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If you want to resign from your Teaching Assistant job then use these resignation letter examples for free.
Due to relocating and being unable to commute, I would like you to accept my resignation from my role as Teaching Assistant. I hereby give you 2 weeks notice as per my employment contract, from the date of this letter. Thank you for the opportunity and skills you have allowed me to gain whilst in your employment.
I would also like to thank the staff and pupils of (enter school) for making my time here most enjoyable and rewarding. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Stay up to date on hot topics and important trends about employment, resumes, job applications, job interviews, and other critical topics with the resources described in this presentation.
In a profession with increasingly high turnover and recruiting issues, boosting the salaries of new teachers could help to increase the amount of time they spend with a particular school or school district. The $32,000 is then divided by 12 months which gives you salary during the summer when you are teaching.
The way a contract works with a teacher (at least in TN) is that you sign to either get paid for the time you are in school or you have the option to get paid weekly in the summer as well (this is the best option). Don’t know where this data came from but I would love to be making 34K like in South Dakota!
It has been frustrating for me to place more and more pressure on my teachers to perform for less than 1% COLAs every year. I have long been an opponent of NLCB and with the stress my wife has been under as a 5th grade teacher I am even more firm in my opposition to it. Well colleagues, I am embarking on a journey as a Childhood Special Education Teacher and I am looking for the best place to start my teaching career. All my life I have been in situations where I have to listen to the teachers constantly whining about how they think they don’t make enough money. Today’s teachers have a tougher curriculum to teach and their work day doesn’t end when they leave the school as most people think. I have taught in Georgia for over 13 years, and the situation here is almost identical to what AL in South Carolina described. Hey everyone is entitled to their opinion and the people I have met up here are just as I have stated. To Tobian- and any other newbies and want-to-be teachers- make sure you get your SPED degree if you want a job- esp if you want to teach social studies or ELA. Maybe the racism it too subtle for you to see it, I would suggest that you start reading some history of how the Indians were virtually wiped out in Canada and the Americas, and then come up to date. Kelli, I can understand you not taking too well to faheems comment as it comes off rude at first, but being a muslim(not even a practicing one at that), american-pakistani, I have encountered racism not only in general but also with the work place as well as during job interviews after they realize that i am not Latino but pakistani. If you really want to see what you would make as a teacher just go to the Department of Education’s website in the state where you live.
First off, i think that teachers are great teachers until there tenur then most of them suck and they dont [care] about anything because they are protected by the school. Here in CA, even a teacher who is making 80k a year can’t secure a mortgage for a house in any decent area (I mean decent as in remotely livable). I would advise you to use proper grammar, word choice, and punctuation before criticizing anyone in print. Oh, and as someone else mentioned, be sure to check the cost of living index for the area, as well, and compare them. So i have read almost every comment here and by the looks of it some of you are not very dedicated to what you do,or dont like it very much. Since you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can find an alternative certification program.
After reading all these comments, I think I have been completely dissuaded from pursuing a teaching career. I know where I went to high school, starting pay for a teacher is 32,000 dollars a year, which I consider hardly enough to live on. The NH state average starting ( for a teacher ) is 30,000, which I would say is a slap in the face to anyone who has a bachelors, and is qualified to teach. Heck, I have a friend who started off making 38,000 with a GED, and having passed his Series 7, working for an investment firm. I know they say you should go into the field of teaching because you love it, and want to make a difference, but honestly.. You do what is right for the child or you tell the truth and you get the blame for whatever doesn’t happen the way the A and the P want. Not only is the pay a slap in the face but the administrators and parents add many more slaps.
Oh, and even though I enjoy constructiv criticism, please do not reply back to me tellin me I have a typo. I agree with Diane on the premise that the American Education system is at best below average. In conclusion, if you pathetic, whining saps can’t calculate your own benefits accurately, then you should not be attempting to teach my child how to add. I just thought I would share a tidbit of information with those of you who have not been teachers, but have this optimistic view of what teaching is going to be like.
Honestly, and I mean this in the most pleasant way possible, this career can be an absolute nightmare. I have taught for two years and I was EXTREMELY optimistic before I started teaching, all throughout student teaching I just knew I was going to love it, etc.

