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In this post I continue to look at the book from Kaewmala called ‘’Love Talk – In search of love and romance’’ and a particular chapter of the book. Kaewmala suggests that most are outdated in modern Thailand, but some are still practiced in the rural villages. Maybe the rituals are largely outdated, but some of the traditions and the ‘’ doing of the right thing’’ seem to still hold true with quite a few Thai people that I know personally. So what would be ‘’ doing the right thing.’’ Well, certainly introduction to the ladies family by the man in the proper manner. As I said; Maybe the rituals are largely outdated, but some of the traditions and the ‘’ doing of the right thing’’ still apply to a lot of Thai people. Whilst in Bangkok very recently, I was talking to the lady who owns the guest house (we will call her Wassana), I stay in and she was most upset. However, there will be much loss of face over this situation as the gossiping will be sure to commence after the baby is born. Mind you if you wait too long before making your move gentlemen then perhaps you don’t get the girl. In the saying, the red ants (mot deeng) guard the mangoes (ma-muuang) with admirable attachment and dedication from the time the mangoes are young until they are ripe, patiently waiting for the day when they can taste the sweetness of the ripe fruit. Meanwhile in England in 1961 my mother and father had just got married and were living with my father’s parents in Sherborne, Dorset. However, any spare time spent alone with my father usually had my grandmother sat in between them on the sofa and they were already married. My mother said she moved in with the in-laws in October 1961 and moved to the newly built bungalow Christmas Eve 1962. Many Thai ladies have said sod married life for a game of soldiers and taken the single lady path – the path to freedom perhaps. The book really is an insightful education in to the Thai world of love and romance through the ages and up to modern – day times.
This entry was posted in Cross Cultural Relationships, Thai Culture, Thai Language and tagged Dating In Thailand, Thai Dating, Thai Dating Culture, Thai Dating Rituals, Thai love talk, Thai Proverbs and Idioms, Thai Traditional Courting Rituals on April 9, 2014 by Trevor. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Thousands upon thousands of foreign men have been coming to Thailand for some years now looking to find true love with Thai women.
A wonderful new oriental life can turn into disappointment Cultural misunderstanding between foreign men and Thai women can result in unhappy endings and much disillusionment.
Many foreign men are older, divorced or simply men who feel rejected by the social scene in their own country. There are many Thai women looking to meet a 'farang' in order to develop a relationship or find love and marriage.
Look to the main stream, If you are a farang looking for Thai marriage partner, you should really find your future Thai wife (husband) from the mainstream of Thai society. Thai women have an extremely traditional and conservative views towards sex and the behaviour of men and women before marriage. Finding a Thai partner or Thai Love through the internet takes effort and repeated use of the Thai dating site. There are dating agencies which provide the old fashioned service of introducing foreign men to potential Thai partners. Among some sections of Thai society, the phenomenon of Thai women marrying farang used to be frowned upon until recently.
Attitudes to sex: Most Thai women have extremely traditional and conservative views although, as in most countries, younger generations are more liberal. People dating that are from two different cultures can make a relationship special and fun. When you go to Thailand do not let the exotic environment take you into a false sense of being in a fantasy world although in many ways that's exactly where you are! The point I am trying to make is that in your quest in choosing one of the many Thai mail order brides from a good Thai dating website, do not let culture shock get to you because if you never have been to Thailand it will be the kind of place you will talk about a lot when you get home.
Expertise UK visa immigration family migration visa applications - leave to enter & remain in the UK. While Thailand is superficially becoming more and more Western, the Thai culture and habits are still practiced widely by its people.
In Thai culture, as evident in the customs explained thus far, courtship was supposed to be done openly and respectfully.
Over the years of staying there, she has become a friend as well, but this day she was most distressed. Yes, they are in love, yes, they want to marry and hopefully I can get them married the very next month.
Even then the bungalow was just down the other end of the drive from my grandparents, but far enough away to be out of sight, thankfully my mother added.
