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Published 31.03.2016 | Author : admin | Category : James Bauer What Men Secretly Want

We all know that Tinder brings the crazy and probably isn’t the best place to look for love… but these people bring a whole other level of crazy! Don’t you hate it when people take forever to reply to texts or worse still, don't text back at all?! One of the worst ways to end a relationship has got to be via text… but if you ever got one of these you’d probably be glad to have that person out of your life!

Aren't you tired of the creepy guys commenting on young women's posts begging them to text them? His Girlfriend Was Caught Cheating At The Movies, But That Wasn't Even The Worst Part!
If you enjoyed the twenty funniest Facebook flirting fails, be sure to check out the best Facebook fails of 2012 and the funniest Facebook posts of all time!

Happens too often and the guys seem to think that they are flirting when they are coming across as just creepy!

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