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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Stop Selling, Start Teaching The Challenger Sale, a groundbreaking book from the Corporate Executive Board, blew our ideas about sales strategy wide open. After extensive research across a whole range of industries, CEB discovered that successful salespeople challenge their customers by not simply responding to their needs but actually redefining them.

A good challenger provides insight, helps a customer avoid pitfalls, and offers products and services that the client doesn’t even know exist. This technique is called “Commercial Teaching,” and any teacher will tell you, it’s all about your presentation. At Propoint, we’ve been in the business of building engaging presentations and other marketing and sales collateral for over a decade. We believe that companies can achieve better results with well-constructed and well-designed presentations.

Applying the lessons of The Challenger Sale and Commercial Teaching to your presentation can add additional levels of insight and persuasiveness and is another step toward more memorable presentations.

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