Although that won’t make me rich, I get close to a $5000 raise each year until step 13.
In chicago, 8-10 or more years veteran teachers are being pushed out of the system to make way for new teachers. My last year I just broke the $50000 mark(gross not net).For much of the first 10 years I was eligible for food stamps (family of five) and other programs for those below certain income criteria. How can I become a teacher with just 1 year of community college under my belt.I need to support my family. Im sure you havent experienced racism yourself So please try and refrain from your prejudices and racist statements by making sarcastic remarks as to where someones LINEAGE lies along with where someones PEOPLE come from. Who ever did their research must have pulled numbers out of a hat because the starting pay for teachers in Miami is at least 38,000- 39,000 not 34,000. That her thoughts are not supported by actual facts and only by anecdotal experience is typical of the type of thinking that continues to divide our country politically and publically. I am living in Miami, FL and I will receive my bachelors degree in elementary education this year. I live in Atlanta, Ga but I’m looking to relocate to another state because things are a little hectic and competitive here and most of the school systems are doing hiring freezes for the upcoming yr. But dont complain about it because you made the choice to become a teacher all by yourself…and if you were swayed into doing it by someone else then your an idoit. I FIRST WANT TO SAY JUST BECAUSE YOU MAY HAVE DONE IT ALL DOESN’T MEAN YOU KNOW IT ALL. In most schools, you become an assistant principal first and then can be given a principalship. Within a few months, you can have the training required to start teaching if you can find a job. If you want the feeling, teach your own children or volunteer in school situations where you can leave if you are not appreciated. So, why don’t you all quit crying, and join the Army to get that needed knowledge called “suck it up and drive on!” And while you at it being personally offended by this message, you should check out the unemployment rate for the nation, and then count your blessings that you have a nice cushy job, loaded with free benefits, tenure, only requires you to work 9 months a year, and you have a job to come back too.
I also want a change from the environment i live in and I’m looking at places like connecticut and new jersey etc. Plus paying to many poor adminstrators 85k in Alaska for doing very little and they only need 3 years as a teacher and a masters to become leaders in Education.
I loved the challenge of the job, loved making a difference and enjoyed the school atmosphere. We spend hours doing useless, detailed lesson plans that never seem to please the powers that be.
New teacher salary is currently less than ?18k sterling, the most pay increase you get for first 5 years is under ?500 and not compulsory as you are earning more than the UK minimum wage. Even though in three years I will be making more at my job now than I will as I teacher I still want to do it and it is because I know its my passion. I believe what is really important is the fact that you’re doing something that you love to do, regardless of the pay. After your comment Faheems comment which may have resulted from dealing with racism doesn’t appear HALF as rude as yours. IF YOU HAVE 6 CLASSES A DAY(7 DAY SCHEDULE WITH 1 OFF PERIOD) HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT EVERY STUDENT HAS BEEN TO JAIL, SMOKED WEED, OR WHATEVER ELSE?(TOBIAN AND VANESSA).
This makes for very poor leaders which results in poor schools.Like all states Alaska has to many poor leaders and very poor schools.
They ride us on everything, teaching has no longer been a priority, it is meetings after meeting, and forms beyond what you would understand. You have to work 5 years to get on a higher pay scale, ?23k or more, and many schools expect these 5 years to be in a UK school due to the rigid curriculum. Truthfully, teachers really don’t make much when you consider everything they have to deal with. I might kick myself in the butt once I start comparing paychecks but I know I will at least go to work every morning excited and happy that I am getting paid to do something I love.
True, you should be compensated for your hard work and efforts, but let the pay be last in what you look for. I am currently looking into Florida for right now and have submitted my resume to the Duval Co. While getting your teaching down, go to school at night and work on your master’s in educational administration. Gather electronic slides, podcasts, online videos, and other new media examples to use in the classroom.
