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This is the "Web 2.0 Presentation Tools and Presentation Etiquette" page of the "Fall 2012 SLIS J703 School Library Middle School" guide. Giving an Oral PresentationPresentation on using effective communication skills in a presentation.Speaking and ListeningWebsites, listening skills games and other resources for oral presentation. This is a libguided designed to educate students and teachers on Web 2.0 Presentation tools that can be used in the classroom.
This video serves as an example of how to create a basic Smore Presentation, especially for an English or Social Sudies project. Noodle ToolsThis is a tool that helps students site their work.How to Cite works within a PresentationThis is a website that gives tips on how to cite works within a presentation. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If a doctor, lawyer, or dentist had 40people in his office at one time, all ofwhom had different needs, and some ofwhom didnt want to be there and werecausing trouble, and the doctor, lawyer,or dentist, without assistance, had totreat them all with professionalexcellence for nine months, then hemight have some conception of theclassroom teachers job. Employers should be banned from checking applicants' Facebook and other social media profiles.
The world's leading provider of debate resources, training and events to give young people a voice.
Lucas Wright, Learning Technology Specialist at CTLT, and Zack Lee, Educational Resources Developer at CTLT, were the facilitators for the workshop and both have experience giving presentations while working for CTLT.
The icebreaker segued into positive presentation skills and the importance of having a presentation structure. Closing the Presentation – This is the final impression that the presenter will leave with the audience – make it a strong one. The second half of the session was dedicated to media skills that are beneficial for presentations. 30-size font – The text has to be visible to the entire audience and slides should not be all text. Aside from PowerPoint there are other media options used by instructors, students, and businessmen alike.

Google Presentations is very similar to PowerPoint; however, it has several differences that many people prefer over Microsoft’s system. Prezi, in contrast, is a zoom browser that differs from Google Presentations and PowerPoint in its non-linear set up. Participants in the session were then given time to practice and associate themselves with these new media tools. I am a research coordinator in UBC Hospital who works many master and graduate students, post doc and PhD fellows. Except where otherwise noted, this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. A presentation with structure is easier for audiences to follow and gives presenters a logical flow to move through their presentations. Grab the audiences’ attention and provide them with a reason to be interested in the presentation.
Some people have a tendency to overuse PowerPoint presentations, so the session demonstrated some best practices for more effective uses. Guy became bored with businessmen presenting him tedious and long-winded PowerPoint presentations. This creates presentations that emphasize the main idea and leaves the viewers with what is important.
Lucas and Zack recommended two other options for using media in presentations: Google Presentations and Prezi Zoom Browser. Google Presentations allows users to add almost any media, such as web links and YouTube videos. Prezi places items and links on a canvas or in a pathway that zooms up on a particular part.
The participants appreciated the introduction to new presentation media and the resources that were provided in the session.
Lucas facilitated a jigsaw activity where participants were numbered into groups, and each group was responsible for one part of the presentation structure.

Examples for closings presentations included closing with the strongest points or offering a future perspective for the topic. Zack stressed that whatever media a presenter chooses to use, it should be there to help the presenter. Users can easily share presentations by posting its link or embedding it in websites, blogs, or even WebCT Vista and the new learning management system, Connect.
Similar to Google, users can easily add images and videos using URL addresses, but users can further zoom in on elements of embedded media and diagrams. It is important for instructors to have clear, engaging, and memorable presentations for their audience to take away the message. Then, each participant was asked to present their partner, while demonstrating bad presentation skills.
The groups were mixed up and one member from each group joined together to form a new group where each person shared the parts they knew. Google Presentations can be accessed from anywhere and multiple users can collaborate on a single project.
Like Google Presentations, it can be shared and embedded online, making it an ideal tool for sharing presentations and doing group assignments.
It is also important to keep a Prezi presentation tight so that the audience does not get overwhelmed or dizzy.
In CTLT’s Reading Break Refresher Series workshop “Effective Presentation and Media Skills,” graduate students broke down the different parts of a presentation and gained valuable resources to improve their own presentation skills. This humorous and eye-opening task identified mistakes people often make during presentations such as speaking monotonously or hiding behind handouts.
Both Prezi and Google Presentations are US-based services and users need to be aware of potential privacy issues as a result of the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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