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Resume for Sales Engineer and IT professional with direct job experience as Sales Engineer and Project Engineer.
The summary paragraph highlights experience in project management, product lifecycle management, production planning and ISO compliance.
The experience uses longer paragraphs to describe the scope of work performed at each position. Education includes Master of Science in Technological Systems Management and Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Provide technical and sales support to district sales teams with emphasis on providing technical presentations and demonstrations to potential clients. Present complex technical explanations and proof of concept to non-technical professionals in a clear and concise manner.
Coordinate with sales and executive teams to plan and execute sales penetration strategies to new regional markets.
Research and analyze new technologies, market innovations, standards, guidelines and competitor products. Train partners and sales staff on Information Technology products utilizing webex, video presentations and onsite meetings. Create periodic reports that outline projects, meetings, conferences and training sessions including expense and sales reports. IT Sales Engineer Resume ExampleThis example is for an IT professional with experience as a Senior Account Manager. Art is a Sales Transformation Consultant with a wealth of consultative sales training, and training development expertise, based on 20+ years of industry and sales experience. Art began in Engineering and quickly moved into various sales and sales management positions with leading enterprise software and information management companies where he routinely surpassed revenue and performance targets and led sales teams.  Building on this 20 year history, Art moved into a sales development role in 2000, eventually founding Technical Sales Development (TSD) in 2004 so he could leverage his wide-ranging sales experience for the benefit of multiple clients. Among other opportunities, one that stands out is the work Art has been doing since 2005 as Sr.
Art has been involved with development and delivery of dozens of different face-to-face (ILT) and Virtual Classroom programs for Sales Engineers, Account Managers, Channel Teams, and Partner Sales audiences.
Given his successful professional sales track record, Art brings real-world application into the workshop environment, as evidenced by the stellar evaluation scores and comments he routinely receives. In addition to his TSD clients, Art is also partnered with various learning providers globally to provide training, development, and consulting services.  Art is one of the most requested and highly sought after ILT and Virtual Classroom facilitators, especially for Asia-Pac audiences, which require an extra level of facilitation skill to draw out involvement and engagement by the participants.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Friday, June 20, 2014: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on Extreme nanocrystalline core materials for EMC noise reduction. These materials have come about from advances in casting technique to move from an industry leading 18um thick ribbon to 13um.
Also optimized is the process of applying magnetic field during annealing.  This allows you to use a smaller amount of core volume to provide high suppression performance.
In the past one of the complaints with using nanocrystalline cores material for common mode applications was frequency response at higher frequencies. Nanocrystalline cores already exhibit extremely high saturation flux densities, however some applications can still benefit from a higher Bsat. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Monday, June 24, 2013: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on using true Full-range fuses to reduce the size of switchgear. In the past, Full-range fuses used an inappropriate element design where they “age” prematurely because they operate in the fast overcurrent range. Correctly designed Full-range fuses will interrupt any value of current from short-circuit to overload interruption. Our Full-range fuses are designed using a two zone design concept; each zone has a different element design which lowers power losses and temperature rise leading to reliable operation in the overload range.
Back-up zone consists of upto 15 individual silver melting elements wound onto a star-shaped carrier imbedded in quartz sand. The elements in this zone are notched, which reduces the element cross section generating power loss and creating heat. Have a rated current sufficiently above the transformer rated current in order to allow for admissible overloads.
The danger of this method is that admissible peak transformer currents are exceeded when the cables are loaded with their maximum, and transformer life-reducing excessive loads are only noticed after years.
Also, back-up fuses used on the primary side of the transformer do not protect in an overload range situation where the insulation is in the process of failing. Full-range fuses will effectively protect transformers against overloads caused either by the load or winding short-circuit.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Tuesday, March 19, 2013: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Thermal Management and Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on friction stir welding in a cold plate construction. Recently the only way to make certain configurations of high thermally efficient aluminum cold plates was by brazing.
Most designers would choose to avoid brazing if possible because of the inherent cost and issues that arise. Annealing – When brazing is done the material is converted from its original temper, the annealing process re-creates the original hardness.
The key attribute of using FSW for heat sinks is that you are not changing the anneal of the material, so there is no need for additional annealing and eliminate the other problems that result from this process: Wasted material, Increased machining costs, Internal debris, and Additional QA testing.
Experience with this process – Look for a company that has done at least several hundred meters.
Professional training – Has the personnel attended classes at the TWI training center in Cambridge, England? Machining knowhow – One of the important aspects from a machining stand point is holding on to the parts during the FSW operation.
Come see us for expert assistance in the implementation of high energy resisters in your Power Electronics designs. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Saturday, September 08, 2012: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Electrical Power Conversion and Thermal Management today posted information on PV fuses for photovoltaic inverters, combiners and sub-combiners. Hill Tech will be supporting Siba Fuse at the Solar Power International 2012 in Orlando, Florida this year, beginning Tuesday, September 10th to Thursday September 13th. These have high interrupt ratings up to 30kA, low I2T values, and a full range of fuse accessories from micro switches to fuse bases.
Our fuses are specifically designed for PV inverter protection, PV panel, and junction box protection. If you are in the great lake region contact us to schedule a design review or product training at the booth during the show.
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Friday, September 7, 2012: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Thermal Management and Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on cold-plate using internal extruded liquid channel paths. Choose among these four standard extruded liquid channel aluminum heat sink bases, in order to create your own custom configuration.
