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Wedding PlanningTo comply with Buddhist religious beliefs, and to uphold the cultural and traditional heritage, most Thai girls (and especially the parents) would be very happy to have a marriage ceremony of traditional Thai wedding, albeit the fact that it is not legally recognised as a marriage.
According to Thai customs, a couple traditionally become engaged during a ceremony known as thong mun. Wedding of Foreign Couples in ThailandThailand has recently became quite a popular destination for fellow travelers to register their marriages.
The programme of events organised by BES covers many specialised industry groups including: processing and packaging, electrical engineering and industrial Automation, lighting and building technologies, security and fire safety, oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, power generation, energy management and conservation, plant maintenance and utility management, food and hospitality, retail, travel catering, hotel management, communication, IT solutions, plastics and more recently Natural Gas Vehicles with the launch of (NGV India) in Delhi.
BES is also a professional exhibition management company in Thailand with extensive international experience of managing events through the Allworld Exhibitions Alliance. One is reckoned as a Buddhist religious ceremony of traditional Thai wedding with several unique rituals observed step-by-step. The legal marriage in Thailand is effected in person at any Thai amphur (Civil Registry Office) countrywide, a governmental office that handles all registration matters regardless, be it a foreigner marrying Thai, a Thai or foreign couple. BES is also engaged in a continuous programme of  research in order to develop existing events and introduce new sectors.
Managed events in Thailand include the ASCOPE International Oil & Gas conference, the FIFSTA ASEAN Food Conference, the Asia Pacific In-Flight convention, the British Chamber of Commerce Thai-UK 2006 showcase, Asia Pacific Travel Catering conference and exhibition, HOSTEC Asia and the Asian natural gas vehicle event, ANGVA. Marriage certificates issued in Thailand are recognized as such by the authorities of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada and likely many other countries. This marriage is taken quite seriously by all concerned, and regarded as a lifelong commitment made by the couple.

Nowadays, a procedure of legal marriage registration more often than not is preceded, followed, or deliberately coincided with the wedding ceremony, if any. In place of a diamond ring as common in the West, Thais opt for the gold, normally in the form of jewellery.
In the eyes of Buddhist religion, the marriage is recognized and sacred, albeit the fact that in contrast to other religions, a religiously sanctioned marriage is void in Buddhism.Thai Traditional wedding ceremonies and rituals need not be conducted in the presence of monk and are usually performed at someone’s home. Simply put, there is no such thing as “Buddhist Wedding Ceremony”, and if monks are present at the wedding, they are not directly involved. Some embassies may require a proof of your marital status from your home country, some other, like the UK and US Embassies, will provide an Affidavit or Statutory form, and after completion will notarize it for you.
If you have previously been married, which ended by divorce or death, you will need the original certificates.
Even it is not directly related to marriage, a merit-making ceremony would mean alot to the bride-to-be and in turn to her family, to have a gift made in their name by you. For the sake of tranquility, you will be better off contacting the experts at , who specialize in the preparations of all relevant provisions, including translation and certification of all required documents.
In practice, an odd number is never given (as it were for a couple), so the minimum should be two baht of gold.Dowry – SINSODThai marriage at large, and definitely, the ceremony of traditional Thai wedding interlinked with an ancient tradition called sinsod (sinsot). A custom of paying a dowry (dowery) presumably to compensate a family of bride “for mother's milk”.A concept of sinsod was initially brought in to ensure that one's daughter does not marry below her potential standing in life.
A complete marriage registration service of mixed couples (foreigner marrying Thai) is only THB 15,000 (~US$ 500.00).

To stipulate that her social, financial and professional status and reputation is preserved and secured.Before the in-law family accepts you, they should know who you are, and whether or not you are a suitable suitor.
A prenuptial (premarital) agreement binding under the Thai Law* and tailored to your specific needs can be arranged upon request.* - Counties with an Anglo-American based legal system viewed marriage as a matter of contract between two consenting adults. There is no set amount, the sum of sinsod is typically determined on the one hand by suitor's perceived wealth, and on the other hand by the “value” of the future wife. The terms of marriage contract are dictated by laws of the country (state) where the married couple lives, unless they have a prenuptial agreement ('prenup' for short) containing different terms.
Her beauty, personality, background, education and other qualifications, if she is a virgin, or has got a child, and so forth.It is rather customary to “negotiate” the amount and terms of sinsod. But bear in mind that by and large Thais reckon all farang (Thai name for caucasians) as rich and wealthy. More often than not, a part of the money is used to pay for the wedding ceremonies, parties and other related expenses. Dowries or sinsod payments range from THB 50,000 to 250,000 and up, although these upper figures are rarely asked for, except the marriages amongst celebrities being motivated by extraordinary figures to create sensation.

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