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Everyone has the capacity to write, writing can be taught, and teachers can help students become better writers. Level IV Once upon a time there was a family composed of a mother and her two mean and ugly daughters.
Expand an Outline Ask 3 to 5 questions to get more information about the following outline.
Une carte postale arrive 72 ans plus tard Mardi 1 septembre, 06h16 Cette carte postale est arrivee a la poste de Monaco la semaine derniere, en provenance du centre de tri de Nice. Dialogue Journals: Interactive Writing to Develop Language and Literacy Joy Kreeft Peyton A dialogue journal is a written conversation in which a student and teacher communicate regularly. Dialogue Journal Prompts Its awful when I cant… When Im bored… What I like most about myself… Something strange I saw…. In the small house lived Cinderella, the step-sister, who had to do all the household chores. Students write about topics that are important to them in the written genre that is appropriate.

2.Establish an email dialogue between students from different schools who are reading the same book. Candidates join us on Facebook for latest news and updates about  Jobs Opportunity In India. Interpersonal Communication After receiving feedback students engage in communication about a particular topic which relates to the interpretive text. Because of her great charm and beauty, Cinderella was hated by her step-mother and two step-sisters who were jealous.
They describe the bits and pieces of life, the ordinary, in extraordinary ways…They have something to say in their writing that no one else does. One day, there was an invitation sent by the king, who was giving a grand ball at the castle in honor of his son. Samples presentational formats: speeches, drama, skits, videos, radio broadcasts, posters, brochures, essays, websites, etc. Dialogue journals focus on meaning rather than form and on real topics and issues of interest to the student.

Level V Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella whose step- mother made her work all day long. But her two vain and lazy step-sisters would only walk around in their beautiful dresses making fun of Cinderella who was always dressed for doing household chores.
One day, a letter arrived from the king who was making preparations for a grand ball at which his son would choose his future bride from among all the young girls of the kingdom.
In the beging I feel happy to start a new life and my children encorg us to do that but When the day came it was hard to leve my girls in Israel and fly to U.S.
Cinderella really wanted to attend but couldnt because all she had were the old charwoman clothes she was wearing.
The mother loved her two ugly and mean daughters, but she didnt like Cinderella, who was beautiful and nice.

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