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I received a message from Comieko, a friend on my Facebook fan page and she had an idea for a post for this blog.
However, I know exactly what I wanted in a woman, (got it) but all men are different in what they seek for a lifetime partner. To enhance the study group, I went out and simply started conversations with men I didn’t even know.
Let me not keep you guys waiting and get on with why you are here, so you too can know what it is that men want in you.
Personally I think that this came in last because I wasn’t really interested in what men wanted women to do in bed sexually, sorry. Steve a bus driver from New York, still single by the way, informed me that his parents had been married for 30 years.
The great thing about conducting these interviews (so to speak) in Las Vegas was that whenever I was having a conversation there were so many beautiful women walking around. I was sitting at the Halo Bar in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood on a Friday night and struck up a conversation with Mike, a Military helicopter Pilot Stationed in Korea.
Others that bought up this subject, like Ben, a student from Boise State (here for the Las Vegas Bowl) echoed like all the rest. Eric a Bartender from Bellevue Nebraska, stated that if her friends are your friends and her job is your job then at the end of the day you have absolutely nothing to talk about.
Eventually he said he resigned his position hoping it would help their relationship if he work elsewhere. I wanted to know how did they explain the countless numbers of married people who own business’s together? If you would like to meet some really good men, try this: Visit Las Vegas during football season.
While talking to Russell, (a Stock broker) from New Jersey, an attractive female entered the sports book alone wearing a NY Giants jersey and a pair of Levi jeans (more about the jeans later). From a distance I observed him approach and with a smile on his face extend his hands in a non confrontational manner and then they both laughed.
That was a bold statement to make concerning a woman he has met less than three minutes earlier, but who knows, stranger things have happened in Las Vegas. Other men such as Mateo from Hawaii expressed that he liked women whom were educated for the sake of being able to hold conversations on any subject.
Most of the men I talked to not only prefer a woman who is versed on current events but they also informed me that they enjoyed it even more if from time to time their opinions differed. While I was taking to him over a beer, his girlfriend walked up to the table and he looked at her and they both started to laugh. Men prefer natural looking women to women who spend hours putting on make-up to enhance their beauty.
Tyler of Salt Lake City, Utah informed me that most people forget that looks fade, but personality and character remain forever. What was funny to me was that Alan and quite a few others informed me that patience was really important because if she is patient with them they feel as though she will be a great mother to their children one-day.
Before I left he asked me if it was true that you could get married anytime during the day or night in Vegas. Robert, a Computer Business Owner from Arkansas informed me that if she has confidence in herself then he will be more confident in her.
He said he was sure it was because her lack of confidence led her to believe others when they told her that as his company grew he would eventually leave her. A great personality means that you are approachable and that regardless of the circumstances she makes you feel as though everything will be ok. Talking to Adam from New Mexico, a website designer while at Aria in the City Center a very beautiful young woman walked by. I thought this was the perfect time to inquire as to exactly how important he thought personality was when chosing a woman.
I asked if he had a girlfriend or wife and he informed me that he did, that she would be down shortly. I didn’t return to the table with Adam, because I understand that many men lack great personalities as well. I hope that this post if nothing else shows you that in reality no one really knows what men want. When talking to all of these men, I noted that not one of them expressed what they needed in a woman. I agree with the other commenters, a well written and insightful piece about what men want in a woman. I do agree with the points raised, however, I feel you could of done with a few more additions, like being supportive of her man and leaves her man to be a man.
Thanks Marvin, its not often that I get comments from men (at least not printable ones anyway).
I visited your site and find it very appealing, I hope you don’t mind but i placed it on my blogroll for my readers to find. A very informing article…makes me take a good look at myself and the areas I need to improve on! The age old question women seem to ask themselves and their closest friends is… What do men really want?
Well there are a variety of elements that need to go into a relationship, even on the first meeting which help the interaction feel much deeper, natural and interesting. A few weeks ago I decided to sit down and write a report, telling women EXACTLY what men want… this report would take women inside the male mind and extract the answer to that one burning question.
