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Then I checked the Game Show Network’s listings and, chastened, set my TiVo to record. Now in its fourth season, the Baggage formula involves beautiful people, luggage-related puns, and confessions about second careers in stripping, close relations with exes, and unorthodox personal hygiene. Judging from what we’ve seen so far on Girls, Hannah and her roommate Marnie, who are both involved with guys who are all wrong for them, could benefit from spending some quality time with Jerry Springer and all those suitcases. Before they were big stars, future A-listers like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Martin were contestants on The Dating Game. How odd that Lena Dunham would invent a Jerry Springer-hosted dating show on which the contestants must reveal their large, medium, and small secrets before they can find their perfect partner.
After watching a handful of episodes, I can report that Baggage is real, and it is spectacular.

Each 30-minute episode involves just one potential set-up, giving the suitors a little more time than they need to reveal their three flaws. The deal-breaker round, in which one suitor is eliminated purely on the basis of their medium-sized baggage (the contestant doesn’t know who the suitcase belongs to), is genius. How About We has a more complete list, but we’re particularly in love with this clip with Farrah Fawcett.
It was too perfect a setup for Hannah and Shoshanna to confess their own biggest baggage (HPV and virginity, respectively). Who hasn’t been temporarily blinded by an appealing smile or a nice line of chat when they should’ve sent that conspiracy theorist or a serial cheat packing? People who insult contestants over how they look, how they speak, how they dress, and how they perform on the show.

And while, as a reader, you can scroll past these ugly comments, imagine if they were directed at you, because you recently had what was supposed to be a fun and uplifting experience: appearing as a contestant on a game show. Then, imagine that these comments are coming at you on social media, via email, and even through your phone.Jeopardy!
Of the hundreds of thousands of game show contestants who have been on television over the years, how many do you remember by name today?

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