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Congressman Berg will repeatedly talk about Harry Reid and Barack Obama, and I find it interesting, because this morning, when I woke up and brushed my teeth, I looked in the mirror and I did not see a tall, African-American, skinny man. We can only imagine what would happen to our health care and to the quality of our health care here in North Dakota if we took the federal government out of health care.
Mary Kathryn "Heidi" Heitkamp is the junior United States Senator from North Dakota, in office since 2013, and a member of the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party.
So the union booger eaters won't endorse someone who is running AGAINST the guy who is screwing them over?They made their bed, let them sleep in it.
UMWA and their most famous living progeny, Richard Trumka, were and are fully in the tank for the ‘Rats. In the grand ‘Rat scheme of things, UMWA is small potatoes who can be safely discarded in the interest of appeasing their other, larger constituencies.
Sorry but I have no idea why I am getting multiple posts when I am only hitting the post function once. Why in the world were the coal miners stupid enough to support The First Dictator when he ran in ‘08 West Virginia voted for McCain.
The coal miners were just one of the biggest saps in America to believe and support King Obama, the dictator and job killer. Earlier this week the Obama campaign released in Ohio the first coal-issue ad of this cycle, claiming that Romney has flip-flopped his position on coal. From one who detests the NEED for any unions, the coal industry still needs someone on the side of the workers.
Being hundreds of feet below the surface I want these men to have someone speak for them and, I can’t believe I am saying this but maybe a OSHA rep down in every mine every day. Other than that, unions suck and in most instances today are nothing more than the result of the success of the communist manifesto.
The fact that the heads of the coal miner’s union would not do everything to assure a self avowed hater of the coal industry is soundly defeated defies logic and common sense. This is proof positive of how much influence the communist party has in labor unions that they would rather have someone destroy their industry as long as he was a communist.

So let’s see, the Bamster wants to bankrupt the coal industry and their Union simply says they will sit this one out?
As a former union Steamfitter (UA leads the way), I recall that in either 1982 or 1984 the UA Journal came out with their election endorsements. I just looked at the UA website and they are also supporting Obama and praising his decision on the Oklahoma to the Gulf pipeline but mysteriously silent on Keystone. From time to time I still run in to my friends that remain in the union and question them about why they support elitest, environmental, anti growth candidates and organizations that have publicly stated that are against every size, shape and type of industrial project or expansion of an existing facilty that would put tens of thousands of their union brothers to work! How could I have NOT recognized the sheer brilliance in the “booger eater” comment? Barack Obama a full-throttled endorsement in the 2008 presidential election, the United Mine Workers of America has decided not to endorse either Obama or the presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, in 2012.
Our sworn allegiance to the Democrat party obliges us to withhold support for anyone not endorsed by the Democrat party regardless of the consequences. It would be useful for the superpacs to run ads of Obama pledging to bankrupt the coal industry in every coal producing state.
The problem is; when energy and the fuel that drives it are at stake, we are all in the same bed. The Unio understands after Obama cost them so many jobs stage a massive revolt and they would lose their cushy jobs.that if they did support him the rank and file would.
They know that all of these (useless government-mandated) windmills will need to be wired to a massive electrical collection grid. The Union understands after Obama cost them so many jobs,if they did support him the rank and file would stage a massive revolt and they would lose their cushy jobs. The ad includes comments that Romney made as Massachusetts governor in 2003 standing in front of a coal plant, saying that he wouldn’t support jobs that kill people.
There are still too many coal companies which cut safety corners and they need to be held in check.
In the article it advised memebers to support their local candidate who they felt would best represent their interests.

One of them is the Local shop organizer and I would consider him to have model Christian Conservative values in every sense but he votes with them lockstep, which I explain to him is he height of hypocrisy and he knows it.. Not supporting Obama will do nothing for their fortunes if they fail to cut off the other heads of the Hydra.
They intend to build that grid (using taxpayer subsidies since the things can’t pay for themselves). The freaking Union should be working to get this guy out of office so fast it would make one’s head spin. Regardless of the alphabet, at least one should be in the mines anytime workers are down there.
When I showed this to my dad who was until the day he died an anti-union Missouri Republican he nearly fell out of his chair.
I wouldn't attribute that to other Freepers, even if you happen to have fragile sensitivities. There are no bumper stickers this year and the UMWA are not endorsing because miners are not just upset with Obama and his EPA they hate him.
When some people will sell their labor more cheaply, someone will take them up on it and gain a competetive cost advantage. The problem is getting people to realize that supporting a conservative Democrat locally is supporting leftwing environmental nuts, gay marriage, and abortion nationally. For his part, Romney is claiming Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is waging a war on coal with a slew of regulations. Caputo also noted that newly discovered resources of shale natural gas found all over the country, including the coal-intensive states of West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, have contributed to coal’s decline as low natural gas prices compel utilities to shift from coal to gas as a power generator. Throughout Appalachia where Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia converge, the coal industry’s disgruntlement with Obama is plastered on yard signs and billboards.

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