This is a highly advanced, dependable liquid cooling technology utilizing internal liquid channels extruded into the cold-plate.
These can be configured in a number of parallel and series flow options provide an optimal thermal solution. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Friday, August 31, 2012: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Thermal Management and Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on standard heat pipes to increase working size in a cold plate. Heat pipes in a heat exchanger assembly provide heat transfers with no pumps are moving mechanical parts adding to system reliability. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Friday, January 15, 2010: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Thermal Management and Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on standard heat pipes to increase working size in a cold plate.
Most times engineers will look at the standard 30cm length of heat pipe and dismiss using it in an application because their working distance is beyond 30 cm. Large companies, when awarded a Federal government contract, may need to adopt a similar plan for themselves and their subcontractor, since the subcontracting plan is normally incorporated into awarded contract. Note:  the risk is that if a contractor fails to make a good faith effort to achieve the goals in its subcontracting plan, may be found in material breach of the contract and terminated for default. Small business and WOB also a have advantages in terms of Subcontracting reports that are required by larger firms; Individual Subcontracting Report (ISR) and Summary Subcontracting Report (SSR). Let us help you meet your small HUBZone, WOB (women-owned small business) flow down requirements. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Friday, January 08, 2010: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in LED Components and Components for Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on 277VAC input rated LED Drivers for Class II outdoor lighting. However, in many existing buildings that have dedicated electrical panels for lighting these are rated at 277VAC. New Class II LED Power Supplies are now coming on the market with wide ranging universal input of 90 – 277VAC which can be used on existing 277VAC lighting circuits with no voltage modification required. For adverse environments it also important to look for LED Drivers rated at 70°C at full load. The bullet points emphasize supply chain administration, business management systems engineering, team leadership, HR Administration, sales and customer relationship development. Client Manager for a Multi-Billion USD supply-chain company.  His implementation of a robust, multi-faceted Sales Transformation Program resulted in an increase of almost $1 billion of bookings in the first 2 years, and helped the client increase their win-rate by 16 points when they employ the consultative selling methodology. His expertise ranges from consultative selling to opportunity management to customer buying process.

His highly interactive, facilitative style, and ability to relate to individual participants has become a hallmark of Art’s workshop delivery around the world. This reduction in ribbon thickness reduces eddy current losses (most competitors ribbon thicknesses are 20 to 25um) while maintaining high permeability. This ageing is the changing element’s characteristics because of the increased power loss during operation.
They have all the characteristics of back-up fuses plus the further ability for protection in the overload range. Metal oxides are created by internal oxidation of the alloy just before reaching the melting temperature. The AC voltage arc is immediately absorbed after current zero making re-ignition very high. A slow steady current rise can occur when cracking insulation causes more and more windings to short-circuit. These fuses can be used as redundant protection so that even after failure of all other protective devices on the high and low voltage side, it offers a last means of safety before catastrophic damage occurs to your installation, buildings and environment. This allows the part to be machined to the original tolerances, with details and flatness required.
It is very difficult to accurately anneal a brazed part to a consistent hardness; the larger the part, the more difficult it becomes.
Once you have the proper tool, speeds & feeds, where the process control is locked down, it is a very, very, stable operation. Do they have technical support from TWI for special projects like solid copper welding, welding solid aluminum and aluminum castings, or even dissimilar materials? The liquid channels locations were determined in order to accommodate almost all power semiconductors.  In addition, we can enhance thermal performance by using specifically designed turbulators which increase the flow rate in the fluid channel with only a minute increase in back pressure. Since the heat pipes themselves are rather inexpensive, it is good design practice to add additional pipes to improve your design margin.
The same occurrence also applies to heat dissipation being over the rating of a single heat pipe. The first issue of length is easily addressed by interleaving heat pipes in a plate assembly with a nominal amount of overlap, in many cases 2 to 3 cm.
In these installations LED lighting is typically not replacing all of the existing lighting. As an example, this job seeker helped increase sales through relationship building, managed large projects and improved on time delivery by 20%. Art’s client list includes Fortune 100 high-tech organizations in the IT, Telecoms, Software, Manufacturing, and Engineering industries, to name a few. Distribution transformer circuits should use Full-range fuses where there may not be protection on the secondary side of the transformer, and the primary fuse is needed to clear a secondary system fault. First, the heat is confined to a thermal separated from other parts of the fuse by a thermal barrier. These fault arcs are extinguished much faster when made of this alloy as compared to elements of pure silver. With Full-range fuses, there is no de-rating of the fuse value, so a 100A is appropriate for a 100A application. The process (welding) is done by a specially ground tool in the milling machines that create a soft “plastic” state by using the spindle speed and feed rates to control the process.
This extrusion technology overcomes past size limitations and comes in four standard sizes; lengths up to 60 inches! This means in these in cases in order to use these LED drivers you need a new circuit to supply 120VACVAC and a step down transformer to reduce the voltage from 277 to 120VAC. Secondly, the melting elements are made of a special alloy differentiating it from silver (melting point 960°C) which is typically used.
To avoid this, additional quality assurance tests and cleaning processes can be implemented. When you run a part with inconsistent hardness through the machining center, if it is cutting through some material with a given hardness at a certain speed, and then all of a sudden hits a soft section, it will move through that material in a much more rapid and unpredictable manner, making it difficult to control machining accuracies and flatness.

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