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Jack Frost just met Elsa for the first time and has fallen madly in love and they are going to a date.
Rare is giving its fans an early Christmas present in the form of some new screens of the XBLA remake of Perfect Dark. As you can see, the game has gotten a considerable graphic overhaul compared to the original, which is cause for celebration in and of itself.

Rare told us when to expect the game, in as vague a manner as possible: The team confirmed through Twitter that the game will be coming out in early 2010, and assured fans it will still be winter when they get a chance to play it. Which doesn’t really mean much to us here at GI, since Minnesota winters last about 14 months. Pick up the most exquisite evening dress for a date in a restaurant, the most fashionable and colorful swimsuit for the beach and show that even in the most ordinary everyday clothes Elsa may look fine let us say on a picnic!

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