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Freedom of speech does not apply to men in relationships, and there are certainly things a guy should never say to his girlfriend or wife.
My parents telling me the fact that they flew me home to visit for Christmas is a big enough gift. I’m realizing now that, once again, I neglected to take my own survey, so I will leave you with my answers. Tagged: be advised, holiday, lists, NYC, survey says, things I need, tis the season, who likes activities!?, you're welcome. While I am sure there are a A LOT more than 20 things a man should never say (wait, is there anything he can say??) to his significant other , this list is a good place to start.

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Last week was an in-depth look into the hearts and minds of men (as they pertain to Christmas), and this week’s post will attempt to do the same for the ladies. In spite of the answers provided by my male and female cohorts, I think what everyone really wants (besides Chromecast) is a thoughtful gift that shows that the giver was truly thinking of the give-ee…and is not a piece of crap. Now if you want to keep your girlfriend, maybe you should go read the list over at the Stir! If you find something you like, just follow the links within the paragraph in each feature to see the full article.

I can tell you what they say they want, but as to what they truly desire, well – I am powerless to speculate. Chromecast streams Netflix and YouTube from your phone or computer (without zapping battery life or slowing things down) onto your TV.

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