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Women assume men don’t think of marriage or they want a wife-slave who will do whatever her husband wishes.
Relationships:The Christian Man's Point of View10 Things a Christian Man Wants In a Christian WomanMaking Your Relationship Better: Makes Your Ministry Better!
Show Patience In Your RelationshipWith all that goes on in a relationship, patience is something that you MUST have in order to survive the ups and downs. They want their future wives to support them during the difficult times, not blame for all their mistakes and failures.
Everyone comes into a relationship with problems, issues, ideas and ways they have done things all their life before they met.

For example, as time goes on you may find out some things about your partner that you may not like or understand, and you want them to change. In order to be that helper, there are certain qualities you must possess in order for this assignment to be fully completed by him.
I know he may also do things that may cause problems too, but we are not talking about him, we are talking about you for the moment. Our parents and friends refuse to understand us too, which is why we are trying to find a spouse who will always support us regardless of the situation. You can only take care of you and your desire to chnge in order to help make the relationship better.

Failed relationships and marriages are failed because both partners couldn’t find a mutual understanding.
If you believe that all men want is delicious meals and sex, then think again, otherwise you won’t find your soulmate till death.

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