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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Asian Mediation Association Conference, I would like to sincerely thank you for being our honorable guest speaker in the Conference. Your presentation was excellent and encouraged a lot of discussions amongst Conference participants on ways forward for developing mediation, and enhancing own skills in mediation practices as well.
Meeting people from a variety of backgrounds with a common interest in problem solving and mediation. Excellent specifics on how to handle a mediation, my role and responsibilities, felt free to express myself without judgment. Objective 2 Participants will be able to understand the logic and structure of Danielsons Framework for Teaching.
The Wisdom of Practice 3 *The activity, The Wisdom of Practice, comes from professional development developed by the Danielson Group. Domain Focus 5 Planning and Preparation Classroom Environment Instruction Professional Responsibilities What a teacher knows and does in preparation for teaching. Objective 7 Participants will be able to articulate what the components are and how they can support improving teacher practice. Domain Focus 8 Planning and Preparation Classroom Environment Instruction Professional Responsibilities What a teacher knows and does in preparation for teaching. 19 Reflection Why is it important to collect low-inference evidence before trying to assess teacher practice? Participants will: Observe classroom practice while collecting low- inference evidence of teacher practice. Prepare to Observe 23 Watch the video and record your low inference notes of the teachers actions and the students actions. Participants will be able to determine a level of performance for selected components based on low-inference evidence. Best Practices for Preparing and Sharing Feedback 29 Preparing 1.Align evidence to the rubric.

Discussion 31 Discuss your ratings for 3b and 3d with a partner, sharing the evidence and rubric language that supports your ratings. Best Practices for Preparing and Sharing Feedback 35 Preparing 1.Align evidence to the rubric. Practicing Prioritization 36 Based on the lesson and student work you observed: What strengths in the teachers practice do you want to highlight? We trust that the participants has benefitted greatly from your unique experiences and insights, leading to inspiring exchange of ideas.
Barthel has shown a true commitment to successful student learning as well as a deep caring for individual achievement. Barthel has also advised several students in their desire to study abroad by giving them the necessary guidance to meet their particular needs.
If you walked into a classroom, what might you see or hear the teacher and students say or do that would cause you to think you were in the presence of an expert? Describe how low-inference note-taking helps observers accurately interpret teacher practice in order to support teacher development.
16 TimeTeacher ActionsStudent Actions Low-inference notes describe what is taking place without drawing conclusions or making judgments. Some evidence will not align to 3b or 3d, while other evidence may align to more than one component.
Code evidence to the Danielson Framework for Teaching and determine the level of performance for each component observed. Read over all your notes that align to component 3b, Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques. I hope you enjoyed the time and found the experience shared by others inspiring, enlightening and interesting. After the video, you will have the chance to code your evidence to the Danielson Framework language.

Identify priority areas that will have the most substantial impact on student learning, as well as the evidence you will share to support them. Barthel has taught both graduate and undergraduate students majoring in law, international relations, engineering and computer science. Barthel has been a very creative instructor and the students have benefitted from his unique teaching style.
He is able to move from theory to practice seamlessly, and the students not only grasp the underlying principles, they are able to practice the everyday skills. Prepare and Share Feedback The school leader assesses practice; school leader and teacher prioritize and determine 2-3 next steps.
Barthel has taught over 150 students in 5 semester long classes in both negotiation and mediation.
Add to your notes any low-inference evidence your colleagues shared that you did not capture before. Discuss low-inference evidence from the observation and invite dialogue on the evidence or its alignment to the rubric. Define specific areas for development and invite the teacher to comment on those areas or to suggest additional areas.
Together, develop clear and measurable next steps, including resources and a plan for support.

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