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The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used for anything other than free educational use. Fun and engaging Shape Songs that teach Shape Names, Geometry Skills, Math Vocabulary and Shape Recognition. Each neuron has different sensitivities at different locations within the receptive fieldCutaneous receptor distributionHairless ('glabrous') vs. Different classes of somatosensory receptors send signals to the spine via different peripheral neurons, bundled into periperhal nerves. Primary somatosensory cortex (SI)Hierarchical processingSomatosensory information is received & processed in the brain, first in area 3, then areas 1, 2, & 5. Later stages of processing combine information across the sub-modalities, & with information from other sensesReferences (APA style)Bartley, S.

Describe the initial processing of somatosensory information in the central nervous systemStudying somatosensation is difficultSpecial equipment is required, somatosensory receptors are distributed throughout the body, and are interwoven with the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Encapsulated cutaneous receptors are distinguished by their receptive field sizes (small vs.
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Second was hearing; next came touch and its near relatives in the family of senses and, finally, the chemical senses, smell and taste.
Among the large, myelinated fibres, there are also smaller, unmyelinated fibres in smaller bundles (C-fibres)Types of afferent nervesThe different peripheral afferent nerves can be distinguished on numerous criteria. 10)The bias for studying vision & hearing over touch & the other senses persists until today.

A brief taxonomy of tactile illusions and demonstrations that can be done in a hardware store. The role of fingerprints in the coding of tactile information probed with a biomimetic sensor. Some proprioceptive influences on the perceptual representation of body shape and orientation.
Representation of cutaneous tactile sensibility in cerebral cortex of monkey as indicated by evoked potentials.

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