But the problem is he is also having an affair with his friends girlfriend its been goin on for four months. Now, you may say that it’s easy to say, relax and wait, but how can you put yourself at ease. My query is, I’ve dated men in the past and gone on several dates with them before getting intimate. Also I seem to attract men who are far too young for me when really I would rather meet someone older who has more life experience and is a little more sophisticated.
Thank you so much you really have made my day and probably, not only resurrected, but, also saved my relationship. Hi matt, really great report, I agree with you on all the points, I have been in a 3 year relationship and used the 3rd one, which was – I believe in you, worked so well, my guy said that from that moment on he had complete trust for me and loved me for saying it. Also, your point about showing a guy you believe in him is the MOST important in my opinion. Another thing that standing tall does is open your heart energy, and your energy is the one thing that causes a man to be intrigued, and eventually, fall in love with you. I use the term self-assurance rather than self-confidence because I want to make a distinction between the two.
When you’re self-assured, your energy is attractive, just as honey is attractive to a bear. They explained that they eventually felt drained when their woman wasn’t happy, and had to leave for their own self-preservation. So your bright and shiny, beautiful and happy energy is your secret pathway into his heart.
And I’m sorry, but being overweight will eventually give you a variety of health problems.
Most people would consider this difficult, however it’s a part of my job anyway (extracting information from people). Some of it surprised me, some of it reminded me that nothing has changed in the singles world and some of it made me laugh because I realised that every single woman on this planet is just like the one men really want. I tended to steer the conversation in a different direction when this topic became to descriptive. He said that his father told him years ago that  the sexual aspect of the relationship will taper off, but the actual love he should have for the woman in his life will grow stronger over time. This gave me the opportunity to observe what men thought by watching their eyes and listening to their comments concerning the different attire women wore.

As we sat there talking about what he wanted in a woman when a cute girl walked by and he turned to look to the point where I thought he was going to spill the drink I had just brought him. I did explain to him that he had proven a point that would be advantageous to women everywhere. A womans dress and appearance is important in that they would like for her to be appealing to them but not in a way that garners too much unwanted attention. He informed me that it was important to him to have a woman who had her own career, life and friends. He said this worked for a while but in the end although he had a different job they still shared all of the same friends. My wife and I met at work years ago, although we shared a couple of common friends, for the most part we did not.
I find it interesting to attempt to place faces on the people she talks about in her stories about her work and I am sure she’d say the same. Buy yourself a nice football jersey (they make them for women as well), and visit one of the many sports books around the city. She sat alone and watched the game, Russell continued to watch her to see if she was waiting for someone. I couldn’t hear the conversation but judging by the laughter I could tell that he may have made a connection. However, I was wrong, Russell apologized for having to leave, grabbed his drink and headed to the table with the female. She prepared herself by enjoying a game that she knew men enjoyed and apparently she does too. This way I could spend time with her doing something we both enjoyed, I could eat and drink beer without paying through the nose and not have to worry about getting stopped for driving under the influence. As Troy a banker from London stated, there is nothing like a healthy debate between loved ones to bring you even closer.
My wife and I have been debating whether College athletes should be paid or not for many years. It’s healthy for you and it increases your quality of life, especially if you have a woman who makes you laugh. However, my wife has a way of making fun of me in a joking way and I appreciate it more than if she hammered me on it.
According to Les a music teacher from Torrance California, he actively sought out a woman with a sense of humor to ensure his relationship would remain fun. Rick from Idaho (a Retail Manager) laughed at the idea, and then changed his thought process after talking about it with me. At the end of our talk he reviewed his relationship and told me that his girlfriend had stood beside him through some very rough times whereas most women would have left him. When I left I had the strange feeling that Alan suddenly realised that his girlfriend deserved to be more than just a girlfriend. He went on to tell me that his last girlfriend lacked confidence and it showed in all aspects of their relationship. He said they had talked about this issue several times and he laughed it off because he though that she couldn’t seriously believe it.
He further informed me that he travels a lot, and he wants his next girlfriend to be confident enough to know that his heart is wherever she is. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a great smile who looks at you and even if you’re delivering a package to her office she makes you feel as if she is your friend. He was still a little heated about the snub, and at that moment I remembered that generally men have support groups during these moments.
Although Adam professes to having a girlfriend (which I didn’t see) he above most should understand that having a pleasant personality is something that goes both ways. Each of us, both men and women are very different in our likes and dislikes when chosing a mate.
