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Respect the cultural differences: naturally, there are going to be many cultural, ideology and language differences you will meet. Dress appropriately: when dating a Thai lady you need to dress well and make the girl proud to show you off. With so many negative stories on the Internet, Thai girls are generally perceived as being untrustworthy. Before becoming suspicious, you should wait a little, analyze things, her and also trust your gut.
Always trust in a love relationship with anyone is a two way street, so the same is with Thai girls. Kuwaiti Tourist Has IPhone Snatched in South PattayaPosted on May 28, 2015 by Pattaya-Funtown • 0 CommentsA 24-year-old Kuwaiti tourist reportedly had his IPhone 6 snatched from around his neck in a street robbery in South Pattaya in the wee hours of Wednesday. The Kuwaiti brothers told police they had chased the robbers on their motorbike until the pillion passenger allegedly turned around and held up his hand with what appeared to be a gun – at which point they called off the chase and reported the robbery to Pattaya Police Station.
Police will now question eyewitnesses and and check CCTV in the area in an attempt to arrest the two men.
Wow, you may think, these smart ass Thai internet spies have been as fast as the speed of light to uncover this particular gem. Well, dear good Thai netizens, may we ask why “dirty places like these” exist in your country in the first place? Anyway, what concerns us somewhat more than Thai Facebook users and their xenophobic comments is that the honourable president of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA) also shared his opinion about the controversial clip on Facebook. Thai society is hypocritical in more than one way, especially in matter of sex and sexuality. Ladyboys and ladyboy clips posted on YouTube and similar sites, in a way, are some kind of tourist draw.

Then again, as we noted above, we’re afraid that would be akin to biting the hand that feeds Pattaya. However, language and cultural differences can make building a relationship with such a woman quite hard. These are beautiful girls, but they are also smart and educated ladies, so they expect the best from you. Nevertheless, some of them are actually more devoted and trustworthy than the majority of Western women.
Yes, in some cases, dating Thai women, may be a minefield, but it shouldn’t be your situation, too. Mabapak Alazmi explained to police through a translator that he and his brother had been riding their rented motorcycle around Pattaya when two young Thai men on another bike, both wearing helmets and visors, pulled in front of them near Thappraya Road Soi 15 and ordered them to pull over. Alazmi’s IPhone which was attached to a piece of cord around his neck, before the men quickly fled the scene on their motorcycle. Because in fact, there are thousands and thousands of such videos posted on YouTube and similar sites. Because ladyboys, like them are not, are popular on the Internet, perhaps more popular than in the real world, and demand determines supply, full stop. You tourists make Thailand look bad because you choose to go to places like this and never experience the real normal Thai community. Like many seaside resorts around the world (take Benidorm in Spain for example) Pattaya is essentially some kind of concrete shithole that promises fun (loads of it) for a certain type of tourist – as much as it promises good business for certain types of Thais. Stupid foreigners might misinterpret the visible facts and receive the false (sic) impression there were transgender streetwalkers and prostitution in Pattaya. And as much as we dislike ladyboy streetwalkers and the petty crime they often entail ourselves (they’re a pain in the rear and detrimental to tourism and should promptly disappear from the nightly streets) we would never, under no circumstances, want to see that, would you?

The mainstream media are acting all innocent and Thais feign indigation, yet this is the Thailand most people visiting Pattaya want and love! From this point of view, understanding the culture and the traditions specific to these girls is highly important.
However, keep in mind that Thai girls may put family ahead of everything, including job and marriage.
In fact, be ready as most statistics show that Thai women don’t have sex until they get married.
There are real reasons for this, but it doesn’t mean that there are no great Thai women. If she’s interested in Western men, it means she already knows a few things about their culture and also a few words in English. All these things will move your relationship forward quickly and there will be increased chances to make the best of it. The phone, valued at about 26,000 Baht, was reportedly switched off seconds after the alleged robbery, preventing GPS tracking of the device.
Do you remember that public blowjob in a club on Walking Street last summer where a bar girl gave head to her Korean John and pictures of the act were posted on Facebook, causing an outright “uproar” not only among Thai Facebook users but also the police and tourism officials? In Thai culture, there is a custom which says that the guy has to pay for everything when taking a lady out.

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