For those with an added interest in Thai culture and Thai language it’s an absolute must. Thai people call them 'farang', a word meaning foreigner first ascribed to French soldiers who landed in Thailand over two hundred years ago. Chief among them, Thai people are a very welcoming people placing great emphasison good manners and of course, Thai women are particularly beautiful. The shift of values in western society in recent times, particularly those defining relationships between men and women have challenged many foreign men, who reject them.

Although the biggest growth now in Thai dating is within the home market, there are more and more younger people using the internet to meet Thai singles and foreigners both within Thailand and abroad. Yes, there is a financial motivation but also a sincere desire to learn another culture, find true love and understanding. Some foreign men elect to live in Thailand with their new wives (or husbands) but in most cases the Thai marriage partner travels to the foreign man's country. There is a unique Thai bar girl culture in the tourist resorts of Thailand which is quite complicated for many farang as Thai women have a more positive outlook to what others term prostitution.
In fact, here's where it gets even more complicated, it is common in Thai culture for a man to pay money or contribute to the family when he takes a Thai bride.
Nearly all of these Thai women (and men) are polite, shy and decent Thai women who have made a choice to pursue a life goal using the internet. We recommend that you make many contacts online while endeavouring to be polite and strictly honest in any representation made.
The more time you take to understand Thailand's culture and its people, the more likely you are to find a better Thai match.
Many have been successful finding not only love but a new lifestyle while others have found the cultural differences a bit confusing. When it comes to Thai dating, the first date is important and do not be too aggressive or bossy as if she is already your lady.
First impressions are important and you have to show you are a man and not someone hard up for a date.
Foreign travelers may find it difficult to navigate the many cultural norms of Thai culture, but you don’t have to worry.Thais are generally tolerant of well-intentioned faux pas, and they do appreciate earnest attempts by foreign visitors to pay respect to Thai culture. My friend took to join Thaidarling dating service and she said this website have real men who want to find serious love. Male suitors should khaw taam trook ook taam pra-tuu, ‘’enter through the proper alleyway, exit through the door. She said it was bad, because her niece was not married.  Wassana said that it was shameful to her and what’s worse is that her niece is 4 months pregnant already and never told her about this situation.
I asked what is to be done about the situation and Wassana said that a meeting between her self, her niece and the boyfriend was to be put in place immediately. The ‘’red ant’’ means a male suitor who has spent an inordinate amount of time, often years, courting a woman, only to find out (usually too late) that she has been poached by someone else. The only time she left them together was to go in to the kitchen and make a cup of tea and even then she would prop the sitting room door open in order to keep watch.
Foreign men find Thai women to be elegant, feminine and respectful of old fashioned virtues. The flip side is that an increasing number of foreign men every year discover not only the possibility of a wonderful new relationship but also a wonderful new oriental lifestyle with a beautiful Thai woman while the unfortunate ones can be found on websites talking about the hidden dangers of Thailand, Thai Dating and their acute disappointment. Many Thai women, involved in worldwide Thai internet dating, have a university education and are more interested in broadening their social horizons rather than simply finding a foreign husband. While the foreign men, in most situations, having more superior financial resources, can call the shots, it would be a mistake to say this is the primary motivation. Many of the Thai girls engaged in this are sincere and look on their work as earning money for their families while also providing companionship. Here, Thai culture clashes with the popular notions in western culture often leading to misunderstanding. Increasingly computer literate, they sign up for many sites where they engage with 'farang' all over the world as well as more progressive Thai men.
You may find this a no nonsense way of finding a Thai wife although for some, it is a bit odious. While this obstacle must not be underestimated, it should not be fatal to the prospect of contacting Thai singles online. Here’s a short list of do’s and don’ts that will serve you well on your next trip to Thailand.Smile.
My mother said that she did not see her mother-in-law a lot as during the day my mother worked.
Many are younger Thai women who have finished their university education and are looking to broader horizons. The internet has increasingly become the vehicle for Thai women to meet foreigners or Thai singles but it has also widened the the number and character of Thai women engaged in Thai dating both within Thailand and worldwide. Many have a problem with translation and enlist the help of friends to chat with internet friends. The key is to achieve a balance of being forthcoming and honest while understanding the expectations of those whom you are talking with.
We strongly support the internet approach and you will find an old fashioned 'matchmaking' service among the facilities on Thailand's leading dating site.