But in comparing them to the majority of the country I think we have it pretty good here in Connecticut. I spend hours everyday filling out paperwork and I never have time to prepare for my classes the way I would like. Not very many people love their job, sure they may be making five times what teachers make but at the end of the day they still are not happy. I am currently pursuing my educational certification so that I may teach history and political science. You guys complain about salary and gang fights and bla bla bla…well its partly your fault.
Improve the quality and effectiveness of your teaching by reading about new teaching tips and techniques. To top that off, our District office has over spent on themselves so now they are trying to run off our best teachers to cut salary expenses. I have worked in job fields where my salary was 42k+ a year, but its not what I wanted to do.

Also, they are not going to give nationaly certified teachers their bonus, as they promised. OW by the way for any of you smartasses that are going to correct my gramatical errors or yet again complain im a highschool student.
Suburban districts pay a little less, but turnover is not near as high as FW, Dallas or Arlington. I am not sure how this is to be accomplished, but, it should be done by the administration or the PTA(Parent Teacher Assoc., or whatever it is called). It costs an average of $600000 to buy a cracker box, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1100 square feet. This MUST be divided into 15 mins start on carpet, 30 mins main activity, 15 mins plenary to end. If you love to share knowledge and inspire people…then teaching has to be the only option. We need more teachers like Tobian who still understand what it’s like to be at that age and instead of being so critical all the time, be understanding and become their friend. So I encourage all of you that are teaching because you want to and you love having that impact on the youth, to continue to do so, because we are a rare commodity. And I am open to any other comments and info on other states as well like TN, NC, SC, VA, TX etc… but I kinda want to live in the major cities of those states. EVERYONE knows teachers dont get paid what they are worth ,so dont act like it was a big surprise.
It is painfully obvious that the antiquated models of yester years are not working and they probably never really did.
Its sad that teachers do not get paid more for what they do but it is more sad if you are not a teacher for simply the love for the students.
I am 23 yrs old and I dont have any teaching experience other than substituting for a few months. Children need the basic 3 Rs, Reading comprehension so that they can understand a loan agreement for a car.
Yes, that’s called free money, and more that 80% of you qualify, in fact most states only require 5 years to become vested and as a kicker, it is 100% transferable to other states.
We aren’t even allowed to teach anything that is not in the standards, which is a huge injustice to the students.
The average primary teacher works around 60-70hrs a week according to Govt website, hours are even longer for secondary teachers. I have a Bachelors in Sociology and I just recently graduated with my Masters in Education. The district office thinks we have to constantly be watched to make sure we are teaching correctly. I’m nopt saying Im coming to US for an easy break, because I believe teaching is a vocation, not a career, and you can only succeed if you love it. The problem is they were all terrible teachers and wouldn’t know good teaching if they saw it. Just a warning that UK teaching is probably comparable in terms of wages and teaching circumstances, not better. It has failed to identify teachers that are not getting their jobs done, and they have failed to reward those of you (teachers) who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. LIKE IT EASY FOR SOMEONE TO GO TO SCHOOL FOUR OR MORE YEARS; ALREADY OWING STUDENT LOANS AND SOME OF YOU SUCKERS SUGGEST THEY CHANGE THEIR FIELDS.
ITS SAD WHEN PEOPLE GET ON HERE AND TRY TO BELITTLE ANOTHER PERSON BECAUSE OF THEIR FEELINGS AND THEIR OPINOINS ABOUT SOMETHING. When I was in high school (I am 60)there were 2 students that I administered tests, I had to read them the questions and write the answers for them, because they couldn’t.
You can turn out even a small percentage of these undereducated students and a lot of adults consider the system broken. I WANTED TO BE A LAWYER, BUT I HAVE CHILDREN NOW SO I’M GOING INTO A FIELD WHERE I CAN HAVE MY WEEKENDS, EVENINGS, HOLIDAYS, AND SUMMERS OFF WITH MY BABIES.
Those school systems that have unions CAN do something about the situation, instead of just wanting pay raises. I feel the same way about coal miners who continuously ask for pay raises without address their safety issues.
I am really only interested in teaching in the youth correctional facilities, or maybe the alternative schools. They pay more, and I think that the gratification is exponentially more than in the traditional schools.

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