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We always try to help people in our own communities by giving to organizations that run local food banks and kitchens so families in need can have a holiday celebration, too. If you want to help out kids in need, I just learned of a cool way to do that on the Squishable web site. Finally, use the upcoming holidays to talk to your kids about giving and the importance of giving back, to others in your family and to the community around you. My Year Unplugged: How I Found My Off SwitchTo be honest, it was never my intention to be so off the grid for so long but I found myself becoming so refueled and enjoying life so much that it just turned out that way. I know that you’ve seen the epidemic in the last few years of crazy, spoiled kids that think that everything that they could ever dream or wish for should appear in front of them the very moment they think it. One day I woke up and realized that my kids were right in the middle of that nasty selfish attitude. I noticed that when we did something fun, they would whine terribly at the end begging to do something more.
I noticed that when I gave them an instruction they didn’t want to do, they started ignoring me. I noticed that instead of seeing a world of people in need around them, they kept asking for more and more things.
My two oldest daughters learned about the Mansion a couple weeks ago and decided to support two of the children monthly.
Kim is a work at home mom of four awesome daughters {12, 11, 8 year olds and a special needs 4 year old}. As father to four children ages 5 to 16, below are some ways we strive to pass along biblical generosity in the Anderson home. As soon as our children are old enough to count their own money, we teach them to divide it into thirds: a third for saving, a third for spending and a third for giving.
When Austin was 14, he made quite a haul shoveling driveways during an extraordinary snowstorm.  With nearly $200 cash in his hands, he struggled with his giving formula.

You can experiment with the right age for helping your children explore these financial freedoms.
Among this list includes books such as The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn, Stanley Tam’s Incredible Adventures with God by Stanley Tam, and The Autobiography of George Muller. Of course one of the best ways to teach your children to give is for them to see it played out in real life.
We explained to Melissa that we were in for $450.  She was stunned (she had just a few dollars and some change in large tub in her lap).
When you have opportunity, engage your children in your family giving.  They will likely draw on these experiences some day in their own giving journeys.
One of the reasons I want my children to give generously is because I want them to experience God’s blessings. The next week Austin was given an opportunity to work at a basketball tournament over multiple weekends.
But, this year, I think it’s important to help all the families still displaced by the storm.
For every one small penguin ordered, the company is donating one to a child in need facing a tragedy like a hurricane.
It’s a terrible problem and no matter what we think, we are all a part of that problem. In fact, 9 years of their lives were spent focused on reaching people in a foreign country. They are raising funds to give books to Tupelo Children’s Mansion, a very worthy home for orphans and disadvantaged kids in Mississippi. Their goal is to raise $2000 which, through donation matching, will equal $3000 in books for Tupelo Children’s Mansion.
She is in her 8th year of homeschooling and, before recently returning to the States, lived overseas for 9 years.

And when God smiles, His children will smile… and as parents raising children to know and please God, you will smile too. But with the impact of Sandy still being felt by too many people, it’s hard to feel truly celebratory, especially since many of our friends and relatives are in those areas hardest hit.
What I didn’t realize until recently, though, is there are so many ways to help beyond just holiday giving.
I’m not suggesting that we become wicked toward our children, but I am saying that something needs to change. But when he had more idle cash, and more things on his mind to buy, he found it more challenging to give increasingly so.
For them, they have a great deal to be thankful for but the holiday will be bitter sweet for sure. Did you know, for example, that many schools in the NY and NJ area are without resources for their students due to the storm?
I can’t think of a better way to put a smile on the face of a worried child than a cute stuffed animal.
I learned that yesterday when a mom in our town sent around an email organizing a school supply drive for schools on Long Island. Many schools are still not operational and students in the area where she grew up are bussing kids to other schools that are in better shape. So, our town is coming together to help her out by using our schools and local events, like this week’s high school play, to put out boxes and collect school supplies for her to bring down next week when she goes to Long Island to visit family.

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