While it is quite easy to find a Thai partner or girlfriend, it takes effort to find a deeply satisfying and harmonious relationship.Many farang who have come to live in Thailand have founded extremely successful relationships. If you arrive and decide you want to see the country and freelance with the ladies since it is your first trip then do it and get it out of your system. After all it would not look odd for them to marry now as her niece had finished her education, has a really good job in the banking world and is 24 years old already. During the night she helped out on the small holding of the in-laws and any spare time was spent in helping build the bungalow….
Finding a Thai bride, Thai girlfriend or Thai partner is a very good idea provided your approach is a positive and respectful one.

Conversely, many young foreign men visit Thailand to experience Thai culture and tradition and seek to form a relationship with Thai women. Another group are middle aged Thai women, often divorced or widowed, who are looking to find a marriage partner for life.
One should not underestimate the challenge faced by a Thai marriage partner in living abroad. However most Thai women (or men) looking for a future husband or partner are not at all like these Thai girls (or men).
Of course, there are reports of some people exploiting Thai women promising to develop their profiles or find them a farang partner for money. Many of our Thai women are 'mainstream' and come from clerical and professional backgrounds.
It can also be quite frustrating trying to express deep emotional feelings if one cannot speak the same language.
This group of people have, from the outset, treated Thailand with respect and set out to try to understand the culture and its people. Thais smile under any kind of situation, a cultural habit that Westerners often can’t understand. For Thais, the head is the most sacred part of the body, while the feet are the lowest and the filthiest.
In recent years Thai women, of all social backgrounds have used the power of internet dating to chat with Thai or foreign singles in Thailand and abroad. The key thing to remember is that there are two cultures here with two sets of ideals and expectations. The third group would be younger Thai women interested in short-term relationships with younger foreign men living or visiting Thailand.
Thai women have a particularly fondness for their own culture which is really one of their most endearing qualities. Many Thai women go to English school, some already have rudimentary training but it still a real challenge.
The combination of the Occidental and Oriental can be something very enriching for both parties. If there is something about the Thai culture you hate then you need to reconsider dating or seeking future Thai mail order brides.
If she answers with an attitude and no smile then she does not like you or you do not want a grouch like her. Prices for hotels for instance will be cheap and when you are in a hotel room on a beautiful beach in Pattaya which you paid $40 a night for (same room in Miami would be $250+ a night), moving here may enter your mind.
Thai women enjoy living together and partaking in the simpler things in life like eating together and sharing each other's company. You must remember that Thai society is rapidly developing and emerging, as can be seen from the speed that young Thai women and men have adapted to the internet and the communications revolution in Thailand. When you are getting one of the famous 'Soapy massages' with a pretty, young Thai girl rubbing her body all over yours to give you the best massage possible, the thought may come up again. Some foreign men visit Thailand, get involved with Thai bar girls or fail to understand the subtle nuances of Thai custom and tradition. If you visit Thailand and do not find someone on your first trip, make new friends and develop networks for future trips. When you see all the merchandise for sale at a fraction of what it costs back home you will realize that the world is quite different in this part of the world. Different weather, work habits and attitudes make it a difficult thing for Thai women to relocate. You have to like Thailand and its culture ultimately to have a successful relationship with a Thai partner. A Thai bride could still be on your mind at this time but where the two of you would live may be in debate. Any foreign man contemplating such a relationship should think carefully about the happiness and welfare of his future Thai partner .
The “wai” is a short bow done with hands held fingertips-together close to your chest or face.
Never “wai” someone of lower status – even it sounds like the egalitarian thing to do, you’ll only embarrass the person you’re “wai”ing.Be culturally sensitive.
Buddhism is practiced by most Thais, so one must take extra-special care not to offend their religious sensibilities. Wear appropriate dress before entering a temple – avoid sleeveless shirts, flip-flops, and too-short shorts or skirts, for starters. Thai people have a deep respect for their King, an affection that reciprocates his many accomplishments and sacrifices for the country. Remember, respect for the King isn’t just polite, it’s the law: you can read more in this article on Thailand’s Lese Majeste Laws.

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