What do they want to hear that will make them feel more attraction towards me and make them like me? Once you read the report, I believe you’re going to see a side of men that you NEVER would have known about before hand. I ended really falling for him and i am the type of person that hates keeping my feelings in so i told him i like him.
Finally, some straight up honest advice from a man who knows what he’s talking about.
Here is the thing though, the minute I do get intimate with them the sex seems to take over everything and being treated with respect or being acknowledged in any way seem to go out the window, in other words they stop making an effort.
I always liked these things about him but often took them for granted so he would sometimes not want to do them. You always write in such a clear and easy to read style, PLEASE keep this stuff coming, I need this more than anyone I think. I knew most of them already but just convinced myself that they wouldn’t work because they sound a little cheesy in my own head.
Please keep giving us girls this advice, it is truly inspiring and I wish I’d had it years ago. I really agree with the idea that if someone feels special around you then they won’t want anyone else. Too many couples keep their passions separate or don’t show any willingness to ask about them, but from my experience just showing a bit of interest in what a guy is passionate make the bond between you much stronger.
You can’t believe how much a man feels spurred on when you tell him he can do anything! I actually did the 3rd point you said with an outfit my guy was wearing one evening and now he’ always wearing it where possible because he knows it turns me on! Right and want to be noticed by a man who will be intrigued enough to want to get to know you. Queenly posture means you stand tall, proud of who you are, with your shoulders back, and a nice arch in your back.
All too often, self-confidence is interpreted as meaning strong, powerful, capable, proud, accomplished, never intimidated by anyone or anything. And your energy is what he falls in love with, which, by the way, is not something he’s consciously aware of. I thought that this might be interesting as well, so I responded to her message and informed her that I would write a post on this subject. I called guys whom are lawyers, investigators, night club owners, Cops, athletes, teachers, freight train engineers, business owners, military members and more. So getting these virtual strangers to tell me what they were seeking in women was an easy task. Maybe its me, but what people do behind closed doors I think should remain there.  However, with that said, I need to add that hanging a wicker basket from your ceiling so that you can reminisce about a fling you had in a Bangkok massage parlor will not get you the woman of your dreams Mr. Although she was very pretty, her beauty was overshadowed by the very, very short skirt she was wearing, not to mention the blouse that was unbuttoned damn near to her waist.
He turned and they made eye contact, he spoke to her in a very kind and polite manner and she responded, politely. This brings me back to something men spoke about often and you will see it again later in this post, jeans and a nice top are always good.
He felt as did the others that I talked to later that if she possesses these things in her life it increased the chances of the relationship growing. He said his last girlfriend worked with him and the thing that drove him crazy was that when she was pissed at him, everyone at work knew it and it made it difficult for him at work as well as at the home they shared. He went on to tell me that is why you should never date someone you work with, two people sharing the same life is difficult and boring. He went on to say that when you are married, you know that this is the person you’ve selected to spend the rest of your life with. I left the company within a few months of us becoming a pair and we’ve never worked together since. Either way, I enjoy her stories of humor and frustration in her work environment and I think she enjoys the fact that I listen allowing her the opportunity to vent from time to time. She dressed to blend in which also created an automatic icebreaker for any man who cared to approach.

Years later when I call these guys during football season on a Sunday, instead of being at a bar I can hear their wives cheering in the background from their living room. I think they should and she feels that fair compensation is the scholarship to attend school they accepted. There is nothing like having a woman with a great sense of humor (especially for those days when you do something wrong). I get the message, I screwed up, again, we laugh about it and move on having learned from it. He stated that the relationship before his current one was way too serious, he said it became stressful to him so he bailed out.
He said he stressed about it because he always knew that others knew she lacked confidence as well.
He felt she cheated so that she could kill the relationship that she thought would end anyway, even though he had worked so hard for them both. His personality quickly changed and I could tell he wanted to say something negative about her. I spoke to her and she politely waved and I followed her and another female towards another part of the room where they were sitting. The list above simply give you an idea of the things men want, however more importantly it lacks what men actually need in a woman. So since they failed to tell us what they need, I decided to tell you what I know each and every man needs in order to make a perfect relationship for his future. I downloaded it onto an iPad mini and I paid for it and then I lost any capacity to access it can you tell me where it is? Because then it’s a reflection of who you are as a woman, not just something you plaster on your face.
