thing, so when we rejected that final offer, we were thanked and asked to wait for the marketing manager.
This conversion costs $199 for domestic locations, $209 for international ones, and of course your points may be worth less (aka get you fewer days or a smaller timeshare). Now we are totally assuming that since there was a way around our mortgage situation, we will have survived positively the presentation, get our gifts, and run.
They basically threw us out, would not even pay for our cab back to our hotel, and ended up with this shitty reviews all over the internet.
After researching this La Vista we realized it is a total scam, taking on a new name from old busted timeshare hotels. In a non-deeded plan, you buy a lease, license, or club membership that lets you use the property for a specific amount of time each year for a specific number of years. With both types, the cost of your unit is related to the season and the length of time you want to buy.

For example, a winter week in a warm climate is worth more than a summer week in the same location. Are your vacation plans sometimes subject to last-minute changes, or do they vary in length and season from year to year?
Are you — and will you be — in good enough physical and financial health to travel to your timeshare? If you're evaluating a timeshare plan with units in several locations, ask whether the club has enough units to satisfy demand. Or, local real estate agents may not want to include the timeshare unit in their listings.
Once all the timeshares have been sold, ask if the developer will be setting up a resales office on site. The total cost of your timeshare includes mortgage payments and expenses, such as travel costs, annual maintenance fees and taxes, closing costs, broker commissions, and finance charges. Since these fees can rise at rates that equal or exceed inflation, it's important to ask if there's a fee cap for your plan.
To help evaluate the purchase, compare your total timeshare costs with rental costs for similar accommodations and amenities for the same time and in the same location.
Ask a professional or someone familiar with timesharing to review the paperwork before you buy. Find out if the contract provides a "cooling-off" period during which you can cancel and get a refund. If there is no cooling-off period, be sure you understand all aspects of the purchase and carefully review all materials before you sign.
Research the track record of the seller, developer, and management company before you buy.
Learn what will be done to manage and repair the property, replace furnishings as needed, and provide promised services. Local real estate agents, Better Business Bureaus, and consumer protection offices also are good sources of information.
Also get a written commitment from the seller that the facilities will be finished as promised. Learn your rights if the builder or management company has financial problems or defaults. Check to see if your contract includes two clauses concerning "non-disturbance" and "non-performance." A non-disturbance provision should ensure that you'll continue to have use of your unit in the event of default and subsequent third party claims against the developer or management firm.
A non-performance protection clause should allow you to keep your ownership rights, even if a third party is required to buy out your contract. Be especially wary of offers to purchase timeshares or vacation club memberships in foreign countries. If you sign a contract outside the United States for a timeshare located in another country, you generally will not be protected by U.S.

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