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TumblrDAWattpadI should really sort my sig out but I love Bernard Black, my son the utter bastard.
I've only played a few dating sims so I don't know much about them, but Alistair was really fun! Cardinal Casper wrote:I've only played a few dating sims so I don't know much about them, but Alistair was really fun! I got all the bonus endings (with a little bit of help from the site) and I have to say I like Shiro's the best.

Wonderland days and Number days sim dates by her are really good because they have storylines that unfold and are really unique sand interesting. I'd recommend all Pacthesis' games to anyone, and if you've played them all, play the Xolga and Mr Toko games - they're total back-story, also her toaster manga is good. Here's a nice list of games that I quite like, a lot are visual novels and a lot are downloads. I haven't downloaded before due to fears of malware and computer safety - have you ever had any problems?

But this is my opinion, after playing RE: Alistair++ please let me know if you liked and which of the three you think paired better with Mairu.

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