Funny thing though, I would approach each and begin the conversation about sports and in the end begin complaining about my (fictitious)girl. However, the second woman was more like a woman he would actually like to get to know better. You already know that you are compatible with her and spending time with her every single moment is a pleasure, or should be. You’ll meet men from all walks of life, some who will of course want to date you because you share a common bond and others whom will just enjoy the fact that you are there as a fan of the game. He of course was wearing a NY Jets jersey and I figured the meeting would be very interesting. Armed with her knowledge of the game she  had turned her football passion into a target rich environment of available single men. My friends thought so too, so instead they asked if they could come to my place to watch the game. It’s amazing how a small insignificant sport can create a bond between the sexes if allowed. Men like to come home and know that instead of an argument after confessing his mistake, they can laugh about it for years. His new girl, according to him makes him smile by simply walking into the room and this is a year and a half later. He told me that the company he founded began to expand and he had to spend a few months on the West Coast away from her. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time. Do you think these things would work if you weren’t in a relationship, like would they push the guy away?
Sometimes you don’t even have to say it, it is enough just to look at him or hug him in a situation and he will feel what you mean. They’re afraid that it’s going to make the person too egotistical or something, but if you do it genuinely (and make it about more than their looks!) then it WORKS! When a woman loves herself, her smile comes from that place, and offers a view into her true authentic self.
Ten minutes later I would ask, why can’t I find a perfect girl and we would compare notes.
It didn’t help matters that the Adult Entertainment Convention was in town as well, and although he was here for the CES Convention he seemed to think every woman in Vegas was from the Porn industry. When she was past his line of vision he didn’t turn to look at her  back side, he looked down and almost smiled.
He went on to say that she dressed in a fashion that stated that she was professional, confident, mature and beautiful. Spending every waking moment with a woman you’re trying to determine if she will one day be your wife is a recipe for burnout, he added.
If not maybe this will, we still have a lot of interesting things to talk to one another about every single day and I look forward to our conversations. Since my wife hadn’t really gotten to know them it was the perfect opportunity for them to do so. Rod, a bull rider from Casper Wyoming chimed in to say that there is nothing more frustrating than to have a woman who for months, your opinion is her opinion, then to come home one day and her opinion is totally different.
He finished by saying that she was the type of woman who he could easily introduce to his mother. They are old friends of mine that I have known for several years and since they were in town I asked them to participate in my little study. After awhile they would jazz me about being married and not being able to get out of the house without permission. Within a month many of them would stop by on game days with their wives and girlfriends and we turned the whole thing into an event.
He said this opens too many questions for him, the first being who the hell is she and where did she come from? Men want women who look great walking through the house with a tee-shirt on, a pair of jeans with her hair a mess and little or no make-up. Yep, she was pretty, but after not even having the social graces to speak back to someone who said hello, more than likely she’s probably just a pure bitch! They agreed as long as I promised to take them to dinner afterwards which I was going to do anyway, lol.
Men do many things to be able to meet women, anything to have a way of breaking the ice and share a passion. Finally one day when they asked if I would like to watch a Monday night game at a bar close to work, I figured I had better let them in on my secret. The second being that these new opinions may be the opinions of the man she met when you were away on tour. Oh, and they placed special emphasis on the fact that they love women who look great in a pair of jeans, Levis is the choice according to Parker an anesthesiologist from Houston and many others.
However on the same day i told him i told he could talk about it in a sutle way i guess it wasnt enough. I Dont really know what to do i really like him but i dnt what i should do he does all of this he shows me alot of attention but hes still having that affair. He went on to say that either way when this happened to him in the past he knew it was a signal that the relationship was pretty much over. I’m afraid to talk to him about it because then i feel like am pushing my feelings onto him and to be truthful i Dont want the attention to stop. Two weeks after that i decided maybe it was better for him to forget it and focus on our friendship. But i Dont want to be hurt i Dont want to look back on the first time i shared my feelings with someone in bad way.

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