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At CSU, Chico co-teaching is defined as two teachers (mentor teacher and credential candidate) working together with groups of students, sharing the planning, organization, delivery and assessment of instruction, as well as the physical space. Browse or search our 10,000+ teaching materials to find exactly what you need for your grade. Co-teaching in student teaching provides a rigorous yet supportive experience for teacher candidates, allows cooperating teachers to remain actively engaged in the classroom, and enhances the quality of learning for P-12 students.

3rd Grade Thoughts lesson planner lesson plan template love the to do list for speacials time! Reading strategies are taught with this free lesson plan by explaining the components of a story and how to find.
Five-letter words with blends and digraphs with ‘Reading and Spelling 3, a fun reading lesson plan.

FCIT the Florida Center for Instructional Technology and ETC the Educational Technology Clearinghouse provides digital content, professional development, and.

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