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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Comes from the Greek: autos (self) Nomos (Rule or law Broadly defined as’ self determination, self rule, being your own person, self governing. Points to raise It is clear that autonomy is regarded as something of value at least in Western Cultures, perhaps also in other cultures. It can be difficult sometimes to apply the principle of autonomy in some health care situations, when respecting that patients choice may not be in the best interests of the patient.

For example: Very severe learning disability Acute phase of a mental health problem Under the effects of drugs Advanced stages of senile dementia In a coma etc (It relates to patients capacity to make reasoned decisions) When can a persons autonomy be overridden?
Therefore being autonomous is not a sufficient condition for being competent, but it does seem that it is a necessary condition. Physical Drug intoxication and neuronal damage A person who has consumed large amounts of drugs which affect the nervous system e.g.
Autonomy is taken to mean self rule However the fact that one is autonomous and thus self governing does not follow that one is necessarily competent.

If a person is extremely anxious, his capacity to make competent decisions is likely to be impaired.

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